weekly astrology forecast- week of 2/27-3/5

by | Feb 26, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

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monday february 27th-
at 12:07am venus cojoins vesta at 8’27 aries- aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the priestess asteroid Goddess of focus and devotion. venus is about relationship and connection while vesta is about devotion and focus. at best these two can help us focus on relationships and take positive action in relationships. yet these two are opposed in many ways where venus likes connection and vesta likes to be on her own to focus on what she is devoted spiritually and otherwise. both are in aries which adds some fire to our desires but can also trigger anger or conflict when our needs are not met in relationship. we are currently in the midst of a venus/vesta/jupiter/chiron alignment that unfolds through 3/12. the two Benefics with the Priestess and the Wounded Healer can bring amazing opportunities for healing and expansion but can also trigger deep core wounds that are buried and need healing. in order to heal we have to feel so having good practices to work with triggers, reactivity, anger and rage is key right now!

mercury in aquarius sextiles eris in aries at 5:21am- aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in harmonious ways. this is a great day to take a stand, express Truth and align with what you believe in. mercury in aquarius is visionary and outside of the box and activist eris is ready to take a stand for what she believes to be True! keep your mind open!

at 6:51pm the sun in pisces semisquares eris in aries- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sun/eris can bring shadow to Light and if we have been avoiding facing the shadow it can seem to come out of nowhere. the key here is to face shadow with compassion and Love. that is the only way it can be transformed!


tuesday february 28th-
at 9:39pm mercury in aquarius semisquares jupiter in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. almost every single day this week we have tense aspects to aries planets- which can show an area of your life that is getting rocked and triggered right now! mercury/jupiter is usually great for travel, teaching, learning and mind expansion- yet this is a tense aspect so there can be hubris and self righteousness in beliefs, communication can be trigger happy and we may think we are seeing the whole picture when we are really not. balance and willingness to see other sides or viewpoints is key.

juno cojoins eris at 24’07 aries at 11:39pm- aligning the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in intense and transformative ways! if we need change in relationships- this astrology is going to help us to initiate that change! whether its about endings of relationships and letting go completely or if it’s about radical shift, change and evolution of existing connections from the inside out- juno/eris will help us do just that! from now until 3/11 juno triggers the separating pluto/eris square. radical wake up shake up energy is playing out in relationships of all kinds- marriage, commitment, business partnership, financial partnership and more. staying open to change and more importantly staying open to owning the shadow that we have contributed to said relationships is key. juno demands independence and evolution right now! where she is not receiving this in healthy ways she can be out the door. relationships can be rocky right now. navigate with care- and stay focused on what is healthy for you and for others.


wednesday march 1st-
there are no major aspects today. happy march! the march monthly forecast will be up by 3/1 here- https://divineharmony.com/monthly-forecast/


thursday march 2nd-
venus cojoins jupiter at 12’08 aries at 12:36am, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the planet of expansion and opportunity. the lesser and Greater Benefics are aligning and if you go out to see them in the evening sky you will see them close to each other due west shortly after sunset. with the two benefics aligned they typically bring Great Gifts to the area of your chart they are transiting (so tune into horoscopes) and in regards to matters pertaining to the sign they are in. venus/jupiter in aries can be expansive and positive when it comes to taking action, setting boundaries, acting on our creativity and inspiration and more! yet from today through tomorrow venus triggers the jupiter/chiron conjunction exact on 3/12. jupiter with chiron can be amazing for healing but can also be triggering of old wounds and pain, reactivity and anger that has been suppressed. what is happening today though tomorrow (and really this whole week) shows some big hints about what jupiter/chiron are bringing so pay attention.

at 2:30am mercury in aquarius semisquares chiron in aries- creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. communication and thinking can be run by wounds and pain right now. being aware of what drives us- both fears and obsessions- is key. using chiron’s energy to open up our awareness and seeing underlying wounds and patterns running us via the Unconscious is possible right now- just make sure you are not being impulsive, reactive or aggressive in speech and thinking. mercury is triggering the saturn/chiron semisquare that happened for the first time last week- so be aware that communication can heavy, wounding and/or intense in some way. be aware and navigate with care. remember to be kind – for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you may know nothing about. this includes being kind to self! (this is not to say allow others to take their pain out on you- boundaries are key, but deeper awareness that most times it’s not about us at all can help us separate out and not take on everything we feel from everyone around us- personally and also collectively).

mercury cojoins saturn at 29’24 aquarius at 9:34am- aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn can be serious and focused but also heavy, karmic and depressing. get real moments in communication and thinking are incoming. pay attention on information, communications and ideas arising right now. be aware that if you feel depressed or heavy- this, too, shall pass. but use the energy to dig deep and realistically assess what is and is not working personally and collectively. from there it will be clear what has to change. with this conjunction at the karmic completion degree- this is the LAST conjunction of a planet to saturn in aquarius before he leaves this sign for good on 3/7. pay attention to the messages and experiences incoming today and the next few days as the Universe is showing you what baggage needs to be offloaded and/or things that need to be completed so you can move into a new saturn cycle with a door closed on the past.

at 5:52pm mercury moves out of aquarius and into pisces- shifting the mind and intellect from air to water, intellect to emotion, yang to yin. mercury in pisces is super intuitive, psychic and imaginative. mercury is typically the linear, logical mind but in pisces he takes the circular, DNA spiral route (rather than point A to point B). mercury in pisces is great for spirituality, poetry, music and art! yet it’s not so great for being fully present and grounded in reality. watch out for fantasies and floating off the planet. we want to take our visions and dreams and bring them fully down into reality. be here now!


friday march 3rd-
at 12:48pm venus cojoins chiron at 13’59 aries- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron is an aspect of the heart healer and in synastry would be a sign of a soulmate connection. there is deep potential for heart healing and healing in relationships or self-worth and self-love today. but there can equally be some big activation of old wounds and pain around worth, value, relationships, finances and more. venus is in detriment in aries- meaning it’s not her best sign to be in as it’s the sign of her partner mars. if we have wounding around asserting ourselves, taking a stand and setting boundaries that can be exacerbated today. if we have wounding around being overly assertive to the point of being aggressive, selfish and combative that can be exacerbated today. pay attention to where the wounds are today and do the work to heal them.

saturn at 29’34 aquarius semsextiles pluto at 29’34 capricorn at 5:26pm, linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Lord of the Underworld and God of Death & Rebirth. this semisextile is like the crescent moon phase of the saturn/pluto cycle that was seeded in january 2020. these two were conjunct back then in capricorn and now they are both preparing to enter new signs- saturn moves into pisces on 3/7, pluto moves into aquarius on 3/23. march is a VERY BIG MONTH with these outer planetary shifts incoming!!! with both saturn and pluto at the karmic completion degrees of saturn ruled signs- there can be some big things coming up that are revealing where things are karmic, stuck, stagnant, toxic, patriarchal and/or old paradigm. this is a harmonious aspect though- so on offer is an ability to see clearly what needs to be purged, released and/or let go of so that evolution and positive change can come in. pay attention to where the Universe or your Higher Self is showing just where you are stuck and resisting change and then get to dealing with what needs to be dealt with. the more that is cleared out when these two are at the karmic completion degree- the less old baggage will have to come with us into the new cycles unfolding!


saturday march 4th-
at 1:00am venus in aries semisquares saturn at 29’36 aquarius- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn brings get real moments in Love, money and self worth. the get real messages could be heavy and intense or they could be grounding and clarifying. either way we are being shown where mastery, maturity and discipline needs to be balanced with passion, action and being in the moment. as this involves an aspect to saturn at the karmic completion degree- it is bringing up whatever is unresolved and needs addressing in the aquarius part of your chart (listen to horoscopes) before saturn moves into pisces on 3/7. this is the last aspect by a planet to saturn in aquarius so pay attention!


sunday march 5th-
at 6:14am the sun in pisces semisquares pluto at 29’36 capricorn- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. sun/pluto can be transformative and deep but the tense nature of the aspect can tend to exacerbate power/control dynamics and playing the victim or the martyr. the sun in pisces is idealistic but can also be in denial. if we are avoiding facing shadow or pain and turning to things to numb out or escape- that can come up right now. be willing to SEE CLEARLY.

mars contraparallels pluto at 7:23am- bringing a preview of the energy incoming on 3/25 when mars in cancer will quincunx pluto at 0’02 aquarius (with pluto just having ingresses 2 days before). a super aspect for the next 20 days is in effect between the lower will and Higher Will. the best use of this energy is to get the ego self/lower will on board with the Higher Self so that our actions taken are in service to something Higher. just watch out for power struggles, victim/tyrant dynamics and intensity arising. with pluto at the karmic completion degree of capricorn there can be some big reveals around shadow and power/control dynamics that need to be seen for what they are.


have a blessed week…


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