weekly astrology forecast- week of 12/19-12/25

by | Dec 18, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

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monday december 19th-
at 11:23am venus in capricorn squares retrograde chiron in aries- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can arise right now in relationship, around self-worth and self-Love or around money and abundance consciousness. venus in capricorn is very traditional, grounded and committed- but if she is defaulting to the old and the past out of fear around safety and security that can get exposed right now. if there is fear of change, fear of taking a stand or walking away, or fear of going it on one’s own- facing those fears are on offer right now! the cave you fear to tread holds the treasure that you seek (joseph campbell). be wiling to question what you have always done or always defaulted to. the new can only come in when you are willing to question the old.

venus in capricorn quincunx retrograde mars in gemini at 12:37pm, creating tension between the Divine Lovers. venus in capricorn values stability, security and consistency- while mars in gemini values freedom, space and the capacity to change his mind on a dime. this can play out in conflict in romantic relationships or in work or sibling situations- but it can also be internal. are you giving yourself the structure you need (venus in Capricorn) and also the freedom you need (mars in gemini)? see where your growth edge is and then grow past it.

at 5:38pm retrograde mars in gemini sextiles retrograde chiron in aries- harmoniously aligning the will and drive with the Wounded Healer. this is lovely for healing around the masculine- our relationship with men and our own internal masculine. healing around our use of will, drive, anger, aggression, rage, control, ego, sexual energy and passion is possible right now. if we block/stuff these energies OR if we overexpress them in reactive or addictive ways- opportunities to heal and bring things into balance are present right now. mars is in gemini so the path to healing is communication- with others, with a therapist, with yourself. speak the Truth and hear the Truth and the Truth can set you free! this is the 2nd of 3 times this aspect occurs due to mars’ retrograde journey so pay attention to what is incoming now as part of a longer conversation unfolding through the end of march 2023! (if you have not read my Mars Retrograde blog you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mars-retrograde-in-gemini-cultivating-the-capacity-to-respond-rather-than-react/)


tuesday december 20th-
at 7:11am retrograde uranus in taurus sesquiquadrates ceres at 0 libra- creating tension between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. there can be some upheaval and chaos playing out in home/family situations, in regards to our safety and security, and in regards to the environment and Mother Earth. as ceres is in libra this can also play out in relationships, partnerships and marriages. we are being shown where things are getting stuck and stagnant and need to change. if we are too busy keeping the peace at any cost this can bring up and out what needs to be addressed. being aware of where our needs are running us OR where we are escaping honoring our needs for connections, security and intimacy is key.

at 9:32am jupiter moves out of pisces into aries at 9:32am- bringing the planet of expansion and abundance from omega to alpha, ending to beginning, ultimate yin to ultimate yang. this transition from 29 pisces to 0 aries is a major activation of the aries point- the cardinal degrees that when transited often coincide with world events. jupiter in aries is exceptional for being a pioneer, starting new things, initiating and setting things into motion. this can be great for taking action, finding agency, setting boundaries and taking a stand! but the shadow of jupiter is excess and excess aries can be aggressive, combative, violent and dominating- not to mention selfish and immature. jupiter dipped into aries back in may but now we have him here for good. think back to may and what began back then and connect the dots with right now. channel your passion, fire and will for the Highest good of all!

retrograde pallas athena in cancer squares retrograde eris in aries at 10:53pm- creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this is the 2nd pallas/eris square- the first was on 11/9 just after USA election day. so think back to then and connect the dots to today to see what is unfolding. pallas/eris brings disruptive energy into politics and sudden or unexpected emotions to Light. pallas in cancer is very intuitive but can also be emotionally subjective. eris in aries is fierce, angry and ready to take a stand- but can also be aggressive and combative. in emotionally charged situations- particularly politically, around home/family, women and children, safety and security and more- there can be much coming up today to navigate! getting clear on what you stand for and then doing so is supported today.


wednesday december 21st-
at 4:48pm the sun moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn- marking the Solar Gate of Yule and Winter Solstice and a new yearly solar cycle commencing (in the southern hemisphere this is the Solar Gate of Litha and Summer Solstice)! the sun in capricorn is hard working, disciplined, responsible and authoritative. this is the sign of the mountain goat who gets to the top of the mountain no matter how hard the journey is. we have staying power right now and we can focus on what we want to build in our lives. just watch out for the shadow side of the sun in capricorn: being overly austere, rigid, controlling, perfectionist and emotionally repressed.

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at 7:50pm the sun in capricorn squares jupiter in aries at 0’07, creating a powerful square between the solstice sun and Jupiter on the aries point. the aries point consists of the 1st degree of all the cardinal signs- the signs that start the seasons (aries/spring, cancer/summer, libra/fall, capricorn/winter) and correlate with the solstice and equinox points. when the aries point is majorly activated it often coincides with world events. on a personal level we can have very big activation energy coming into our work and career or in areas of life that we need a big push to get things going! watch out for excess and acting without thinking- but make this seeding point energy work for you by choosing wisely what you set into motion right now.


thursday december 22nd-
at 1:22am the sun at 0’21 capricorn sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in taurus, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of rebellion and change. the sun in capricorn wants stability and reliability while uranus wants change and revolution! we are being shown where we are digging in our heels too much and/or valuing safety and security over evolution and growth. pay attention to where/what/who you need to let go of in order to grow.

venus in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus at 4:47am- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Great Awakener! yesterday venus squared chiron and today she trines uranus- bringing opportunities to face wounds of the past and open to positive shift and change. uranus is in the sign of venus and when linking with her there is amazing support for growth and evolution in relationships, radical change in relationship patterns and paradigms, expansion and evolution of our values and opening up to deeper and more expansive self worth and self Love. uranus in taurus is radically revolutionizing our values and helping us to wake up and EMBODY MORE. this is about being here now in this body on this planet- rather than escaping, denying, staying in the head and disconnecting from the earth. this is a lovely earth trine for work and career with opportunities for new things incoming that can be amazing for financial abundance!


friday december 23rd-
at 4:31am chiron stations direct 11’56 aries- making the Wounded Healer the most powerful planet(oid) in the sky. our biggest wounds and pain around rejection, acceptance, self-worth, assertion, anger, self focus and the masculine be up right now. but there is an equal possibility for seeing through new eyes, gaining new insight and awareness regarding the past, and healing wounds that have been with us for a very long time. with chiron in the sign of mars we are being asked to heal our relationship to the masculine. if we are overly aggressive, selfish and conflict oriented OR if we have a hard time standing up for ourselves, we stuff our anger and are codependent- whichever end of the spectrum we are on we are being asked to find better balance. be aware that big wounds can be up today and the week surrounding the chiron station. instead of defaulting to repression, aggression or depression- instead stand in the chironic energy and allow it to open you up, deepen you and take you closer to your essence and the Truth of your Soul.

the new moon at 1’33 capricorn is exact at 5:17am EDT, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on career, structure, traditions and what we want to carry with us forward versus what we want to leave behind. there is SO MUCH CAPRICORN in this new moon chart- sun/moon, venus, mercury and pluto. the only personal planet missing is retrograde mars in gemini. at best capricorn is about mastery, integrity and hard work- at worst capricorn devolves into patriarchal paradigms and resistance to change. the new moon is conjunct hygeia- the Goddess of Health and healing- bringing focus to these themes in the coming lunar cycle. with the new moon square jupiter- we can use this cycle to catapult us into new directions OR we can overdo it and squander our energy. choose wisely! more info on this new moon will come out with the Lunar Insight, Lunar Gate Call and Lunar Horoscopes.

at 7:43pm jupiter at 0’19 aries semisquares retrograde uranus in taurus- creating tension between two of the most independent and freedom loving planets in the sky! jupiter/uranus can be amazing for liberation, embracing changing and doing something unusual! but the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate nervous energy, contribute to reaction rather than response and make things (or us) more accident prone. these two together in tense aspect can be like a match that sets fire to dry fuel- metaphorically, perhaps literally. having good practices to stay grounded, choosing to not react but instead respond, and channel rebellion in skillful conscious ways is key. this is the 3rd and final jupiter/uranus semisquare with the first on 5/11 and the second on 9/28. interestingly the aspect today mirrors the 5/11 aspect as both jupiter and uranus are 9 seconds from their exact position back then. with jupiter also closest to earth and moving to perihelion (closest to sun) in january 2023- we have some very big energies being amplified and perhaps exacerbated right now. be aware and navigate with care <3


saturday december 24th-
from 12:04am to 12:57am mercury, venus and neptune all parallel each other- creating a synergy of mind, heart and the planet of Higher Love. these aspects are overnight and can permeate your dreams- so pay attention to messages incoming from your Unconscious. these aspects can be super creative, compassionate, intuitive and psychic.

at 11:46am retrograde mars in gemini quincunxes the south node in scorpio- creating tension between the Will and Drive and the karmic south node in a sign that is mars ruled. this is the 2nd of 4 quincunxes as this is a signature in the mars retrograde journey. mars is bringing up and out the shadows hidden in the south node- emotional shadows, power/control dynamics and more. be aware of your communication style as being dominating in communication will not facilitate finding common ground! mars in gemini prefers lightness and the surface- whereas the south node in scorpio demands we deal with what is hidden in the Unconscious and shadows. watch out for making light of things that need to be held deeply.

at 8:17pm mercury in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces- linking the planet of communication with the Higher Heart and planet of intuition. mercury/neptune is great for taking dreams/intuition/vision and communicating them/working with them in practical, tangible ways. there is a capacity to bridge the mundane and the sacred right now. communication can be grounded and inspiring. the super aspect between these two unfolds all day today due to the declination aspect this morning and the degree aspect this evening- amplifying the energy these two generate together. it’s a great day for altruism, compassion and heart to heart talks.


sunday december 25th-
happy christmas for those who celebrate!

the only major aspects today involve mercury in capricorn opposing retrograde pallas athena in cancer at 12:30am and neptune in pisces bringing pallas at 9:56am. the mercury/neptune sexitle of yesterday links with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess this morning. pay attention to intuitive downloads, psychic openings and information or realizations incoming. your intuition, psychic radar, empathy and somatic wisdom can be on HIGH. pay attention! creative inspiration and profound mystical awarenesses can be forthcoming- particularly overnight so pay attention to your dreams.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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