weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/15-5/21

by | May 15, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EDT***

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monday may 15th-
at 9:45am mars in cancer trines neptune in pisces- aligning the Will, Warrior and Drive with the Higher Heart and planet of compassion and mysticism. this is a lovely aspect for creativity, romance, psychic energies and activating the spiritual warrior archetype in us all! mars in cancer is emotionally expressive and mars linking to neptune allows us to take action based on our intuition, dreams, inspiration and empathy. use these mystical and magical energies wisely today!


tuesday may 16th-
at 1:20pm jupiter moves out of aires and into taurus- shifting the planet of expansion and abundance from fiery, yang mars-ruled aries to earthy, yin venus-ruled taurus. jupiter in taurus brings expansion and opportunities via the material, physical, and somatic realms. taurus as a venus ruled sign is gifted when it comes to abundance, sensuality, embodiment, self worth and self Love. jupiter’s entry into this sign bodes well for all these things and more! of course jupiter also exacerbates things- so we need to watch out for overindulgence, or over focus on material things and money at the expense of deeper values. abundance comes in many forms and one form of abundance that is highly underrated is HEALTH (which is true wealth) and the expansion of Spirit that comes when we are fully present, fully embodied, with feet on the ground in connection to this blessed earth we live on. taurus likes to slow down and be present to life. to stop and smell the roses, to pause between bites of food and savor the flavor. taurus also enjoys the finer things in life- good food, good wine and high thread count sheets. let’s not forget deep and healing bodywork! more on this transit will be written as jupiter starts making aspects- notably later in may jupiter with align with the north node of destiny! the taurus part of your chart is about to get a HUGE DOUBLE DOSE of expansion, evolution and opening!!! (tune into lunar monthly, yearly and weekly horoscopes for more info).


wednesday may 17th-
at 9:10pm jupiter at 0’18 taurus squares retrograde pluto at 0’18 aquarius- making for the first major aspects of jupiter in his new home sign of taurus. from today through 5/27 jupiter is triggering the fast approaching pluto/nodal T square that is exact on 8/3 for mean nodes (7/23 for true) pluto square the nodes brings us to a cross roads in our evolution and transformation journeys. are we going to keep staying stuck in the karmic energies of the past- or are we going to choose a new path and move forward? jupiter square pluto can exacerbate power struggles and intensity but he can also help shine a clear light on WHAT MUST CHANGE NOW. this can relate to the earth, environment and climate change- but it can also be about finances, values and self-worth or self-Love. jupiter can serve to empower us- but he can also exacerbate power over/power under dynamics. ultimately pluto’s lessons are about accessing the power within. victim/tyrant dynamics of power under/power over engage in polarity and duality – but true empowerment sourced from within comes from wholeness. use the astrology right now to serve the latter rather than the former for best results!


thursday may 18th-
at 2:15am saturn in pisces quincunxes pallas athena in leo, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. saturn/pallas can be great for getting serious and focused but the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate heavy thinking or depression. with saturn in pisces if we are trying to escape facing our fears or anxiety we can bolster our egos (pallas in leo) and use our ego to spiritually bypass facing what is in the Unconscious. saturn/pallas can bring limitations or restrictions that we need to deal with. if our egos are pushing forward without paying attention to intuition and Spirit- we can get get some reality checks today. (this aspect occurs overnight- pay attention to dreams for messages from the Unconscious!)

the sun in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces at 5:00am- linking the conscious self and ego with the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. sun/neptune can be dreamy, creative, altruistic, romantic and idealistic. we can be extra sensitive, intuitive and receptive right now. with the sun in earthy taurus and neptune in watery pisces- we can link body with Spirit and Soul so that we are not using spirituality to escape but instead are using spirituality to embody more Light and truly BE HERE NOW.

at 8:52pm juno in gemini semisquares eris in aries- creating tension between the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. with juno in gemini communication is important right but can also be sudden, unexpected and disruptive. make sure you are being honest and above board in all relationships! pay attention to what is being revealed or disrupted in your life! remember eris does not cause chaos- she reveals chaos that was not being faced or dealt with. she shines a Light on the shadow so we can deal with it. use her medicine wisely.


friday may 19th-
at 2:40am mercury in taurus sextiles saturn in pisces- linking the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time for the 3rd and final time. from 5/12 until today we have had mercury station direct in double sextile to saturn- making for a period of time that is focused on serious and grounded conversations and thinking. this potent astrology is great for research, long term focus and assessing things from a place of responsibility and maturity. important conversations had today and in the last week can have the potential to bear long term results- so pay attention! although mercury is now direct- we still are transiting the backend shadow period. if you have not read my Mercury Retrograde blog you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-taurus-our-relationship-to-the-feminine-is-under-review/

the new moon at 28’25 taurus is exact at 11:53am EDT- ending the eclipse portal and starting a new lunar cycle that focuses on abundance, the environment, health, values and embodiment. there is SO MUCH taurus present in this new moon chart- jupiter newly in taurus, the north node, mercury now direct, vesta the Priestess asteroid Goddess, uranus and the new moon! WOW! the taurus part of your chart is getting MASSIVE ACTIVATION (listen to horoscopes for more info). this is a lovely new moon that is widely conjunct uranus, sextile neptune and trine pluto- harmoniously linking with all the outer planets. this brings a profound transpersonal energy into deeply personal realms- helping us to anchor and embody the Higher Frequencies incoming. this new moon is conjunct the Pleiades- the 7 Sisters who are seen mythically as the Doves of Peace- a symbol of celestial feminine power. with so much amazing taurus energy present in this new moon chart – on offer is deep healing, peace, abundance and embodiment. use the energies wisely! for more information on this new moon check the Lunar Insight, Lunar Gate Call and Lunar Horoscopes posted a few days to a week before and/or the day of (for the Lunar Horoscopes)

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saturday may 20th-
at 11:31am mars moves out of cancer and into leo- shifting the will and drive from yin to yang, water to fire, feminine to masculine essence. mars is a fire planet and in fiery leo he is extra passionate, creative, intense and potent. mars in leo is a natural leader, hero, actor and performer. he can also think he is royal and be narcissistic, arrogant and addicted to attention. use mars’ fire in the coming weeks to get creative and passionate but not too stuck on yourself ;)

at 11:12pm mars at 0’16 leo opposes retrograde pluto at 0’16 aquarius- creating tension and friction between the lower will and Higher Will at the alpha degree of their respective signs. when pluto first ingresses into aquarius on 3/23 the first major aspect made to him was by mars in cancer when he quincunxed pluto at 0’01 aquarius on 3/25. now we have the 2nd trigger of mars to pluto and it can connect back to what was going on around spring equinox (fall in the southern hemisphere) so pay attention. mars/pluto can exacerbate power struggles and with mars in leo ego dynamics. this can play out in relationships with men (mars), in romantic relationships (leo), with children (leo) or with friends and groups we are a part of (aquarius). mars is essentially shining a Light on what pluto in aquarius is trying to transform but also where the shadow of pluto in aquarius is arising. use this astrology to surrender your personal ego and will to something Higher for best results!


sunday 21st-
at 3:09am the sun moves out of taurus and into gemini- shifting the conscious self and ego from earth to air, body to mind, yin to yang. the sun in gemini is focused on communication, connection, travel and fun! gemini is the perpetual student- always wanting to learn. gemini is also the perpetual child- always seeing things from a fresh new perspective! the coming month is a great time to learn, travel, communicate and connect with others! just watch out for the shadow of the sun in gemini: being superficial, flighty and non committal as a means to avoid vulnerability and deep intimacy. today the sun transits the alpha star in the pleiades- alcyone- but the transit of the entire pleiades cluster spans about a week. pay attention to cosmic downloads, dreams and intuitions coming in from the 7 sisters!

the sun at 0’16 gemini trines retrograde pluto at 0’16 aquarius at 9:58am, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Evolution and Transformation. with both bodies at the first degrees of air signs today is an amazing day for communication, social connection and focus on collective transformation. important insights coming in, information arising and/or connections made can be positively transformational!!! keep your mind open for best results ;)


have a lovely week…


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