Sunday May 16th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday may 3rd-
at 2:33am mercury in taurus squares jupiter in aquarius, creating tension and friction between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. this can be great for learning, teaching, traveling and socializing but jupiter can overdo things so watch out for hubris, gossip, too much mental energy and/or being fixed (like a taurus bull) in your viewpoints ;)

the sun in taurus squares saturn in aquarius at 3:01am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. the sun in taurus wants sensuality, embodiment, pleasure and enjoyment. saturn is restrictive in nature and demands we get real and not overspend, overeat, overdo, be lazy or flabby. this is a time to reign it in and align with our Great values not just our creature comforts and resistance to change. if you feel blah, depressed, low energy today- know that this, too shall, pass. and BE with what arises.

at 4:04am the last uranus/chiron semisextile in a 12 year transit occurs today! uranus in taurus semisextiles chiron in aries- harmoniously aligning the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener with the Wounded Healer planetoid. these two have been in semisextile aspect since the start of 2009 and finish up their last exact aspect today (but we can still feel this transit for several months as it wanes). this has been a long term transit that really spans a whole generation (any kids born in the last 12 years have this as a signature in their charts). uranus brings things to Light and helps us make radical shifts and changes and when he is in contact with the Wounded Healer we have huge potential for seeing our own wounds and doing deep healing work that helps us to dramatically release the past and the hold it has on us. with uranus in taurus we have help in changing our values and releasing attachments. uranus is freeing us from old ideas of safety and security that are based on an old paradigm. chiron in aries is helping us heal our relationship to the masculine within and without. coming into right relationship with our anger, will, drive, rage, sexual energy and aggression is key right now. this astrology provides us with the impetus and potential to bring to Light that which we could not see or face in the past. cathartic healing is possible right now- be sure to embrace it and work with the energies present right now! (because both of these bodies are slow moving planets this transit lasts 12 years- but the degrees and signs they activate during each exact aspect change. in 2009 uranus was at 20’22 pisces and chiron was at 20’22 aquarius. and for the last aspect today uranus is at 10’49 taurus and chiron is at 10’49 aries. so both bodies transit over 50 degrees respectively over this 12 year cycle- helping to awaken and heal parts of our individual and collective experience that is ready for shift).

mercury moves out of taurus and into gemini at 7:49pm, shifting the mind and intellect from earth to air, body to mind, yin to yang. mercury rules gemini and is very well placed here. he is extra curious, communicative and fun loving! just watch out for the shadow of mercury in gemini- only living on the surface and avoiding the depths as well as not being completely honest and above board in your communications. today mercury transits the alpha star in the pleiades- alcyone- but the transit of the entire pleiades cluster spans about a week. pay attention to cosmic downloads, dreams and intuitions coming in from the 7 sisters!


tuesday may 4th-
at 4:22am venus in taurus semisextiles eris in aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Activist and Warrior Goddess who reveals the shadow and what is hidden behind the scenes. venus is harmoniously triggering the pluto/eris square today through thursday- helping us to get into the shadow in an embodied way (meaning we are not trying to transcend/ascend but we are instead bringing down and in and through). using this astrology to be wiling to go beyond the surface so we can get to and live the Truth in an embodied, grounded way is key!

SOLAR BELTANE is exact at 11:47pm PDT when the sun crosses into the 15th degree of taurus- the midpoint of the fixed signs and precise midpoint between spring equinox (ostara) and summer solstice (litha). calendar beltane was 5/1, solar beltane is today and lunar beltane was on 4/26 with the full moon in scorpio. the solar and lunar alignments are the most potent with the beltane window spanning 8 days this year! beltane is a fertility festival that exalts all the things taurus represents- fertility, embodiment, sensuality, Union with all of life. this is a time for pleasure, love, partnership, gestating new things we want to birth into the world. it’s a time for fruitfulness, manifestation, vitality and fun!

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wednesday may 5th-
venus in taurus semisquares chiron in aries at 12:03pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and the Wounded Healer. venus/chiron is a call to dive deep and face wounds that hold us back from living with a more deeply open heart. self worth and self Love are key – and so is love for others and all of humanity.

at 2:03pm jupiter at 29 aquarius sextiles ceres at 29 aries, linking the Greater Benefic with the Great Mother at the Karmic Completion degree! jupiter/ceres is focused on growth and expansion through family, nurturing, nourishment, focus on the environment, safety, security, food and precious natural resources. yet at the karmic degree something is coming to completion in one of these areas- personally but also perhaps collectively. ceres will move into taurus on Saturday so pay attention to what is up to be completed and addressed this week- a new cycle will commence come saturday. this recent journey of ceres was intense as she triggered the pluto/eris square- so we are in the aftermath of that and being asked to tend to what was brought to Light between 4/23-29 (that is when ceres was conjunct eris and square a stationary retrograde pluto)

neputne in pisces squares retrograde juno in sagittarius at 2:05pm, linking the planet of idealism, romance and fantasy with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this is the 2nd of 3 square between these two (first was 3/4 and last will be 10/17) and is part of a larger conversation unfolding all year long! neptune/juno can be great for romance, compassion and unconditional Love. the desire to see the best in others is supported but also exacerbated by this aspect. the shadow of neptune/juno is seeing what we want to see, deluding ourselves or others in relationship and being misled by the desire to escape reality or engage in savior/victim situations (i.e. looking for someone to save us or looking for someone to save). using this aspect to rise up to the level of the Higher Heart and Unconditional Love while keeping healthy boundaries is recommended ;) there is a greater conversation with juno through august as she aligns with the karmic south node 3 times (first was around valentine’s day)- and when you add in the squares to neptune through october this conversation is really all year long. with juno on the south node and square neptune- it’s definitely a time to see clearly and not be deluded, deceived, escapist, checked out or dishonest in relationships, commitments, beliefs, attitudes and more!


thursday may 6th-
at 4:24am venus in taurus trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld and planet of transformation. this is a lovely aspect for relationship, intimacy, depth and passion. with both bodies in earth signs it can also be exceptional for finances, career growth and coming into our power. venus in taurus loves the embodied experience- and she is also very much about self-worth and self-Love. be sure to love, value and nurture yourselves and others- and take relationships that are ready to do so deeper.

mars contraparallels pluto at 5:59pm- bringing a preview of the energy incoming on 6/5 when mars in cancer will oppose pluto (and trigger eris 6/3!). a super aspect for the next month is in effect between the lower will and Higher Will. the best use of this energy is to get the ego self/lower will on board with the Higher Self so that our actions taken are in service to something Higher. just watch out for power struggles, victim/tyrant dynamics and intensity arising. we are heading into some potent mars territory that can be activating (mars/chiron, mars/saturn, mars/south node and mars with pluto/eris) – which requires a good practice of pausing/breathing/counting to 10 during reactivity so that we can respond rather than react and consciously create rather than unconsciously destroy.


friday may 7th-
there are no major aspects today.


saturday may 8th-
a 1:51am ceres moves out of aries and into taurus, shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from fire to earth, yang to yin, active to receptive. ceres has deep connection to taurus and when in this sign she is the Earth Mother herself. there is focus on nurturing and nourishing ourselves and others physically- through embodiment, healing, sensuality and materially as well. ceres’ shift into taurus slows us down and asks us to be as self and other Loving as possible. showing your Love and care in tangible ways is the focus and also focusing on care taking the earth and all her beings is supported right now.

venus at 29 taurus squares jupiter at 29 aquarius at 6:38am, creating tension and friction between the lesser and Greater Benefics! both venus and jupiter have to do with abundance, joy, fun and pleasure. yet in square aspect they can definitely overdo it. add to the picture the fact that they are both at the karmic completion degree of their respective signs and we definitely need to keep excess in check. enjoy the embodied experience but watch out for addiction. enjoy having an open mind but watch out for over mentalism. balance is key.

at 7:01pm venus moves out of taurus and into gemini- shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from earth to air, body to mind, stability/security focus to movement/freedom focus. venus in gemini values freedom and space in relationships. she likes to flit about like a butterfly- being social and flirtatious with others. this is great for enjoying talks with others, sharing intellectual pursuits and being free! just watch out for the shadow side of venus in gemini: being superficial, noncommittal and/or bored in relationship. today venus transits the alpha star in the pleiades- alcyone- but the transit of the entire pleiades cluster spans about a week. pay attention to cosmic downloads, dreams and intuitions coming in from the 7 sisters!


sunday may 9th-
happy mother’s day in the USA!

at 8:26-27am the sun parallels venus and venus parallels the north node- energizing the approaching venus/north node conjunction on may 18th. from now until then we have amazing energies opening up for us that are destined and evolutionary! this can play out in relationships, finances, self worth and self Love, healing around our relationship with the inner feminine and more. with gemini activated pay attention to things you hear, think, say, receive as information or otherwise realize. being open-minded, curious and coming at things with wonder (instead of thinking you know it all and have it all figured out) will take you far!

at 12:56pm mercury in gemini semisquares eris in aries, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sudden and unexpected communications and information coming to Light is possible right now. use your voice to take a stand for Truth- but at the same keep your mind open to seeing more of the Truth than you previously had awareness of ;)


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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