weekly astrology forecast- week of 1/3-1/9/2022

by | Jan 2, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PST***

***THIS WEEK IS HUGE- significant planetary cycles (venus), stellar gates (sirius) and 70k cycles with comet leonard are all occurring!!! i posted this week’s horoscopes as FREE CONTENT for all and you can find it here- p.s. this week is so HUGE i posted the weekly horoscopes as free access for all here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-weekly-horoscopes-venus-cycle-sirius-stargate-once-in-70000-years-rare-event/

the 2022 YEARLY FORECAST video is up and can be watched here- https://divineharmony.com/yearly-astrological-forecast/2022-yearly-astrology-forecast-video/

the LUNAR INSIGHT on the NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN 1/2/22 is here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/new-moon-in-capricorn-riding-the-currents-of-the-winds-of-change-1-2-22/

the 2022 YEARLY HOROSCOPES are up and the LUNAR MONTHLY HOROSCOPES will be up by sunday afternoon (1/2/22). these are membership content- you can sign up to be a member here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/

monday january 3rd-
retrograde uranus in taurus sesquiquadrates vesta in sagittarius at 6:05am, creating tension between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. from today through thursday the saturn/uranus square tensely triggers vesta as she crosses over the Galactic Center. cosmic downloads of Divine Proportions are incoming! Higher Wisdom and messages from beyond are incoming! but with saturn and uranus in tense aspect- some of the messages could be shocking or reality inducing. we must see what IS first before we can be fully aware of what needs to change. this is personal and collective- so tune in on many levels <3

the Comet Leonard comes closest to our sun in her 70,000 year cycle today!!!!  today and tomorrow are HUGE.  read more about it here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/january-3rd-4th-comet-leonard-perihelion-earth-perihelion-sirius-stargate-portal/


tuesday january 4th-
the earth moves to perihelion today- the closest point the earth comes to the sun in her yearly cycle. we also have the sun opposite sirius today (at 10:51am)- one of the 4 gateways of sirius that are significant. the other 3 are the sun/sirius conjunction around july 6th and the heliacal rise and set of sirius which varies based on location. for me in ashland oregon set is may 11th and rise is august 19th. to see where it rises and sets for you check out this amazing heliacal rise/set software here- href=”http://www.culturediff.org/english/clientarea.htm”>http://www.culturediff.org/english/clientarea.htm

why is it that the earth and sun are closest on the same day the sun is opposite sirius? this is because sirius is our parent star and the Spiritual Sun behind our sun. we are in a binary relationship with sirius – which many of the mystical, ancient cultures knew. in september i did a webinar called “Sirius – the Spiritual Sun of our sun” and i am going to try to get it up to purchase on demand (many requests for it but have not had time to build it out in my online classroom)- so stay tuned!!!

today is an amazing day to tap into Source. open up, receive messages, deeply listen. pay attention to your dreams, intuitions, psychic downloads and more. blessed Sirius Gateway!

at 9:32am the sun in capricorn sesquiquadrates the north node at 29 taurus and semisquares the south node at 29 scorpio, bringing activation of the nodal axis of destiny and karma. the new moon on sunday january 2nd made these same aspects- so the whole month ahead and really 2022 (since this is the first new moon kicking off the new year) is a time to assess past, present and future.

“if you want to know about your past lives, look at your present life circumstances.
if you want to know about your future lives, look at your present life actions.”
(i forget who this quote is from!)

so tune into what masterful, integrous choices and actions you can make today that help you learn from your past and consciously choose your future! the point of power is in the NOW- this present moment is the only time we can impact past or future. use it wisely!


wednesday january 5th-
at 8:03am retrograde venus in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of spirituality, mysticism, confusion and delusion. this is a sweet aspect so the linking of Higher/lower heart, personal and Divine Love is supported. being compassionate, loving, spiritual and creative are all in focus right now! with venus in earthy, grounded capricorn we are supported in balanced the root chakra with the crown chakra, reality with believing in what is possible. this is the 2nd of 3 venus/neptune sextiles because of venus’ descent- her first aspect was on 11/30 so tune into what has been gestating since then. there is powerful energy present for opening and healing the heart!

also please note from today through january 10th we have an EXCEPTIONAL PORTAL with a profound alignment of sun/venus (exact january 8th) with both sextile neptune (today and january 10th). with an old venus cycle ending and a new one commencing- neptune the Higher Heart and planet of compassion, altruism, mysticism, intuition, psychic ability and empathy is guiding this new venus cycle. set your intentions from the space of your Higher Heart. listen for downloads, dreams, messages. allow your Heart and Inner Self to guide you. as within, so without- focus on the Source to make the changes in the 3D world you want to set into motion <3


thursday january 6th-
at 5:41am saturn in aquarius semisquares vesta in sagittarius, completing the saturn/uranus square’s trigger of the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus as she crosses over the Galactic Center (center of our milky way galaxy). vesta with the GC taps us directly into Source. this is the womb of the Great Mother out of which our galaxy was born. pay attention to messages, downloads and insights incoming. with saturn involves some may be heavy, serious and demand reality checks. the Truth can set you free, but first it might piss you off ;)

mercury in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 2:47pm, creating tension between the linear logical mind and the intuitive, otherworldly planet. this can be great for intuition and imagination but the tense nature of the aspect can make for spiritual bypassing, escapism, delusion, deception and generally not wanting to see or deal with reality. balance mind with heart, thoughts with feelings for best results.

the sun in capricorn semisquares Jupiter in pisces at 6:54pm, creating a minor tense aspect between the conscious self and ego and the planet of expansion and excess. on the positive side this is great for expansion, positivity and taking risks! but the shadow of a tense aspect is overdoing it. with the sun in saturn ruled capricorn and jupiter in his own sign of pisces- the duality between body and spirit, 3d world and all the other transcendent dimensions can be heightened. the key is to not default to one or the other but to honor both and bring them together into Union <3

at 9:41pm retrograde venus cojoins juno at 19’48 capricorn, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Goddess of partnership and marriage. these two cojoined on halloween (october 31st 2021) in sagittarius and due to venus’ Underworld journey she makes this aspect again but this time in capricorn. they will align one more time on march 28th 2022 in aquarius- so we have 3 conjunctions spanning 5 months that take us through sagittarius, capricorn and aquarius- the signs of jupiter, saturn and uranus. there can be some big changes unfolding in relationships, partnerships and marriages. sagittarius and aquarius want freedom and growth! capricorn is more traditional and conventional but venus is retrograde in capricorn and conjunct pluto/square eris 3 times- so a lot of deconstructing and restructuring is going on in things that have gotten stuck, stagnant, toxic and/or old paradigm. contemplate what you are committed to (people, beliefs, systems) and question if it’s time to let something go today!


friday january 7th-
there are no major aspects today


saturday january 8th-
at 4:47pm the sun cojoins retrograde venus at 18’43 capricorn, marking the start of a new venus synodic cycle with her inferior conjunction. this is an amazing new venus cycle as neptune is sextile both the sun and venus (1/5-1/10) as the two cojoin. the Higher Heart is guiding this upcoming venus cycle where we are supported in embodying Spirit, grounding the mystical into reality, and finding the sacred balance of being a spiritual being (neptune) having a human experience (Capricorn) where we honor both expressions of our being in equal measure. this is a beautiful time to do ceremony or ritual and call in what you want to manifest in your relationships (venus), career (capricorn) and finances in the upcoming 1 1/2 year cycle of venus. it’s also an amazing time to set intentions about the bridging of spirit/mysticism (neptune) and career/mundane (capricorn). be intentional about what you want to plant as a metaphorical seed and then do the work to bring that into fruition in the coming year and a half!

both the sun and venus sextile pallas athena in pisces at 11:37am and 9:09pm respectively, so all day long the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess is in focus. in pisces she is intuitive, mystical, psychic and spiritual. with the new venus cycle seeding with an exact aspect to neptune and pallas- we are asked to surrender our logical, linear minds so that the Heart, Intuition and Inner Guidance can be heard and followed. whatever is begun right now in work, career, relationships, finances and more MUST BE GUIDED BY THE HIGHER HEART for it to truly succeed <3 and that of course must be balanced with discernment and clarity- so that neptune helps us see through the heart rather than obscure through rose colored glasses. balance is key <3


sunday january 9th-
at 3:56am vesta at 29 sagittarius quincunxes the north node at 29 taurus, creating tension between the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and the north node of destiny. vesta is just coming away from the Galactic Center and the north node is aligned with the Pleiades. messages are incoming but they may not be what you wanted to hear. wake up/shake up insights and realizations can be just the thing to help you break down the old so you can breakthrough into something new. this is not a time to escape, bypass or go up and out! the north node in taurus says the path to enlightenment is through the body. BE HERE NOW- fully in your body, fully present on this blessed earth. honor your body and the earth as the temples they are- that is how we bring heaven down to earth. don’t look up- LOOK DOWN AND IN!

neptune in pisces sextiles juno in capricorn at 12:27pm, aligning the planet of idealism and romance with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. neptune/juno can be lovely for relationship and commitment. with neptune in idealistic, romantic and Unconditionally loving pisces and juno in grounded, committed, loyal and present capricorn- we are supported in bridging our ideals and dreams with pratical, tangible reality. juno in Capricorn reminds us that we need to commit to something and show up for it in mundane, practical ways. we cannot just dream of Love and Light- we have to embody it, anchor it into the 3d world and live it through our daily interactions and actions in the world.

at 1:30pm mars in sagittarius opposes mean black moon lilith in gemini- creating tension between the will, warrior and drive and the fierce Dark Feminine. an opposition can literally manifest as oppositions with others- so this can incite or reveal conflict, arguments and combative energy particularly around beliefs, Truth and who is right vs who is wrong. watch out for inciting war (metaphorical or otherwise) based on hubris, self righteousness and an overblown ego!!! in any situation that you see shadow- make sure you are as interested if not more in seeing your own part in things for maximum growth and evolution <3

mercury in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries at 6:07pm, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. this is a great day to have healing conversations- sharing our thoughts and feelings honestly and openly. mercury in aquarius is visionary and outside of the box- so there is potential for healing ideas that are expansive and amazing if we implement them.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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