Wednesday August 5th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday february 18th-
chiron moves out of pisces and into aries at 1:08am, shifting the Wounded Healer planetoid from yin to yang, omega to alpha, water to fire. chiron did this last year on 4/17 but then he went retrograde and backtracked into pisces for much of 2018. this year chiron moves back into aries for good- heralding an 8 year transit that shifts our focus of wounding and healing towards the masculine, our ego, will and drive. opportunities to face deep wounds and heal them in regards to our relationship with the masculine, with anger, rage, agency, assertiveness and self focus is incoming. moving from 29 pisces to 0 aries this is a very significant point of transition- as we move from the last degree of zodiac (the omega point) to the first degree of zodiac (the alpha point). old cycles are ending and new ones are beginning. this is a time to be sensitive to our wounds and pain that run us unconsciously. learning how to assert ourselves in healthy ways without being controlling or dominating of others is key. more will be written about this significant transit in the months and years to come as chiron makes aspects.

at 2:52am venus cojoins saturn at 16’46 capricorn, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn is a time to get real in Love and money situations. what is working and what is not? what is life affirming and healthy and what is old paradigm and toxic. the saturn/neptune sextile is helping us bridge dreams with reality- but first we have to take off the rose colored neptunian glasses so we can see clearly. venus triggers the saturn/neptune sextile yesterday and today- helping us to get discerning and committed to what is good for us and helping us to prune away/release what is bad for us. realities in Love and money can come in forceful or harsh ways right now- but the more we can love what is the more we can create what is possible. sometimes this means leaving something or someone behind who is not on the same growth track.

pluto in capricorn semisquares ceres in sagittarius at 4:53am, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. if you know your greek mythology you know that pluto and ceres don’t exactly have a great relationship. he abducted ceres’ daughter persephone and took her into the Underworld. pluto/ceres can bring up some intense things in regards to family dynamics, relationships with children, women’s health and wellbeing and our sense of safety and security. ceres also relates to Mother Earth and the environment and so there can be some big things we are being confronted with in regards to shadow in what is going on in our water, air, food supply and more. this is a time to dive deep and see what past trauma (of coming from childhood) is going on beneath the surface that needs to be addressed. until we do that we keep repeating the same old patterns in our present day lives because our past has Unconscious control of us.

at 5:21am mercury in pisces semissquares uranus at 29 aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Rebel and Revolutionary. mercury/uranus can be great for insights, intuitions and bolt out of the blue awarenesses! yet the shadow of this aspect is that the information or thoughts arising can be sudden, unexpected, chaotic and/or disruptive. the key here is to be willing to see beyond the veil of illusion and confusion. the Truth will set you free, but often it first has to piss you off!

at 8:42am pallas stations retrograde at 29’29 libra, bringing the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess to a standstill. pallas in libra is a warrior for peace- and at best she fights for harmony and equality! but the shadow side of this placement is she can be so busy walking lightly and trying to make everyone happy or see all sides of things that she is afraid to truly speak up and express Truth lest she piss people off or burn bridges. pallas at the karmic completion degree of 29 libra is asking us to see where patterns of codependency, enabling or refusal to see- both our own shit/shadow but also that of others- is needing to be fully faced and dealt with. pallas stations in opposition to uranus- two weeks ago they opposed each other on 2/7 and this week they do so again on 2/20. stay open to radical, revolutionary ideas, Truths and insights incoming. i have said this already above but it bears saying again ‘the Truth will set you free but first it might piss you off’. be wiling to be pissed off- first by your own avoidance, denial and lack of accountability (so that you can own your own piece in things and not project it out) and then by other’s avoidance, denial and lack of accountability. revelations incoming! stay open to Truth!

the sun moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 3:04pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from air to water, intellect to emotion, yang to yin. the sun in pisces is dreamy, intuitive, magical, imaginative and romantic! the coming month is a great time for meditation retreats, introspection, dream work, divination work and taking time to turn within. there are two times in the year that are death portals so-to-speak. once is from samhain to yule (around halloween to winter solstice) which is the end of the solar year. the other is when the sun transits pisces- moving through the last sign of the zodiac. next month when the sun moves into aries we have spring equinox/ostara and we have a new astrological year commence. as with all cycles in life- before something new can take hold we are asked to close out and complete the previous cycle. this is a great time to detox, release, renew, recycle and review the last year. a lot can be learned when turning within.

the sun at 0’01 pisces semisextiles chiron at 0’01 aries at 3:50pm, linking the conscious self and ego in the last sign (the omega sign) with chiron who just moved into aries and the first sign (the alpha sign) where he will be for the next 8 years! sun/chiron is a great time for healing around sense of self, boundaries ego and identity. the sun in pisces loves to forgive and surrender- but chiron in aries is helping us heal around where we need to be assertive and take a stand. seeing where we engage in shadow pisces energies- denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, playing the victim or the martyr, spiritual bypassing, addiction and more is key right now. healing is possible but you have to FEEL to heal- so go into what you have been avoiding so you can move through it and beyond it!

at 10:37pm mercury cojoins neptune at 15’34 pisces, linking the linear logical mind with the intuitive, imaginative planet! mercury/neptune is deeply psychic, mystical, imaginative, intuitive and creative. this is a great time study the occult and the mysteries and open up to hearing messages from Source! yet the shadow of this aspect is that it can be really hard to discern fact from fantasy and Truth from illusion. it’s easy to deceive ourselves, deceive others and believe our own lies! this is the first of 3 mercury/neptune aspects as mercury heads into front end shadow of his upcoming retrograde journey tomorrow- and we will have 2 more mercury/neptune conjunctions in march within a week of each other when mercury stations direct. this is a potent mercury retrograde. pay attention to your dreams, fantasies and illusions right now. be willing to pull back the veil and see yourself, others and the world around you more clearly.

tuesday february 19th-
mercury enters his front end shadow today! a defining signature of this mercury retrograde is mercury’s trigger of the jupiter/neptune square the saturn/neptune sextile. mercury in pisces aligns with neptune the ruler of pisces 3 times in the coming 6 weeks! this can be super mystical and creative and inspired- but it can also be confusing and illusory and deceptive. we are all being asked to take off rose colored glasses so we can see ourselves and others clearly. our dreams can only be anchored into reality when we can see reality and do the work of manifestation. this is a time to rethink, review and revise our relationship to the mystical, our relationship to our intuition and our willingness to see where we are spiritually bypassing. more on this in the coming weeks as mercury makes aspects and enters into his Underworld journey next month.

the full moon at 0’42 virgo is exact at 7:53am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the lovely new moon in aquarius on 2/4. this full moon spans the virgo/pisces axis- the axis of body and spirit, reality and dreams, seeing what is and seeing what is possible. this full moon trines mars in taurus and uranus at 29 aries- and we just had the exact mars/uranus conjunction at 29 aries on 2/12. we have a lot of energy to channel wisely into radical and revolutionary change. this full moon demands DISCERNMENT. seeing ourselves clearly first and foremost- our intentions, motives and Unconscious motivations- but also seeing others and the world around us with rose colored glasses OFF. the lunar insight on the full moon will be up a few days to a week before the lunation- so check it out for more information.

at 6:39pm mercury in pisces sextiles saturn in capricorn, linking the mind and intellect in the sign of mysticism and compassion with the Lord of Karma and planet of self mastery in the sign of discipline and accountability. mercury has been triggering the saturn/neptune square since yesterday- and this is one of the defining signatures of his Underworld journey incoming in march (he stations retrograde on 3/5). saturn/neptune is about taking our dreams/vistions(neptune) and anchoring them into reality (saturn). yet first we have to take off the rose colored glasses and see ourselves and others clearly. pay attention to things you think, say, hear or understand right now. there are many layers that want to reveal themselves. go ever deeper till you get the Source.

wednesday february 20th-
sun in pisces semisquares saturn in capricorn at 2:55pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this is a get real moment asking us to take off the rose colored glasses and face the Truth- both within and without. the sun in pisces is dreamy, idealistic and forgiving but can also be easily deceived, deceptive, escapist and spiritual bypassing. this is a time to SEE WHAT IS not what could be, should be, might be, or used to be.

at 7:51pm uranus in aries opposes stationary retrograde pallas in libra 7:51pm for the 2nd time in the last 14 days. uranus at the karmic degree 29 aries opposite pallas the karmic degree 29 libra brings radical and revolutionary energy into relationships, politics and more. uranus can bring shocks, unexpected information/insights and perhaps even chaos and unexpected explosions (psychically, emotionally hopefully not literally). what we have been sweeping under the carpet can come up out in relationships and situations of all kinds- personally and politically. keeping the mind open and being willing to embrace change and evolution even and especially when comfort, security and safety is preferred is key! wherever we have been more committed to keeping the peace and not rocking the boat versus taking a stand, speaking Truth and taking action- we have a fire under our butts! choose wisely! (and take action not from reaction but response- which means pause, count to 10, pay attention to your breathing, find your root, feel your heart and then respond from this deeply embodied and heart connected place).

thursday february 21st-
venus in capricorn semisextiles jupiter in sagittarius at 5:44pm, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the planet of expansion and positivity. venus is in the midst of triggering the jupiter/neptune square and the saturn/neptuen sextile as of last sunday the 17th until today. venus is in saturn-ruled capricorn asking us see reality and deal with WHAT IS. venus in capricorn is deeply committed but she also will stay way beyond the expiration date and stay committed when the Highest is for her to let go. tuning into this teaching and where that may apply in our lives is key. the positive side of venus/jupiter is that the dreams and visions we have are totally realizable- we just have to do the work to make them a reality.

mercury in pisces semisquares mars in taurus at 11:01pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Warrior and Drive. mercury/mars can be great for speaking up and taking a stand but we need to be really clear what is motivating us to do so- as the lower ego drives of defensiveness and resistance to seeing the Truth (particularly about ourselves) can make this astrology manifest in more intense ways. mercury in pisces is asking us to see beyond the veil of illusion, confusion, deception, manipulation and playing the victim. there is something there for us to discern! mars in taurus is sensual and embodied but he is also caught up in pleasure seeking and avoidance of hard work (he can be lazy). make sure you are navigating both communications, thinking and perceiving with mastery right now!

friday february 22nd-
ceres in sagittarius sesquiquadrates eris in aries at 2:31am, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! pluto tensely aspected ceres on monday and now eris does so- activating the fast approaching pluto/eris square (exact in 2020 but will be triggered by the nodes in late march/early april). wake up/shake up things are happening in home/family dynamics, with parents, with children, with Mother Earth and the environment and more. this is a time to be willing to see the shit and shadow going on behind the scenes- as until we face what is within us what is within us will run us. eris exposes what is toxic often in traumatic ways- like ripping a scab off of a festering wound. is it horrible that she exposed it in such a way- or is she benevolent in that she will not allow a toxic wound to fester and take us over? there is Love in eris medicine but it may be hard to see. tune into Fierce Love today and be wiling to wield it. the key is that fierce Love is not focused on destroying someone- only on destroying illusion and that which is toxic. it’s a fine line- navigate it wisely.

at 12:40pm mercury in pisces squares jupiter in sagittarius, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. the mind loves to learn and explore when these two team up but we can also overdo it. we need to watch out for thinking anything we think or fantasize about is our intuition. learning discernment between fear, fantasy and true intuition is key. mercury is triggering the jupiter/neptune square 3 times in the coming 6 weeks- asking us to see where we are overdoing positive thinking, spiritually bypassing or love and light at the expense of facing the shadow and doing the real work. balance is key.

at 7:53pm venus cojoins pluto at 22’17 capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. this is a potent conjunction that can amplify passion, sexuality and intimacy but can also dredge up all kinds of darker energies like jealousy, possessiveness, power/control dynamics, manipulation and more. venus is triggering the capricorn confluence right now- from 2/18 to 2/24. it’s important to pay attention to what is old paradigm, toxic, stagnant and stuck in our lives. where are we holding onto the old out of safety and security. where are we resisting change? where are we adhering to patriarchal standards of who we should be, what we should do and how the world is? this is a time of stripping away and getting to the Truth of matters- in relationships, finances, our values, self worth and self Love.

saturday february 23rd-
pluto in capricorn semisextiles mean black moon lilith in aquarius at 3:35am, linking the Lord of the Underworld/aka the Dark God with the Fierce Dark Feminine. pluto/lilith is about transformation through right use of power, sexuality and destruction. we can consciously destroy or we can unconsciously destroy- depending on the choice we make not only determines the outcome but also determines the karma we set into motion. pluto is exposing the shadow in patriarchy, patriarchal structures, authority figures, government and more. lilith in aquarius is the individual waking up to their freedom and need to take a stand, call out the shadow and stand their ground. luckily these two are in harmonious minor aspect. liberation is possible- when we are willing to face/own/deal with the deepest shadows.

mars in taurus sesquiquadrates jupiter in sadge at 7:59am, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of expansion and excess. mars/jupiter wants what he wants and he wants is NOW! our desires are on full drive and we best be aware of what is running them right now. this is a great time to be courageous and take action! just make sure it’s not impulsively taken or reactive and hasteful.

mercury in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn at 9:17am, linking the mind and intellect with Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is deep, penetrating and intense. this is a great time for therapy, research and investigation. mercury in pisces is intuitive and psychic and pluto is pulling back the facade and showing us what is in the shadows. this is a great time to get real and express things from a raw, honest place. it’s also key we listen to the Truths of others! this aspect will repeat 2 more times due to mercury’s upcoming retrograde journey- so pay attention to what you hear/think/say today as there can be insights into the coming Underworld journey and what it means for you personally.

vesta in pisces sesquiquadrates the north node in cancer at 10:53am, creating tension between Priestess asteroid Goddess and the north node of destiny and evolution. our path of growth and evolution is calling but something is blocking us from navigating it further. we are being asked to see where we are spiritually bypassing, playing the victim or the martyr, turning to addictions to numb out. where are we prefering the mists to the Truth? where are we hiding from others or from ourselves. getting in touch with emotions particularly grief, pain, sadness and need are key right now. tune in- don’t tune out!

venus in capricorn squares eris in aries at 1:45pm, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty who values stability and security in capricorn- and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos who values upheaval and change at any cost. venus/eris can be quite activating- and from yesterday’s pluto conjunction to todays eris square to tomorrows karmic south node conjunction- there can be A LOT up right now in relationships, finances, work/career and anything that is operated out of tradition, expectation or obligation in our lives. what needs to change in your life and where are you resisting it? now’s the time to get on board with your evolution! where capricorn is is where you need to detox and let go. check the weekly horoscopes, lunar horoscopes and yearly horoscopes for more information!

sunday february 24th-
mercury in pisces semisextiles eris in aries at 1:02am, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this is a day to speak the Truth, hear the Truth, discern the Truth and BE the Truth. call yourself on your own bullshit first. then do this act from a place of Love for others. revelations incoming! stay open!

at 7:58pm venus cojoins the mean south node at 24’38 capricorn, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the karmic south node of the past. this completes venus’ trigger of the capricorn confluence that began on 2/18. pay attention to the last 6 days and what has been magnified and brought to attention in your life and in your relationships. venus on the south node can bring in past life love but it can also cause us to stay stuck in karmic patterns that we need to be done with in order to grow. because the capricorn confluence is all about what is toxic, stagnant and karmic- we would do well to see where we are holding on when we should be letting go- and then get to letting go! rebirth can only happen on the other side of allowing death to happen (metaphorically speaking).

have a beautiful week!

~divine harmony

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