Thursday December 3rd 2020

***all times are PST***

monday january 11th-
the first aspects of the day and week involve a link between venus- the Goddess of Love, beauty and abundance- and pluto- the planet of transformation, empowerment, death and rebirth. at 7:57am venus in sagittarius parallels pluto in capricorn and at 3:18pm venus in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn. with an aspect between these two occurring by declination and degree we have a super aspect forming between these two all day long. venus/pluto brings depth, penetrating insight and empowerment to Love and money situations. venus in sadge supports us in pursuing our heart’s desires and growing beyond our preconceived limitations- while pluto brings in depth, insight and a desire for total transformation and deep intimacy with ourselves and with others.
tuesday january 12th-

venus in sagittarius trines uranus in aries at 4:11pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the rebel, revolution and Great Awakener! now that venus is past her trigger of the saturn/neptune square (exact from 1/5-1/8)- venus/uranus helps us to embrace the shift, change and evolution that is possible in our lives right now. venus/saturn asked us to step up in mastery- and if we choose the Higher Path of growth and evolution venus/uranus will help us to take that even further today. stay open to the unexpected and to doing old things in new ways. infused your relationships to others, to money and to yourself with newness today!

wednesday january 13th-
retrograde mercury in capricorn trines the north node in virgo at 9:55am- aligning the inward, reflective mind and intellect with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth. paying attention to what we hear, think, say or read can be insightful today. with both bodies in earth signs- practical or tangible information, ideas or insights that arise today and be implemented when mercury goes direct late run the month. getting clear on what our evolutionary path is calling us to do is the best use of the astrology today!

at 11:20am pluto in capricorn parallels ceres in aquarius, aligning the planet of transformation, death and rebirth with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. pluto and ceres (also known as demeter) have history together in greek mythology. pluto abducted demeter’s daughter persephone into the underworld and demeter responded in deep grief and rage by stopping all the growth of plants and produce on planet earth. the people began to starve to death and die- and so zeus intervened and got persephone back for demeter so she would bring life back to the plants and the humans that needed them to survive. this week ceres features prominently- she makes minor aspects to venus, pluto, mercury, the north node, the sun and saturn. although none of these aspects are major the fact that she shows up so much this week brings focus to environmental concerns on the planet as well as home/family situations and nurturing and nourishment that we are giving or getting. pluto/ceres is exposing the shadow of what is going on on planet earth with the air, water, soil and food supply. they are also exposing the shadow of what is going on in personal, emotional relationships in our lives (including the one we have with ourselves). paying attention to how you caretake yourself and how you caretake the planet with your actions, words and deeds is key this week.

the sun in capricorn trines retrograde jupiter in virgo at 2:49pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion, abundance and inner/outer growth! with both the sun and mercury linking up with the evolutionary north node and expansive jupiter over the next 3 days- PAY ATTENTION to the new visions, ideas, connections or information that arise right now. the capricorn energy is helping us to look ahead and get clear on what we need to do to experience greater material mastery and success in our lives. both capricorn and virgo are signs you want to have working for you or to have as the head person in your company. they both work hard, pay attention to detail and have a high level of integrity. making use of these earthy qualities in your personal and professional life are recommended today!

venus in sagittarius squares chiron in pisces at 4:26pm, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love, beauty and values and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron shines a Light on what needs healing, awareness, compassion and attention. addressing any issues that are up in relationships, finances or our own personal self-worth is key. both sadge and pisces are happy go lucky signs that prefer bliss and positivity. yet there are times when are feeling sad or when we have big wounds coming up- and it’s important that we don’t deny them, stuff them or ignore them. allowing ourselves to feel everything without getting lost in it but also not rising above it too quickly (spiritual bypassing) is key right now! you can only heal what you can truly feel- so be willing to feel it all today!

at 7:06pm retrograde mercury in capricorn semisextiles ceres in aquarius, bringing important insights, information or communication to Light about home/family situations, the environment and what it is we are not looking at, seeing or taking responsibility for. pay attention.

thursday january 14th-
at 6:05am the sun cojoins retrograde mercury in capricorn at 23’49, marking the midway point of the current mercury retrograde cycle we are in that began on 1/5 and ends on 1/25. the midpoint often coincides with insights, realizations, aha moments and information coming in that sheds Light on what this whole retrograde cycle has been about for us personally and also collectively. pay attention to what you hear, think, read or say today. sit with whatever arises and allow it to percolate inside you. with the sun/mercury conjunction aligning with jupiter and the north node- ideas that germinate right now can be super positive and life expanding. pay attention!

retrograde mercury in capricorn trines retrograde jupiter in virgo at 6:15pm, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion, growth and positivity. this is a great aspect for learning, traveling, teaching and opening the mind. be willing to see yourself or situations around you from a Bigger Picture perspective to make the most of the astrology playing out right now.

at 9:58pm ceres in aquarius quincunxes the north node in virgo, bringing tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess’ need for freedom, liberation and space and the north node’s destined path of service, inner work and attending to the details. aquarius is big picture and does not like being tied down- while virgo sees the pieces and how the picture is formed and shows up to do the work even when it’s boring. finding a balance between these seemingly opposite archetypes is key right now. any issues with the environment, home/family situations or our basic needs or the needs to the planet and ecosystem not being fulfilled should be attended to today!

friday january 15th-
the sun in capricorn trines the north node in virgo at 5:45am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth. pay attention to where your Soul and Spirit are calling you to grow right now. pay attention to the physical and mundane aspects of your life and be willing to step up in mastery, maturity and evolution!

at 10:57am the sun in capricorn semisextiles ceres in aquarius, bringing conscious insight into what the ceres themes present this week are asking of us. there’s a focus on the environment and the health of the water, air and food supply. there is also focus on what structures/traditions in our lives are working and which ones are old paradigm and only continuing the toxicity playing out in our personal or collective lives. attending to home/family situations and finding a better balance between discipline and freedom, healthy foundations and uprooting toxic ones that can no longer be built on is key right now.

at 2:25pm saturn in sagittarius parallels ceres in aquarius, bringing a serious and somber energy but also a grounded, realistic one. situations pertaining to the health of the planet (air, water, food, soil) as well as the health of home/family situations in our lives are in focus. saturn forces us to see what is not working and if we listen rather than react or impulsively respond we will hear clearly what it is we need to do to change things. both bodies in very independent signs can bring up a desire to not be told what to do, not limited or forced to take responsibility in any way- yet until we step up and find the freedom that is hidden in limitation, discipline and personal mastery we will never heal ourselves, our relationships or the planet at large.

saturday january 16th-
the only major aspect today is exact at 7:25am when retrograde mercury in capricorn semisextiles venus in sagittarius, aligning the mind and the heart in significant ways. this is a great day for honestly communicating our deepest thoughts and feelings- to others but also to ourselves. with capricorn and sagittarius involved- finding balance between responsibility and freedom, contraction and expansion, limitation and limitlessness is key. we each have a unique relationship to this spectrum- and often we polarize valuing one over the other. today we are challenged to seek a place of balance in our lives so that we are nut running away from discipline and limits but we aren’t overdoing discipline and limits to the point of rigidity and restriction of our true selves.

sunday january 17th-
venus in sagittarius squares retrograde jupiter in virgo at 9:10pm, creating tension and friction between the pursuit of our desires and our need to reign things in and have discernment around what it is we pursue or go after in life. venus in sadge wants freedom and expansion- sometimes at the cost of commitments in life. jupiter rules sadge so the venus/jupiter square expands but also exacerbates venus in sadge’s tendencies. overdoing, overspending and overeating can be negative manifestations of venus square jupiter. the positive side is using the discernment and hard work energy of virgo to stay focused on what we want but also willing to work hard for it. watching out for the grass is greener syndrome is important. being grateful for and appreciating what we have in life today is key right now.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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