Sunday January 24th 2021

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monday december 21st-
pluto in capricorn semsiquares ceres in pisces at 1:39am, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. pluton and ceres have a mythological history as he abducted her daughter persephone and took her into the Underworld. there can be intense things coming up in home/family situations, with mothers and daughters, and around our needs for safety and security. if we are overly sacrificial or checked out and not wanting to see reality- reality checks may be incoming! eyes wide open!

the sun moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn at 2:02am- marking the Solar Gate of Yule and Winter Solstice and a new yearly solar cycle commencing (in the southern hemisphere this is the Solar Gate of Litha and Summer Solstice)! the sun in capricorn is hard working, disciplined, responsible and authoritative. this is the sign of the mountain goat who gets to the top of the mountain no matter how hard the journey is. we have staying power right now and we can focus on what we want to build in our lives. just watch out for the shadow side of the sun in capricorn: being overly austere, rigid, controlling, perfectionist and emotionally repressed. ***the SOLAR GATE CALL will be up a couple days before the solstice*** if you are not a Galactic Benefactor member and want to sign up and/or upgrade your existing membership to access this call click here- OR

a 10:20am jupiter cojoins saturn at 0’29 aquarius, linking the two Great Teacher planets was the 1st degree of the sign of community, humanity and progress! this starts a brand new 20 year cycle but also anchors a new age- the Age of Aquarius. we will go very deeply into the meaning of this profound solstice in our online retreat (more info here but suffice it say that the two Great Teachers joining at the 1st degree of aquarius on the day of the Winter Solstice symbolically represents the birthing of the Age of Aquarius. it is no longer an ideal, a vision, a dream- it is being born out into the world and being midwifed into existence by each of us right now. a new cycle is seeded- what will you bring forth with you and what will you leave behind? this is a time to balance past and future, growth and pruning, lessons and opportunities- as we open to a new cycle incoming that is focused on our remembering of our connection to each other and to Earth so that we can find unity as we move into a new age. this is an exception day to set intentions and plant metaphorical seeds you want to see come to fruition in the next year, 20 years and 26000 year cycle!!! (so think personal, planetary and Galactic when you call the things in). tonight after sunset go outside to see jupiter and saturn in the evening sky (they will be separating as the exact conjunction is in the morning. it will be a sight to see and something to celebrate during this Holy Day season <3

the sun in capricorn semisextiles saturn at 1:52pm and jupiter at 2:22pm- linking the winter solstice sun (and rebirth of the Light) with the new age being seeded at this profound jupitr/saurn cycle! linking capricorn and aquarius – the old and the new, the past and the future, tradition and revolution. finding the right balance and transition of power from an old age and into a new one is key <3


tuesday december 22nd-
at 3:06am venus in sagittarius sesquiquadrates mars in aries and a 3:18am she sesquiquadrates retrograde eris in aries- with the exact mars/eris conjunction at 3:45am! there is some feisty, fiery and intense energy flying around. channel it wisely into taking conscious action and steer clear of domination and explosions of rage. (this occurs during dreamtime for some so pay attention to your dreams upon waking)

at 3:45am mars cojoins retrograde eris at 23’29 aries, aligning the God of War (and the Will and Drive) with his sister the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! this is the 3rd and final mars/eris conjunction due to mars’ recent retrograde journey (think back to the first one on 8/17 to get insight into what this is about for you personally). eris gets a bad rap- i actually love her. she is the female warrior Goddess best embodied in the archetype of Wonder Woman. mars/eris can be a time of taking definitive action- taking a stand and not allowing injustice to happen any longer! yet the shadow of this combination can be massive aggression, war consciousness, domination and control. watch out for power/control dynamics with others. eris serves to reveal all the hidden shadow no one wants to look out. the key is in realizing that until we face this hidden shadow and deal with it- it always unconsciously controls us and determines our fate. this goes for us personally as well as for humanity and our collective experience. we MUST face the shadow. the only way out is through! (from now until 12/23 we have mars triggering the pluto/eris square so pay attention to what is unfolding during this period of time)

at 7:31am retrograde uranus conjoins mean black moon lilith at 6’56 taurus, linking the Rebel and Revolutionary with the Fierce Dark Feminine. uranus in taurus is a 7 year transit that i have called a ‘Revolution of Embodiment’ (read my article here- this is a time to wake up IN THE BODY- not try to escape, ascend, check out. changes are incoming in our values, finances and relationship to the natural world. lilith represents primal power, sexuality, intuition and embodied feminine wisdom. this can awaken in each of us- regardless of gender- as we each have both masculine and feminine energies within our being. now that we have both jupiter and saturn in uranus ruled aquarius- there is a huge push for awakening, change, revelation and rebelling against the past (and the old patriarchal paradigm) so that we can birth the new age and move into the future! watch out for sudden and unexpected events that are revealing, liberating, perhaps shocking but also destabilizing of an old order!

venus in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 11:08am- bringing up shadow and power dynamics in relationships, finances, our values and more. venus has been triggering the pluto/eris square all morning- so keep your eyes wide open and be willing to see what is going on behind the scenes.

chiron in aries sextiles pallas athena in aquarius- linking the Wounded Healer with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. our awareness can expand beyond our personal sphere- seeing the Greater Whole and what is needed for healing for the collective. pallas in aquarius is uber intelligent- and chiron supports her insight so that she is no just seeing possibility but is also seeing the wounds and pain that block us from realizing our potential. from this place it is up to us to do the work.


wednesday december 23rd-
at 6:53am mars in aries squares pluto in capricorn, creating massive tension between the lower will and the Higher Will in explosive ways! this is the 3rd and final mars/pluto square due to mars’ recent retrograde. the first was on 8/13 so think back to then and what was going on for you as there is a link to what is going on today. mars/pluto is a powerhouse of an aspect! we all would do well to make sure we are having our lower wills/egos working in service of something Higher- otherwise we could really get into trouble right now. mars in aries wants what he wants and he wants it NOW. in his pure energy he is pure action- but in his lower vibration he is ego going after his desires in the moment without thinking of the consequence of his actions. pluto in capricorn is a long term transit that is transforming existence as we know it by stripping away that which is toxic and bringing us into and through a death process (metaphoric but also perhaps literal) that precedes rebirth. we see this in patriarchal consciousness, in big business, in politics, in the government, in the financial arena, and on our beloved planet Mother Earth. we cannot just keep doing what we have always done- as not only will we keep getting what we have always got but we could actually destroy the planet in the process. this is a time of high passions but also high aggression and perhaps conflict. navigate with consciousness so that you are not entrenching yourself in more karma but are instead burning karma off and breaking free from the chains that bind.

mercury in capricorn squares chiron in aries at 6:11pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. mercury/chiron brings up old wounds and pain in communication and thinking. it’s super important to THINK before you speak right now. therapy and any kind of inner work/shadow work can be supportive right now as we delve into the wounding that runs us from the subconscious. communications can get intense so be sure to be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a battle. but also be sure to have clear boundaries and stand up for yourself in healthy ways. it’s all about a balance ;)


thursday december 24th-
at 11:05pm mercury in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus, aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! pay attention to the thoughts, ideas, inventions, communications and connections incoming into your life right now. aha moments and bolt out of the blue awarenesses or happenstance meetings are divinely inspired/guided. PAY ATTENTION!


friday december 25th-
at 11:37pm the sun in capricorn squares chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain arising right now need to be faced, worked with and healed. if we have a hard time taking a stand or focusing on what is best for us OR if we are overly aggressive, selfish and combative- this can be up big time in the coming days. also any tendency to overwork and focus on what we have in terms of material things and work success as the measure of our worth is also needing to be addressed and rebalanced. healing around our sense of self and identity is possible if we are willing to see where woundedness is operating and running the show.


saturday december 26th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in earthy, fertile and sensual taurus at the start of the day and moves into airy, communicative, changeable gemini a 3:32pm. with moon trine Jupiter and saturn in the early evening (5-7pm)- connect with community, share, listen, stay open and be curious!


sunday december 27th-
at 7:25pm the sun in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of revolution and change! sun/uranus reminds us to stay open to the new and be willing to do things in radically different ways. work wise, financially, in your material life and more- positive energy is present to tap into when you take a risk, jump and let the net appear! (metaphorically of course)


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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