Wednesday September 30th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday december 2nd-
at 10:20am jupiter moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn, shifting the planet of expansion and abundance from fire to earth, yang to yin, jupiter ruled to saturn ruled! jupiter moving into capricorn now joins all the other capricorn planets (aka the capricorn confluence of saturn, pluto and the south node)- bringing even more focus to work, career, government, big business and the karmic completions we have been dealing with all of 2019. wherever this is in your natal chart will bring a different focus (so check the horoscopes). jupiter in the sign of saturn is interesting as jupiter likes expansion, saturn contraction- jupiter taking risks, saturn hedging bets. jupiter in capricorn can be about finding balance between growth and pruning, expansion and contraction, luck and hard work. if we have been doing the deep shadow work/karmic completion that 2019 has forced us to do thanks to pluto and saturn on the south node march-september- then jupiter comes in and brings gifts, grace, growth and positivity! if we have been avoiding facing realities, dealing with karma, being responsible and accountable, and facing fears- then jupiter will bring more fire to the lessons we need to learn and things we need to be done with. jupiter in this position can be excellent for career success and professional growth- IF we are wiling to do the work!!! jupiter is ready for it all NOW but capricorn knows that anything enduring and lasting starts from the ground up and takes slow, steady, discerning steps to get to the top. so think marathon- not sprint. and get rid of what is blocking you from the true success and solid foundations you have the capacity to create and build right now. anything that is not serving- let it go!

juno in libra squares the mean nodes of the moon (north node cancer/south node capricorn) at 12:57pm- bringing focus to relationships, partnerships, marriage and contractual arrangements. juno is asking to focus on what is fair and balanced- but the karmic south node is pulling us into karmic patterns and tendencies that no longer serve. the missing point of the Grand Cross is aries- so finding a healthy expression of anger, clear setting of boundaries, and assertiveness is key right now. relationships are at turning points. which way is in the Highest for you to go?

mercury in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn at 9:22pm, linking the mind in the sign of the Underworld with the planet that rules the Underworld! this is the 3rd and final mercury/pluto sextile due to mercury’s recent retrograde journey. with mercury in the sign of pluto AND linking to pluto there has been a double dose of plutonian/scorpionic energy present in the last 2 months. this has been very deep astrology for penetrating conversations, insights and aha moments- as well as therapy, shadow work, research and investigation. anything that helps us get to the bottom of things is supported right now! be wiling to see and face the shadows- within and without!

tuesday december 3rd-
at 7:47am venus in capricorn sextiles mars in scorpio- linking the Divine Lovers in creative, fertile, romantic and vital ways. we can access the capricorn energy to get committed and focused and we can use the scorpio energy to get deep and determined. in intimate relationships, financial partnerships and business partnerships- using this astrology for evolution and transformation is recommended!

venus cojoins the mean south node in capricorn at 12:53pm- magnifying what is karmic, stagnant, stuck, old paradigm and patriarchal in our relationships, ways we deal with finances and abundance, and our self worth and self Love. venus aligns with the south node today and jupiter does so in the first week of january 2020- bringing the Light of the two Benefics to the karmic completions and things of the past that need to be tended to, completed and/or let go of.

mars in scorpio trines the mean north node in cancer at 4:59pm, linking the will and drive with the destined node of growth and evolution. mars and the north node are both in water signs- supporting emotional intimacy, diving deep, confronting shadow and healing around our emotions and needs. with both venus and mars- the Divine Lovers- linking with the nodes today we could have fated things happening in relationships right now. pay attention to what is doing on- both who is coming into your life, who is going out, and how relationships paradigms are shifting and changing!

wednesday december 4th-
at 7:03am mercury in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this was a defining signature of the mercury retrograde journey we are completing- as it’s the last aspect made before he stationed retrograde and the first aspect made after he stationed retrograde. this is the 3rd and final time these two interact. mercury/eris can be revealing but also chaos inducing in communication and thinking today! the mars-rulership of both signs can unearth some fire, aggression and combative energy- so navigate with care!

thursday december 5th-
mercury in scorpio sesquiquadrates the mean north node in cancer at 6:03am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the node of destiny and evolution. communications can be intense and informative today. watch out for being overly probing and cynical- but also watch out for denial of emotions. with the north node in cancer we are being asked to honor our emotions, feelings, needs and vulnerabilities. plumb the depths for deep revealing and healing today!

friday december 6th-
there are no major aspects today.

saturday december 7th-
the are no major aspects today.

sunday december 8th-
at 1:00am sun in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces, bringing a hazy energy to the day. at best sun/neptune is mystical, compassionate and creative- but the tense nature of the aspect can make it easy for illusion, deception, confusion and denial. it’s important to be above board and honest- but also make sure others are doing the same. there’s a strong neptune vibe present right now and going into next year. taking off the rose colored glasses to see the Truth about ourselves, others and the world around us is key.

venus in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces at 1:48pm, linking the lower heart and Higher Heart in beautiful ways! this is a lovely aspects for romance, compassion, altruism and being of service. Unconditional Love is present right now! with venus triggering the saturn/neptune sextile from today through 12/11- we have the capacity to get real and see what we want to be committed to. what is real and what is not? where do we need to take the rose colored glasses off? where do we need to see what is right in front of us? an open heart needs to be balanced with healthy boundaries. tuning into both and working on which ever one needs support is recommend in the next couple of days.

jupiter in capricorn squares chiron in aries at 8:27pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the Wounded Healer planetoid. this is the first major aspect jupiter makes after his ingress into capricorn! later this month he will trine uranus- so he is activating the uranus/chiron semisextile a long time aspect that has been ongoing since the start of 2009 and will continue to unfold until the middle of 2021. uranus brings things to Light and helps us make radical shifts and changes and when he is in contact with the Wounded Healer we have huge potential for seeing our own wounds and doing deep healing work that helps us to dramatically release the past and the hold it has on us. uranus in taurus is helping us change our values and attachments and freeing us from old ideas of safety and security that are based on an old paradigm. chiron is helping us heal our relationship to the masculine within and without. coming into right relationship with our anger, will, drive, rage, sexual energy and aggression is key right now. this astrology provides us with the impetus and potential to bring to Light that which we could not see or face in the past. with jupiter added into the mix we have more fuel thrown on the transformational fire! cathartic healing is possible right now but first we have to be willing to FACE OUR WOUNDS and TURN TOWARDS OUR PAIN. deep stuff is up right now and it tender territory so navigate it with consciousness, compassion and care. with jupiter in the sign of authority, patriarchy and business and chiron in the sign of the masculine, warrior and assertive drive- we may be asked to stand our ground OR learn where the ground we are standing on is patriarchal, dogmatic or rigid. shifts are possible if we are willing to own what we see and take responsibility for our part in the journey of life.

have a beautiful 1st week of december!

~divine harmony

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