weekly astrology forecast- week of 3/6-3/12

by | Mar 4, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EST until daylight savings on 3/12 when we shift to EDT***


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monday march 6th-
at 8:42am the sun in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus- linking the conscious self and ego with the Rebel and Revolutionary! this is a great day to embrace change, be innovative, try something new and open up to possibility! the sun in pisces is uber intuitive and dreamy- and uranus is the Higher Mind bringing bolt out of the blue awarenesses- so it’s a great day to be attuning to intuition, dreams, the Unconscious and more.

mercury in pisces sextiles the north node in taurus/trines the south node in scorpio at 3:26pm- linking the mind and intellect with the nodes of destiny and karma. pay attention to things you heart, think, say, dream or intuit right now. deep insights into the past and capacity to see into the future are incoming. pay attention to your dreams, intuition and spiritual downloads.


tuesday march 7th-
at 4:17am mars in gemini semisquares the north node in taurus and sesquiquadrates the south node in scorpio, creating tension between the Will and Drive and the nodes of Destiny and Karma. mars is still in the tail end of his back end shadow heading to make his 3rd and final square to neptune on 3/14. from today through 3/17 we have multiple triggers of that square and having mars interact with the nodes amplifies the karmic energy present. choose your path wisely right now! see through illusion and get to the Truth- within yourself, in relationships and in the world around you. if you stay on the surface you will miss what is hidden or obscured. DIVE DEEP and let the Truth set you free!

the full moon at 16’40 virgo is exact at 7:40am EST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in pisces on 2/19. that new moon was in the first degrees of pisces and included both venus and neptune in pisces as well. this full moon is opposite mercury, the sun and neptune all in pisces and is square mars- triggering the mars/neptune squares. due to mars’ retrograde journey he squares neptune a total of 3 times- with the 3rd and final square happening on 3/14! for the next 10 days- from 3/7 until 3/17- we have the full moon and the sun/mercury conjunction triggering the last hurrah of mars square neptune with both planets now direct. this full moon in earthy, practical virgo demands DISCERNMENT. the neptune squares have made it hard to see clearly and have also made it easier to be deluded, deceived and/or escapist. in communication, information and media we need to have rose colored glasses off. this full moon is trine uranus- the Truth can set us free! but the oppositions to all the pisces planets remind us we have to be willing to see things as they are – not as we wish they would be, could be, might be or used to be. you can read more on this full moon via my lunar insight here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/full-moon-in-virgo-the-truth-can-set-us-free-3-7-23/

saturn moves out of aquarius and into pisces 8:35am- shifting the Lord of Karma and Father of time out of one of his signs of rulership and into the sign of jupiter and neptune. for the last 5 years saturn has been navigating his two home signs of capricorn and aquarius- which both bolstered his capacity for grounding, mastery, control and organization but also over did the shadow of dogma, rigidity, resistance to change and adhering to patriarchal paradigms. now that saturn is moving into the sign of jupiter and neptune- we have the planet of contraction and reality in this sign of spiritual expansion, mystical awareness and intuitive capacity. pisces is deeply creative, inspired, compassionate and psychic. at best saturn can provide a container for these gifts and help ground them. the shadow can be saturn’s shutting down/limiting creativity, inspiration, compassion and intuition. saturn rules fear and pisces is the collective unconscious. all manner of fears are up for us to face! and yet saturn also rules the ability to stick with something and see it through. during this time we can not only face deep fears but also transmute the poisons of the past into the cure for our future trajectory.

in embodied astrology (a course i teach that is now available on demand- you can get more info at link below) – saturn is the root chakra and pisces rules the feet. both have this impetus to be connected to earth- saturn as an anchor where as pisces with the feet are more about now just walking on the earth but taking the earth in and merging with earth consciousness. one is more practical, the other more mystical but both working together can be quite exceptional!!! saturn is officially in pisces for good (he will not return to aquarius) so pay attention to what is coming in right now- personally and collectively- for insight into the saturn lessons and opportunities for mastery incoming! you can also tune into weekly, lunar monthly and yearly horoscopes.

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at 11:56pm mercury in pisces semisquares eris in aries- creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! mercury is triggering the separating but still very much active pluto/eris square today through thursday. eris likes to reveal the shit and shadow. everything no one wants to look at or own- she comes in and reveals it and makes us face it and work with it. this is a day to pay attention to communication, thinking and intuition. be willing to hear the Truth, be willing to speak the Truth and be willing to own where you may have fallen out of the Truth.


wednesday march 8th-
at 6:29pm the mean nodes of the moon square mean black moon lilith at 6’39 leo – creating a T square between the Fierce Dark Feminine and the nodes of Destiny and Karma. when a body squares the nodes we come to a cross roads where we can make a choice- will we keep on staying stuck on the old karmic path or will we choose to move into new territory. with lilith and the karmic south node in scorpio involved there can be intense emotions or shadow to navigate- but what is being revealed is where we are stuck and what it is going to take for us to evolve, grow and move forward. it can be an emotional day but also highly intuitive. pay attention to tendencies to get caught up in the whirlpool of emotion and use the north node in taurus to ground down, be fully in your body and anchored into the earth.


thursday march 9th-
there are no major aspects today


friday march 10th-
mercury in pisces semisextiles vesta, jupiter and chiron all in aries from 10:15am to 5:04pm and 8:18pm respectively- creating a harmonious alignment between the intuitive, creative and inspired mind and the triple conjunction of the Priestess, the Greater Benefic and the Wounded Healer that is exact tomorrow. pay attention to dreams, intuitions and deep awarenesses incoming. also pay attention to communication and information received. it’s an exceptional weekend for healing but it can also unearth a lot of old wounds and pain that have been suppressed and repressed. healing is possible but to heal you have to FEEL. don’t check out CHECK IN!


saturday march 11th-
at 12:31am pluto at 29’44 aquarius squares juno at 29’44 aries- creating tension and friction between the Lord of the Underworld and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. from 2/28 to today we have had juno trigger the separating pluto/eris square- bringing intensity into marriage relationships, committed relationships, business partnerships and financial partnerships. shadow is coming to Light and we need to be super aware of power/control dynamics so we don’t engage in them or start them! be aware that deep Unconscious energies of jealousy, possessiveness, addiction and manipulation can arise right now. if we are not in touch with our anger and rage it can erupt out in sudden and unexpected ways or get projected onto others. navigate the terrain consciously and use the pluto energy to do deep inner work and transform relationships in your life in positive ways!

from 1:06am to 1:20am mercury in pisces semisquares pluto and juno – bringing the mind and intellect into tense aspect with the pluto/juno square. as these aspects all happen overnight PAY ATTENTION to your dreams. they can also have manifested as interactions and communications last night as we moved towards the exact aspects early this morning.

venus in aries sextiles mars in gemini at 10:04am- linking the Divine Lovers in harmonious ways! venus in aries is fiery, passionate and forthright- while mars in gemini is communicative, fun loving and embraces change. this lovely energy is great for fresh air coming into relationships as well as new creative energy coming into our lives. we have both venus and mars also linking with eris today and tomorrow infusing our words and actions with the energy of activism and taking a stand for Truth. we can set things into motion right now that has powerful ramifications so choose your words and actions wisely!

at 11:16am juno moves out of aries and into taurus- shifting the asteroid Goddess or partnership, marriage and contractual arrangement from fiery, feisty, action-oriented aries to earthy, sensual, patient taurus. relationships of all kinds benefit from the juno exiting mars ruled aries and entering venus ruled taurus. we can find life settling down and perhaps start taking stock of what has changed and what has endured the intensity of the last weeks (or months). juno in taurus values stability, security and constancy. just watch out for sweeping things under the carpet to keep the peace. give thanks for the people/situations/commitments in your life that are solid and enduring!

at 4:04pm mercury in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus- linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in beautiful ways! this is great time to keep your mind open and listen for messages incoming via intuition, dreams, connection with the Unconscious, your imagination, psychic knowing and more. aha moments, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and sudden innovative answers to questions you have are possible right now! our minds are all being given a big cosmic dose of Higher Wisdom, Cosmic Insight and Divine Perception. be willing to question what you think you know and allow the new information and realizations to come through!

venus cojoins eris 24’13 aries at 10:49pm- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Warrior Goddess! venus/eris is fiery, dynamic and a force to be reckoned with. venus in aries is ready to take action and eris in aries is ready to expose what his hidden behind the facade. this is a time to be assertive and have agency while doing your best to avoid power/control dynamics. where do you need to take action, be a pioneer and/or an activist? make sure you do this from the heart! between today and tomorrow venus triggers the pluto/eris square- so watch out! activating energy incoming in relationships, finances, values and self worth. taking a stand for what you believe in needs to be tempered with right use of power so you are not playing the victim or the tyrant.


sunday march 12th-
as of 2am Daylight Savings is in effect! from here on out all times dates and times listed are EDT (eastern daylight savings time).

at 1:53am jupiter cojoins chiron 14’26 aries, linking the planet of expansion and excess with the Wounded Healer planetoid. jupiter can bring Light to wounds and pain for deeper awareness, healing and integration. jupiter is the Greater Benefit so ultimately what he reveals is for the best, but because chiron is involved this can be tender trigger-happy territory. jupiter can also exacerbate things- particularly if we have been burying our wounds, denying our pain and using things to escape facing things. along comes jupiter and he forces our hand! wounds and pain around masculine energy, fire, anger, desire and agency can come up. so can wounds and pain around belief, Truth, right vs wrong, and having the confidence and courage to make things happen. opportunities for healing are forthcoming but to heal you have to feel- so if you find all the emotions you were suppressing coming up and out, just know that this, too shall pass. instead of avoiding and denying, or turning to addictions to numb out- instead pause, count to 10 and be present with your pain. allow it to speak to you, share it’s feelings and fears, like a little child sacred of the dark who just needs to be heard and not told ‘you should not be afraid’. on offer is deeper healing that you could imagine if you are willing to go into the places that scare you!

the sun in pisces semisquares the mean north node in taurus and sesquiquadrates the south node in scorpio at 4:08am- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the nodes of Destiny and Karma. pay attention to turning points yesterday to today. take stock of where karma is keeping you stuck and your dreams and intuition are trying to help you move forward.

at 8:27am chiron cojoins vesta at 14’27 aries and at 12:55pm jupiter cojoins vesta at 14’32 aries – creating a TRIPLE CONJUNCTION between the Wounded Healer, the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and the Greater Benefic!!! the jupiter/chiron conjunction is amazing for healing but can also be triggering of old unresolved wounds. vesta’s addition to the picture brings in a sacred focus to our healing path. this is a time to be DEEPLY DEVOTED to your healing and do anything and everything needed to bring things to closure, completion or integration. jupiter brings Light, chiron brings awareness and vesta focuses that Light and awareness for optimal healing. make the most of it!

saturn at 0’36 pisces sextiles juno at 0’36 taurus at 1:51pm aligning the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and relationship. both bodies just moved into new signs- so pay attention to new relationships coming into your life or new chapters unfolding in relationship. there is a ‘newness’ energy with the 1st degree. this also involves saturn in mystical and intuitive pisces along with juno in embodied and practical taurus- so we can use this astrology to commit to bringing our dreams and inspiration into the 3D world of manifestation. of course we then have to follow up that intention with conscious action ;)

at 3:09pm venus in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces- harmoniously linking the lower and Higher Hearts in lovely ways. venus in aries is passionate and immediate, while neptune in pisces is ethereal, transcendent and otherworldly. linking the first and last signs of the zodiac – we have an alignment of alpha and omega, beginning and end. this is a great aspect for creativity, mysticism, compassion, art and love! use it wisely. (venus parallels Neptune tomorrow so there is a super aspect between these two that last today and tomorrow).

finally at 10:21pm mars in gemini sextiles eris in aries for the third and final time due to mars’ recent retrograde journey- linking the Warrior God with the Warrior Goddess. in roman mythology mars and eris are brother and sister- and they both are connected to war. this is a harmonious aspect that brings us opportunities to speak up, express Truth, take action, be an activist and/or a pioneer! the key is to make sure we navigate communication with a lot of of consciousness as we can tap into too much fire and become angry, combative or accident prone. if you tend to hold yourself back- this is a time to take action and make things happen. if you tend to be assertive but also aggressive and self focused this is a time to find balanced awareness around your will, ego and drive. as this is the last sextile between these two think back to 10/17 when we had the first one and 11/13 when we had the second one and connect the dots between experiences back then and now. something is coming to completion or resolution and using this astrology to call a spade a spade but do so with compassion and kindness is key.


have a blessed week!


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