weekly astrology forecast- week of 3/27-4/2

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

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monday march 27th-
at 3:19pm mercury in aries semisquares saturn in pisces- creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury is in the alpha sign of aries, while saturn is in the omega sign of pisces- which can bring a clash between mercury in aries desire to speak up and take action NOW and saturn’s desire to slow down and think things through. at best these two can help us reign in our mind, speech and actions so that we think things through first. the shadow is that all manner of fears or unconscious resistance can be holding us back in ways that do not serve. tuning into where your growth edge is so you can grow past it is key.


tuesday march 28th-
at 2:50am mercury cojoins jupiter at 18’13 aries, aligning the planet of communication and thinking with the planet of expansion and abundance. mercury/juptier is excellent for travel, teaching, speaking, publishing, learning and mind expansion. in aries it is great for taking action, speaking up and taking a stand for Truth. mercury is triggering the jupiter/chiron conjunction from 3/12 yesterday through today- so pay attention to conversations and information incoming that is about wounding, healing and what needs to be spoken to and addressed.

at 4:41pm mars in cancer semisquares uranus in taurus, creating tension between the Will, Drive and Ego and the Rebel and Revolutionary! this can be great for taking sudden action and rebelling or revolting- but the shadow of this aspect can amplify impulsivity, reactivity and setting things into motion from an emotional place that you cannot undo after the fact. working with emotions in healthy ways helps us to see clearly through our own subjectivities and triggers right now.


wednesday march 29th-
there are no major aspects today.


thursday march 30th-
at 1:48am neptune in pisces semisquares juno in taurus- creating tension between the planet of mysticism and illusion and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. neptune/juno can be romantic, idealistic and compassionate but due to the tense nature of the aspect these two can exacerbate tendencies towards codependency, enabling, wearing rose colored glasses and playing the victim or martyr in relationships. seeing reality as it is is key. heart-based discernment is necessary.

mars in cancer trines saturn in pisces at 3:03pm, harmoniously aligning the two malefics in watery signs connected to emotions and the unconscious. this is the first major aspect of mars out of his back end shadow and is one of the aspects mars made twice during his front end shadow and retrograde phases. he is now out of back end shadow so his 3rd trine is not with saturn in aquarius (like the previous two trines) but is with Saturn who is newly in pisces. this is a great day to set things into motion that you want to see last. there is staying power with these two- physically and materially but also emotionally and spiritually (they are in water signs after all). make the most of this powerful aspect today!

at 6:25pm venus cojoins uranus at 16’44 taurus- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener! venus/uranus brings sudden and unexpected energy into relationships, finances, our values and more. where venus in taurus likes stability and security- uranus likes change, freedom and revolution! change is in the air! if you resist change it won’t be so much fun but if you embrace it you could get a new lease on life. there could be new people coming into your life right now- and perhaps at the same time others leaving your life or relationships endings. navigating endings and new beginnings with conscious is key.


friday march 31st-
at 8:29am mercury cojoins eris at 24’24 aries – aligning the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in powerful ways! eris reveals the shadow- she shines a Light on that which others do not want to see or look at. communication or information incoming can be revealing but also disarming and destabilizing. being willing to see beyond the surface and get to the Truth is a must- personally and collectively. mercury will be triggering the separating pluto/eris square today through 4/3 – so be extra conscious of communications had and actions taken right now. what is set into motion has power and will be hard to redirect so consciousness is key.


saturday april 1st-
at 2:44am venus in taurus semisquares mars in cancer- creating tension between the Divine Lovers! venus is at home in taurus- sensual, embodied, enjoying being part of life and nature. mars is in his fall in cancer- not his usual direct, fully expressed and passionate self. shadow mars in cancer can be passive aggressive, emotionally volatile and reactive. in relationships we want to be aware of where our own wounding, pain, anger or reactivity might be contributing to issues. clashes in relationships need to be navigated with awareness today.


sunday april 2nd-
there are no major aspects today


have a blessed week…


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