weekly astrology forecast- week of 4/17-4/23

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all EDT***

monday april 17th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon cojoins neptune in pisces and then goes void of course mid afternoon until later at night (9pm EDT) so it is a great day for surrendering and going with the flow. once into aries your drive will come back and let me tell you this week is FULL OF ARIES ENERGY so make use of the downtime while you can ;)


tuesday april 18th-
at 4:46am venus in gemini semisquares jupiter in aries, creating tension between the two Benefics. today through tomorrow venus semisquares the approaching jupiter/eris conjunction (exact end of the week on 4/23). venus in gemini values communication and connection and lights to be free to move about. the tense aspects to jupiter and eris can make communication extra fiery and argumentative- or even unexpected with things coming to Light that disrupt the old order and cause chaos or discord. pay attention to what is coming up today and tomorrow as we are getting minor triggers of the main event coming end of week!

pallas athena in cancer squares eris in aries at 5:46pm- creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. pallas is focused on seeing the Bigger Picture and assessing Truth- and in cancer she is quite intuitive but also perhaps emotionally subjective. eris in aries is dynamic and firey- ready to take a stand! but she can also be full of anger and rage, dominating and aggressive. interestingly eris and mars/ares are brother and sister in Greek Mythology. although ares was the God of War most greeks preferred Athena as she was a Warrior Goddess but was less about passion and anger and more about strategy and perception. being able to temper our anger so we can see clearly and act with consciousness is key today!


wednesday april 19th-
at 2:27am saturn in pisces sextiles the mean north node in taurus/trines the south node in scorpio- linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Nodes of Destin & Karma. some say that saturn has a resonance with the south node of the past while jupiter has a resonance with the north node. with saturn linking harmoniously with both of the nodes we have a moment in time where we are supported in seeing and dealing with the past so we can bring things to completion. and we are also supported in seeing our future path and where it is calling us forward so we can grow. pay attention to destined events, meetings and connections made today!

venus in gemini semisquares eris in aries at 8:11am- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! venus/eris can wake things up to shake things up. if we are complacent in our relationships or our lives in general- eris comes in to shine a Light on the shadow operating behind the scenes. breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs. just be aware of how you operate in relationships and how you communicate- honesty and directness is expansive, control and domination or victimized submission is contractive.


thursday april 20th-
the rare hybrid new moon/black moon solar eclipse at 29’50 aries is exact 12:12am EDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that takes us into the eclipse portal! this is a ‘black moon’ as it is the 2nd new moon in aries- the 2nd one is called a black moon just like a 2nd full moon in a sign is called a blue moon (there are other ways of calculating blue moons by season or by month). this eclipse is at the karmic completion degree of 29 aries and is square pluto who is about to station retrograde at 0’20 aquarius! this is one VERY POWERFUL new moon eclipse! in the new moon chart jupiter is applying to eris- with the exact conjunction on 4/23 just days after this new moon eclipse. the Erisian energies of Discord and Chaos, as well as Activism and Seeing Truth- are amplified right now. this is a north node eclipse so there is something fated and destined unfolding- and being that it is the 2nd new moon in aries it’s giving a double dose of new moon energy to the aries part of your chart (tune into lunar horoscopes for more info).

for more in-depth info on this lunation check my lunar insight posted here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/rare-hybrid-black-moon-solar-eclipse-at-the-29th-degree-of-aries-4-20-23/

also listen to the lunar gate call posted a few days before the new moon eclipse and tune into the lunar horoscopes posted on the day of the new moon eclipse.

at 2:17am neptune in pisces sesquiquadrates mean black moon lilith in leo, creating tension between the planet of idealism and illusion and the fierce Dark Feminine. pisces and leo are signs that very different from each other. leo is the sign of the sun governing consciousness and the ego self, while pisces is the sign of neptune and wants to dissolve in the sea of the Unconscious. one wants to dynamically say LOOK AT ME and the other wants to passively surrender and disappear into the cosmos. neptune with lilith could be uber psychic and intuitive but this is a tense aspect- so our desire to dissolve could manifest as turning to addictions to numb out OR our ego energies could take supremacy and override our more mystical and sensitive capacities. watch out for too much ego and watch out for too little ego/self negation. balance is key!

the sun moves out of aries and into taurus at 4:14am- shifting from fiery yang to earthy yin, from active to passive, from mars ruled to venus ruled. the sun in taurus enjoys embodied experience! sensuality, pleasure, the 5 senses, abundance, the finer things in life are all appreciated! this is a time to stop and smell the roses! just be aware of the tendency to be stubborn, resistant to change and over indulgent when the sun is in taurus for the next month.

at 12:27pm the sun at 0’20 taurus squares pluto at 0’20 aquarius- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. mercury made this same transiting aspect on 4/3- so think back to then and what was going on for you personally and in the world collectively as what is arising right now can be intimately connected to what was happening back then. at best sun/pluto can be used to dive deep, do the work to face shadow, heal and transform. the shadow of this can manifest as massive power struggles, shadow dynamics and misuse of power via manipulation or force. with the sun in earthy sensual taurus we may find compulsions and obsessions arising related to money, sensuality or sexuality. being aware of the deeper currents driving us is key right now.


friday april 21st-
at 4:35am mercury stations retrograde at 15’37 taurus at 4:35am- bringing the mind and intellect into the Underworld. it is interesting to see that mercury stations at the Solar Beltane Degree (15 taurus)- which uranus just stationed on on 1/22 and then squared the sun when Solar Imbolc happened on 2/3 with the sun at 15’00 aquarius square uranus at 15’00 taurus. that is the exact evening of the east palestine ohio train accident. having uranus the planet of upheaval on the Solar Beltane degree in the sign that is deeply connected to the earth and the environment clearly shows in that accident as highly toxic chemicals went into the air, water and earth and right now months later it’s still a HUGE issue. with mercury at standstill as this degree i am sure more will be revealed around this derailment and the environmental health consequences for both humans, animals and the air/water/land. with mercury at standstill pay attention to the themes up in your life personally- as the coming 3 weeks of mercury in the Underworld will be all about dealing with that. for more info on mercury retrograde check the astrology blog posted here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-taurus-our-relationship-to-the-feminine-is-under-review/

retrograde ceres in virgo quincunxes eris in aries at 4:39am, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. disruption and chaos are possible in home/family situations, dynamics with children or mothers, the environment, health and well being and more. tonight the ceres/eris transit begins a series of transits between jupiter, eris, juno and ceres- which can bring partnerships/relationships and home/family situations into focus. be aware that the energy is FIREY right now and have healthy outlets for that fire. suppression of it or reacting impulsively in it can cause issues! shadow work practices with Eris, Mars and Aries energies can be super helpful right now.

my Astrology & Your Shadow course is available on demand and includes these practices and much more- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-your-shadow/


saturday april 22nd-
jupiter in aries, juno in taurus, ceres in virgo and eris in aries all interact all day long (and overnight from last night). jupiter semisextiles juno and quincunxes ceres, while eris semisxtiles juno and quincunxes ceres. all the while jupiter heads to conjoin eris exact tomorrow. this can FIRE UP THE FEMININE in all of us! jupiter eris is ready to take a stand for Truth- yet juno wants to keep the peace in taurus and ceres is also more reserved in earth sign virgo. if we repress or suppress anger or rage we can find it manifesting through our bodies and/or health. positively we can tap into this Sacred Fire and stand up for what we believe in. with juno in taurus- focusing on the relationships that are healthy and foundational is recommended- let the others go! with ceres in virgo there is focus on work and health- so make sure to have good practices to wield that fire consciously so it does not explode in work or health matters.


sunday april 23rd-
at 5:18pm neptune in pisces trines pallas athena in cancer, aligning the planet of Mysticism and Compassion with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess in the sign of the Great Mother. this can be uber intuitive, psychic, imaginative and mystical- so pay attention to dreams, downloads, visions and intuitions incoming. typically pallas is about intelligence but neptune is about intuition. the two combined in balanced ways are HIGHLY creative and inspirational! open up to receive!

at 9:02pm jupiter cojoins eris at 24’40 aries, linking the planet of expansion and excess with the Goddess of Discord, Chaos, Activism and Revealing the Truth. jupiter/eris is powerful- similar to the uranus/eris conjunctions of 2016-2017. interestingly those conjunctions were at 22’54-23’30 aries- so this conjunction activates the same area of the sky. 2016 and 2017 saw the me too movement explode, the 99% vs the 1% movement explode and it was the timing of the release of the movie wonder woman- who truly is Eris incarnate (i talk about this in my Eris Masterclass which you can purchase on demand here- https://divineharmony.com/eris-the-guiding-archetype-of-the-21st-century/) interestingly the first uranus/eris conjunction was june 9th- 2 days after the california democratic presidential primary. if you recall what happened back then- connect the dots! on offer is an opportunity to take a stand for what you believe in and put your money where your mouth is! but this can also exacerbate anger, aggression, violence and dominance- so be aware and navigate with care <3

at 11:19pm retrograde mercury in taurus sextiles mars in cancer- linking the mind and intellect with the Will and Drive in harmonious ways. this it the 2nd aspect between these two with the first happening on 4/8 due to mercury’s Underworld journey. one more will occur with both in different signs on 6/21 when mercury is well past his back end shadow. this astrology is great for communication and initiating conversations that need to be had- but with mercury retrograde its best to focus on the past and what needs resolution. mercury in taurus is slow and steady in communication and mars in cancer is emotionally aware. if we can speak and listen from both our heads AND our hearts- it’s the best of both worlds. we are able to be decisive and assertive today while not being impulsive or reactive. use the energy wisely!


have a blessed week…


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