weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/22-5/29

by | May 20, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EDT***

monday may 22nd-
at 1:57am the sun in gemini sextiles mars in leo, linking the conscious self and ego with the Will, Warrior and Drive. this harmonious alignment is great for speaking up, taking action and expressing ourselves authentically. we have the communication sign of gemini linking with the passionate and expressive sign of leo- which is an excellent combination. things said or heard today can be important – as well as actions taken. keep in mind that yesterday and today the sun has been triggering the mars/pluto opposition from 5/20. the sun in gemini can help us come back to beginner’s mind as we navigate Truth and what is being revealed right now. make use of it!

the sun in gemini semisextiles jupiter in taurus at 12:55pm- linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion and abundance! sun/jupiter is great for having courage, confidence and going for it! keep in mind the sun is triggering the mars/jupiter square all day today- with the exact square early morning tomorrow. mars square jupiter can be great for GOING FOR IT- but can also be over the top, aggressive, reactive and competitive. luckily the sun harmoniously links with both today- so channel the positive side of mars/jupiter into your mind, thoughts, capacity to positively communicate.


tuesday may 23rd-
at 1:13am mars in leo squares jupiter in taurus, creating tension between the Will and Drive and the planet of expansion and excess. mars/jupiter can be great for taking a stand for what we believe in but this is a square aspect so there can be tension here- particularly if we or others are coming from ego, hubris, self righteousness- or reactivity and impulsivity. balance is key as we wield this fiery, dynamic energies today.

the sun in gemini quincunxes the mean south node in scorpio at 8:45pm- creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the karmic south node. the sun in gemini likes things to be light and carefree. the south node in scorpio- on the other hand- is intense, dark and shadowy. we can be shown today where we default to the surface at the expense of depth OR where we engage in power control dynamics and toxic shadow and we need to lighten up and let go. pay attention!


wednesday may 24th-
it’s a very chiron day today with mars, the sun and venus all tensely interacting with chiron. with the Wounded Healer so strong be aware of your wounds and pain and how they may trigger you. be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about <3

at 8:12am mars parallels chiron, linking the God of War and Will with the Wounded Healer. mars/chiron can be great for taking action in regards to our healing but today’s other chiron aspects are tense- so this could manifest as being triggered, reactive and impulsive. make sure your ego is not leading the way today!

at 7:00pm the sun in gemini semisquares chiron in aries, creating tension between the two ego planets. the sun in gemini is focused on communication but the tense aspect to chiron can make communication trigger happy, wounding and reactive- rather than healing! bringing Greater Awareness to our own wounds and pain and what unconscious material is driving us from behind the scenes can be helpful today. when triggered pause- count to 10 as you take deep breaths- and find with yourself a place of response rather than reactivity for best results.

venus in cancer squares chiron in aries at 7:39pm- creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron brings up deep old wounds and pain around self-Love, self-worth, finances, relationships and more. when we question our worth and value we will attract people who do not honor and respect us. healing around self-worth is key to attracting different kinds of people and relationships into our lives. with chiron in aries- if we are afraid of our anger and rage and internalize it it can come out as depression or illness. getting in touch with our yin and yang, feminine and masculine- is key to wholeness. until we do this we project the disowned part of ourselves onto others and call it fate. venus/chiron is a great time to dive deep into our journey of healing around worth, love, abundance and relationship right now.

at 11:21pm mars in leo squares the mean nodes of the moon- forming a T-square between the Will and Drive and the nodes of Destiny and Karma. when a planet squares the nodes we are brought to a crossroads where we need to make decisions. are we going to keep staying stuck in the karmic past or are we going to move into new directions and grow? mars rules the south node in scorpio – so staying stuck in the shadow masculine energies of ego, dominance, power and control is possible. we can also stay stuck in intensity, polarity and battling! the north node in taurus offers a way forward that involves peace, harmony, embodiment, slowing down, enjoying life and facilitating peaceful relations. choose your path wisely today!

keep in mind that from 5/20 until today mars has been triggering the pluto/nodal T square incoming on 8/3 (7/23 for true nodes). jupiter is smack in the midst of triggering it as well from 5/17-27. PAY ATTENTION to where you are being shown what needs to evolve and transform, what needs to be released and let go of, and where your deeper inner and outer work lies. getting on board with the energies now will only serve you as we move towards this significant astrology culminating in early august.


thursday may 25th-
at 5:05am the sun in gemini semisquares venus in cancer- creating tension between the conscious self and ego that is detached and cerebral and the heart that is sensitive, emotional and intuitive. from yesterday to this morning the sun has been triggering the venus/chiron square that was exact last night. this is tender territory and we want to be extra conscious of how we navigate communication terrain and relationships. if we speak from our wounds and pain rather than our Higher Self that can see the Bigger Picture it can create issues in relationships. positively we can use the chiron energy present to bring awareness to subconscious patterns and shift them- creating new neural pathways in the brain! pay attention to what happens overnight in both interactions with others and in the dream space for messages from the Unconscious.

ceres in virgo quincunxes eris in aries at 2:18pm- creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. disruption and chaos are possible in home/family situations, dynamics with children or mothers, the environment, health and well being and more. be aware that the energy is FIREY right now and have healthy outlets for that fire. suppression of it or reacting impulsively in it can cause issues! shadow work practices with Eris, Mars and Aries energies can be super helpful right now. this is the 3rd and final aspect between these two due to cere’s Underworld journey- so think back to 11/29/22 and 4/21/23 to connect the dots to see the deeper currents at play. when ceres stationed direct on 5/6 she did so in double quincunx to eris (4/21 and today 5/25) so reflecting particularly on the past month can be insightful.


friday may 26th-
at 3:37am venus in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus- linking the lower heart with the Higher Mind! venus/uranus is amazing for positive shifts and change in relationships, self-Love and self-worth. with both bodies in deeply yin signs that are uber feminine the shift comes when we embody more and allow our emotions and desires to express in healthy ways. this is a lovely time to do something different and open to the new!


saturday may 27th-
at 10:30am jupiter cojoins the mean north node at 2’26 taurus (true conjunction is 6/1 at 3’36 taurus)- aligning the planet of expansion and positive with the north node of destiny! this is a VERY auspicious transit and the taurus part of your chart as well as any planets/placements near it are powerfully activated right now (listen to weekly/lunar/yearly horoscopes for more info). sometimes it is said that that north node has a jupiterian quality, while the south node has a saturnine quality. with jupiter conjunct the north node the opportunities for goodness, grace, gifts, doors opening, and amazing things incoming are EXCEPTIONAL. with both bodies in taurus the positive energies are especially expressed via finances, abundance, health and well being, self worth and self Love, the environment and positive things/new about what can help the earth and more. make the most of this powerful transit from today through 6/1 when jupiter aligns with the true north node! if you have not read my deep dive article about jupiter in taurus and the jupiter/north node conjunction you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/jupiter-into-taurus-the-blessing-of-being-in-a-body-on-this-sacred-planet-we-call-earth/

retrograde pluto at 0’12 aquarius sesquiquadrates juno in gemini at 8:24pm, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. pluto/juno can unearth some big shadow in relationships, commitments and partnerships of all kinds (romantic, sexual, financial, business and more). pluto is spotlighting what is not working or where things are not equal and balanced. using this astrology to tend to what is revealed- rather than sweep it under the carpet- is key!


sunday may 28th-
it’s a very saturn day today with venus, mars and the sun all interacting tensely with saturn in pisces! with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time so strong today- we may find it heavy, depressing and limiting. but we can also find opportunities for Great Mastery come forth when we focus on boundaries, integrity, grounding and facing/dealing with karma.

at 2:37am venus in cancer sesquiquadrates saturn in pisces- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this week we have had venus/chiron and now venus/saturn- so the relationship Goddess has been intense interaction with the Heavy Hitters. chiron exposes our deep wounds and saturn shines Light on what is karmic and heavy. reality checks around home/family situations, emotions and feelings, relationships and more are incoming. the spotlight is on what is not working and if we can look deeply we can get to the undercurrents present that must be tended to for true healing to happen. with venus/saturn both in water signs our emotions can be overwhelming today OR we can find ourselves cut off from them entirely. emotional intimacy is key as emotions inform us of the deeper currents at play. the key is in relating to them without being taken over by them. as this aspect occurs overnight pay attention to dreams upon waking for important themes about what needs to be tended to.

at 3:00am mars contraparallels saturn in pisces, creating an energetic opposition between the God of Ego, Will and War and the Lord of Karma. mars/saturn can be heavy, limiting and depressing. it can also help us see where our hard work lies and get us motivated to do it! as all the saturn occurs early morning – the tension of these aspects can play out saturday night into the morning and via the dream time- so pay attention to all unfolding as it is revealing where the karmic threads are and where the deeper work lies.

the sun in gemini squares saturn in pisces at 6:46am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn can feel heavy and depressing- and with the sun in gemini this can manifest as negative thinking. positively sun/saturn helps us GET REAL- so that we are seeing reality, not being idealistic and only staying on the surface so as to avoid looking at the shadow. this can manifest as confrontations with authority figures or limitations coming in due to karmic factors. with both bodies in mutable signs- mental tension can be high- so be sure to have grounding practices to get out of your head and into your body. this, too, shall pass.

at 10:40am mercury in taurus semisquares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of idealism and illusion. mercury/neptune can be empathic, intuitive and psychic but the tense nature of the aspect can also exacerbate fear or fantasy thinking. if we are mistaking our fear and fantasy for true intuition we can find ourselves led down the wrong road. checking in with our bodies and somatic sense is key as typically fear and fantasy get confused with intuition when we are in our heads and/or not in our bodies. accessing full embodied presence and then checking in on fear/fantasy/intuition can be a great litmus test to what is true. try it!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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