Tuesday June 15th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday may 14th-
okay head’s up! we have some more intense astrology. last week and this week are one for the books (definitely some of the most potent astro in 2018). read on for more- and BE KIND for everyone you meet is fighting a battle!

at 12:50am venus in gemini sextiles eris in aries, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! this is the 2nd and final ‘harmonious’ aspect that venus in gemini has made this month- everything else has been intense!!! venus/eris focuses on change, freedom and Truth. eris likes to reveal what others are not looking at- the shadow and toxicity that is hidden underneath. venus in gemini has a shadow about only focusing on the surface but when teamed up with eris she is willing to go deep and be fierce in living and speaking her Truth! there’s a fiery energy in the air today! use it to see yourself free and embrace change!

mercury in taurus semisextiles chiron in aries at 1:51am, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. this is a great aspect for having healing talks, healing thoughts and heart-to-heart communications with others. mercury in taurus seeks harmony and connection in communication and chiron in aries seeks healing around the Wounded Masculine tendencies to argue/dominate OR to stuff anger and be disconnected from it. pay attention to communication/thoughts had today!

at 3:50am sun in taurus sesquiquadrates retrograde saturn in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of time. tense sun/saturn can bring a heavy, karmic energy to the day. limitations, restrictions and delays can arise. the sun in taurus wants abundance, beauty and pleasurable experience- while saturn in capricorn demands we deal with reality, be responsible and set healthy limits. finding balance is key.

at 7:22am the sun in taurus semisextiles eris in aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sun/eris is great for change, liberation and freedom. being willing to shine a Light on the shadow and more importantly own our part in creating it/acting out in it is key. eris in aries can be impulsive in her fireyness but the sun in taurus is an anchor that can help us ground down into change and contain in healthy ways our creative and destructive fire. use the astrology wisely!

venus in gemini semisquares the north node in leo at 9:51pm, bringing tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the north node of destiny and evolution. if we are overly light, airy, heading and mentally focused this can be at odds with the deeper needs of our hearts, our passion and our fire (north node in leo). dropping from mind to heart so that the heart can lead is key right now.

tuesday may 15th-
the new moon at 24’36 taurus is exact at 4:48am, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on sensuality, embodiment, nurturing and nourishment. taurus is the first of the earth signs and is venus ruled- so it is not just focused on material reality but also on pleasure, love and abundance. this new moon trines pluto, lilith and mars (at 29 capricorn) and opposes jupiter- bringing a powerful energy to the coming lunar cycle in regards to manifestation, empowerment, transformation and material success. if you want to make it happen this new moon can help you- IF you are willing to work hard for and take the slow but steady steps to create what it is you want to see in your life or the world around you. with uranus at the last degree and last minute of aries- about to move into taurus just hours after the new moon- this lunation is very much about CHANGE. taurus likes stability and security but can hold onto to the past even when it is toxic, stagnant or stuck. the uranus energy present is all about change- change in structures and foundations in our lives (personally and collectively) that need to shift and evolve or die and be transformed. pay attention to what you set as an intention or plant as a seed at this new moon- it is something you can bring to fruition in the next month, the next year and also the next 7 year cycle of uranus in taurus!

uranus moves out of aries and into taurus at 8:17am, shifting the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener from fire to earth, yang to yin, activating to stabilizing. uranus in taurus is an interesting transit as uranus it the nature of change and taurus is the nature stability and constancy. when you have the revolutionary in the sign of material reality you can see that big change is incoming into finances, abundance, the financial world, our values and what we hold onto! we can use the coming 8 year transit to let go of what we hold onto out of safety and security that does not serve us or perhaps serves those who hold all the power and money. our addiction to things, to spending money and to sourcing security from having things/possessing/owning things at the expense of the health of the planet or health/vitality of others has to change. pay attention to what is shifting or changing in your value system right now. awakening to more earth centric values- where we honor the environment and the animals as much as we honor people and MORE than we honor things is important! i will be writing a more in-depth blog about this shift- stay tuned!

mars moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 9:55am, shifting the will and drive from earth to air, body to mind, the past to the future. where mars in capricorn was focused on success, hard work, and maintaining power and control- mars in aquarius is focused on vision, rebellion, revolution and change! mars in aquarius wants change and he wants it now! he also tends to be radical, impulsive and restless. tomorrow mars will square uranus- just after they both have shifted into new signs. pay attention to what is happening in your life and in the world around you today and tomorrow! change is incoming! please note mars is in his front end shadow (he stations retrograde end of june) so all the degrees he transits and many of the aspects he makes over the next 6 weeks will be repeated a total of 3 times. this is powerful astrology! bring much consciousness and awareness to what you initiate in your life- as mars retrograde is not a time to start new things or take definitive action. when we do this without full awareness and consciousness we can set karma into motion. (more coming in a mars retrograde blog)

retrograde saturn in capricorn squares juno in aries at 9:56pm, creating tension between the planet of Karma and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. intensity and karmic energies can arise in relationships of all kinds- romantic, business, financial and more. saturn says to get real and with juno shows us what is clearly not working and what needs to be addressed. juno triggers the saturn/north node quincunx- showing us clearly where relationships in our lives are engaged in from expectation, obligation and/or karmic consequence and what we need to do to fully align with our Higher Heart’s path, passion and desire.

wednesday may 16th-
mars at 0’02 aquarius squares uranus at 0’02 taurus at 12:04am, creating major tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. mars just moved into aquarius and uranus just moved into taurus- so there is a new moon/initiatory energy present in this aspect. the positive side of this is being able to do innovative and radically new things in sudden and unexpected ways! the shadow side is we can act in the moment without thinking of the future or where our actions will take us down the line. we need to watch out for reactivity and hastefulness right now or it can cost us! the best use of this astrology is to initiate long term change in the structures and foundations in our lives that are long overdue for an overhaul! yet the key with mars in his front end shadow is to deal with the past and what has not worked first before we move forward. if our activity and directness is coming from a place of wanting to avoid dealing with the past- we can set some big karma into motion right now!

thursday may 17th-
at 7:53am venus cojoins pallas at 27’41 gemini, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the asteroid Warrior and Wisdom Goddess. this linking of the ultimate feminine Goddess and the ultimate wisdom Goddess (who has a very mental/masculine edge) can be lovely if we are finding balance between our body and mind, our feminine and masculine within. communications, information and aha moments can be important and insightful today. pay attention! as venus rules the new moon we just had her alignment with the Warrior Goddess is very important. pay attention to world news and things unfolding on the socio-political scene.

at 10:58pm retrograde pluto cojoins mean black moon lilith at 21’07 capricorn, aligning the Lord of the Underworld with the fierce Dark Feminine. the Dark Lord and the Dark Lady are combining and this can be powerful, transformative and potent but it can also be intense, fierce and destructive. navigating the astrology with consciousness is key! pluto/lilith demands we stand in our power in healthy, conscious ways. power over is not true power and giving away our power so we don’t play the power game is also not the right relationship either. lilith is magical, fierce, intuitive and a force to be reckoned with. her shadow side comes out as anger, rage or stuffed anger/rage which leads to depression and illness. pluto is about transformation and diving deep but he is also about power dynamics, control and force. how do we relate to power? are we truly empowered or are we slaves to an old order that is based on power and control for some and fear of lack for others. a whole new relationship to authority is emerging and it requires we get in touch with our inner authority that knows what is right and wrong and knows the path of integrity. the astrology is potent right now- use your power wisely!

friday may 18th-
juno in aries trines the north node in leo at 4:59am, aligning the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the north node of evolution, growth and destiny. important people coming into your life or messages coming forth around partnership and relationship can be significant. you are being asked to step more into your Highest Heart, passions and inner fire. don’t stay stuck in the head or disconnected from the body right now.

at 9:49am mercury in taurus trines retrograde saturn in capricorn, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn is great for having serious conversations, focused thinking, researching and getting real. with both bodies in earth signs we want to focus on the practical and logical. what we can see, taste, touch, hear and smell is real to us. this is great for focus on money, work and career. just watch out for over focusing on reality and materiality at the expense of other things.

saturday may 19th-
at 1:50am mercury in taurus squares nodes (north node in leo/south node in aquarius)- bringing important pivotal communications, information and thoughts. when planets square the nodes we are at a crossroads and with mercury involved information and communication can take us on a new path or down the same old karmic one. it is up to us to open our minds and take a different path right now (intellectually or otherwise).

mars in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 3:50am, creating tension between the God of war, will and ego and the planet of spirituality, illusion and deception. mars/neptune can be great for channeling our energy into spiritual, creative and service-oriented means. but not so great for being honest, direct and above board. being willing to see where we are trying to escape, check out or not be fully honest (or where others in our lives are doing the same) is key right now!

venus moves out of gemini and into cancer at 6:10am, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from air to water, mind to emotion, yang to yin. venus in cancer values her home, family, roots and foundations. she loves to spend time at home being cozy and she values deep emotional connections. in the coming months venus in cancer reminds us to spend time with those we love and take time to honor our inward, downward pull. venus will square chiron and oppose saturn in the coming weeks but she will also sextile uranus later today. changes are incoming in home, family, relationships and security. learning to Source security from within and honoring our emotions is key.

at 10:30am venus at 0’12 cancer sextiles uranus at 0’12 taurus, making the second aspect between a planet and uranus in his new home sign of taurus (the first aspect was mars square uranus on the 16th). with venus and mars- the Divine Lovers- being the first two planets to link with uranus in taurus we can see that massive change is incoming in relationships, masculine/feminine dynamics and our own Inner Union. venus in cancer typically likes safety and security at any cost but in aspect to uranus she is interested in freedom, change and evolution. relationships can undergo upleveling right now- major transformation and evolution is possible! yet some will need to end in order to create space for the new to come. as cancer and taurus are two signs that really value security and stability- it is great that venus/uranus are helping them both to embrace change. out with the old in with the new!

mars in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries at 10:56pm, aligning the masculine and warrior planet with the Wounded Healer in mars’ sign. mars/chiron has a focused on healing around our will, drive and ego energies. bringing awareness to where we overdo mars- with anger, rage, dominance or vioelcne- or where we disconnect from mars and stuff our anger and internalize our rage is the path to healing now. mars in aquarius is the visionary and sees the Bigger Picture. when we combine him with chiron’s deep inner awareness we can expand our vision and take action from a healthy and integrated place. from this place real change and revolution is possible.

sunday may 20th-
at 1:24pm venus in cancer squares chiron in aries, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron brings up deep old wounds and pain around self-Love, self-worth, finances, relationships and more. when we question our worth and value we will attract people who do not honor and respect us. healing around self-worth is key to attracting different kinds of people and relationships into our lives. with chiron in aries- if we are afraid of our anger and rage and internalize it it can come out as depression or illness. getting in touch with our yin and yang, feminine and masculine- is key to wholeness. until we do this we project the disowned part of ourselves onto others and call it fate. venus/chiron is a great time to dive deep into our journey of healing around worth, love, abundance and relationship right now.

venus in cancer quincunxes mars in aquarius at 7:06pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Warrior planet. these two are Divine Lovers and when they combine it’s creative, attractive, romantic and fertile. yet the two are in very different signs- water versus air, cardinal versus fixed, yin versus yang. they don’t see things the same way so this can generate friction and irritation in relationships. learning to find balance between emotion and intellect as well as home/family and community/friends is key.

venus in cancer sesquiquadrates retrograde jupiter in scorpio at 7:08pm, creating tension between the two Beneifc planets. positively this can be great for enjoying life, going out and being social! indulge a little! yet the tension between these two points to the tendency to overdo things- overspend, overeat, over focus on outer things as a means to fill us up from the inside out. watch out for too-much-ness and find balance instead!

the sun moves out of taurus and into gemini at 7:15pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from earth to air, body to mind, yin to yang. the sun in gemini is focused on communication, connection, travel and fun! gemini is the perpetual student- always wanting to learn. he is also the perpetual child- always seeing things from a fresh new perspective! the coming month is a great time to learn, travel and connect with others! just watch out for the shadow of the sun in gemini: being superficial, flighty and non committal as a means to avoid vulnerability and deep intimacy.

have a blessed week full of grace and love!

~divine harmony

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