Tuesday October 26th 2021

***all times are PST***

monday december 5th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in visionary, intellectual and social aquarius at the start of the day. the moon cojoins mars and sextiles uranus in the early morning hours- bringing amazing insights, aha moments and dreams that can provide insightful messages so pay attention! the moon moves into pisces at 8:31pm- shifting the emotional energy into deeper, more sensitive and intuitive waters. take time to mediate, be around water, be creative and/or honor your Spirit and Soul in whatever way feels good to you tonight.

tuesday december 6th-
mars in aquarius semisextiles recently direct chiron in pisces at 4:53pm and he sextiles retrograde uranus in aries at 7L30pm- bringing the will, warrior and drive into connection with the Wounded Healer and the rebel and revolutionary. from 2009-2021 we have the uranus/chiron semisextile happening- due to their current journey in their orbits being similar they are journeying together for 13 years- and later this week we have one of two exact aspects between them in 2016. major opporutnities for healing and enlightenment come by way of wake up calls, shake ups, break downs and breakthroughs. mars in visionary outside of the box aquarius (ruled by uranus) is in harmonious aspect to both of them today- bringing HUGE opportunities for evolution, positive change, deep and lasting healing and profound transformation! use these energies wisely!!!

wednesday december 7th-
venus moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 6:51am, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from earth to air, body to mind, focus on discipline to focus on freedom. venus in aquarius values evolutionary partnership and is the harbinger of the new paradigm of relationship. venus in aquarius connects on the level of the mind- so friendship first is important. where venus in capricorn was focused on stability and security- venus in aquarius is focused on evolution, freedom and positive change! in the coming weeks being willing to try new things, be different and get outside of the box- both in relationships, in finances and in our journey of self worth and self love is key.

mars in aquarius sextile retrograde ceres in aries at 7:46am, completing mars’ trigger of the uranus/eris/ceres conjunction. mars/ceres helps us to take action in regards to home/family situations and environmental ones (like standing rock). with mars in visionary outside of the box aquarius we are empowered to take action and create positive change when we do things differently! having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key right now. anger is a motivator to act- use it wisely and consciously rather than reactively and impulsively for best results.

the sun in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 11:51am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of the underworld! the sun is in his last part of his journey with capricorn. last december we had the sun cojoin capricorn and later this month the sun and pluto start their next yearly cycle- so right now we are in the ‘dark moon’ time of the sun/pluto journey. this is a great time to dive deep and be willing to face and own the shadows within so that we can transform our relationship to them, integrate them and evolve. with the sun in fiery, confident sadge and pluto taking down old structures and paradigms in capricorn- we are empowered to evolve and change right now. make use of the energies at hand!

thursday december 8th-
mercury in capricorn trines the north node in virgo at 8:13am, aligning the mind and intellect with the north node of destiny and evolution! this is the first of 3 aspects mercury and the nodes will make due to mercury’s upcoming retrograde journey (commencing 12/19). this defining signature of mercury’s underworld journey speaks to the BIG TIME opportunities for opening our minds, seeing the Bigger Picture and committing to our personal path of self-mastery, integirty, humility and inner work. significant conversations, aha moments, insights or connections with others that occur this month and next can be HUGE for our growth and evolution. this is a time to commit to the path of mastery more than you ever have before- not from a shaming, critical place- but from a place that is you truly stepping up and being ready, willing and able to do the work to move into the next level of mastery. pay attention to what you hear, think or say today- as what arises right now can be intimately entwined with mercury’s retrograde journey in the coming 2 months.

friday december 9th-
mars in aquarius squares mean black moon lilith in scorpio at 4:17am, creating tension and friction between the will warrior and drive and the fierce Dark Feminine. this is deifnitely an aspect to bring awareness to rage and anger that is repressed or suppressed. healthy outlets for both are necessary. the tendency to want to rise above and spiritually bypass anger can make it come out in unconscious and destructive ways right now. steer clear of power/control dynamics with others and instead focus your energy and will on having control over your own lower self!

mars in aquarius sextiles retrograde eris in aries at 6:36am, aligning the will and drive with the Goddess of chaos and discord. mars is in the midst of harmoniously aspecting the uranus/eris/ceres conjunction- bringing positive movement and potential for evolution and change in home/family situations and in regards to evironmental situations (like standing rock). mars/eris helps us to take action regarding what is out of control, chaotic and disharmonious. outside of the box thinking is required right now! think long term vision and reward not short term pay off. this astrology facilitates healthy expressions of anger. anger helps us to get clear on what actions need to be taken and then helps us DO them. use mars’ energy wisely right now.

the sun in sagittarius sextiles jupiter in libra at 1:39pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion and positivity! in the last 2 days the sun has been triggering the jupiter/pluto square (exact in late november and goes until august 2017)- helping us to see what needs to change, evolve, die and/or be reborn in our personal and collective lives. sun/jupiter helps us to see what needs to happen so growth can occur and then helps us take positive, inspired action so that we can realize it. with jupiter in libra the key to expansion is being willing to work with others and find win/win situations. collaboration, compromise and finding common ground is where it’s at right now- personally and on the world stage!

ceres stations direct at 21’08 aries at 4:28pm, bringing the Great Mother asteroid to a standstill in the sky. we are in the midst of a triple conjunction of uranus, eris and ceres- aligning the rebel and revolutionary, the Goddess of Discord and Chaos and the Great Mother that governs home/family situations and environmental situations. this triple conjunction can be seen playing out at standing rock- as the people are taking a stand and creating a revolution in service to Mother Earth and her people. with ceres direct pay attention to what is going on in the world at large but also in your personal life and home/family dynamics. anything repressed or unexpressed can come up today/this week- particularly anger and rage. ceres in aries is best expressed when we are willing to take a stand for what matters- but we want to steer clear of engaging from a violent, aggressive or controlling place.

at 7:19pm mean black moon lilith in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating and clash and tension between two very fierce and intense Dark Goddesses! with both in mars ruled signs (scorpio and aries) the energy of anger, aggression and rage can be HIGH. we need to have healthy outlets for this energy so that it is used creatively rather than destructively. anything repressed/stuffed can come out big time right now. navigate the terrain wisely.

saturday december 10th-
mercury in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces at 12:25am, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of intuition and otherworldly awareness. this is a great aspect for dreams, creativity, compassion, imagination and psychic gifts. with mercury in practical grounded capricorn and neptune in watery, mystical pisces we can link body and Soul in ways that help us anchor in and materialize our dreams, visions and inner knowings.

at 3:51am the sun cojoins saturn at 18’51 sagittairus, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mastery, integrity and karma. sun/saturn can be heavy but it can also be a call to rise up in integrity, maturity and presence in life. positively we can have the capacity to commit, do the work, stay the course and see things all the way through right now. on the shadow side we can find ourselves noticing everything that is wrong and not seeing what is right or good. saturn can sometimes bring depression- yet the key to make this work for you is to be willing to see what is really going on in your life and then take personal responsibility for your part in creating it. when we can see what we did to create things we can then see what we need to do to shift or change. the power is in our hands! a new cycle can be seeded in the sagittarius area of your chart (check weekly horoscopes)- so pay attention to what your are building and willng to work hard for- and get to it!

at 4:30am retrograde uranus in aries semisextiles chiron in pisces 20’42, harmoniously aligning the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener with the Wounded Healer planetoid. these two have been in semisextile aspect since the start of 2009 and will continue to do so until the middle of 2021- so this is a long term transit that really spans a whole generation. uranus brings things to Light and helps us make radical shifts and changes and when he is in contact with the Wounded Healer we have huge potential for seeing our own wounds and doing deep healing work that helps us to dramatically release the past and the hold it has on us. with uranus in the first sign and chiron in the last sign- there is potential to really clear out old karmic patterns from the past that have been haunting us for lifetimes. the key is that we have to do something with this astrology- it’s not a silver spoon in the mouth! if you happen to have planets around 20-21 degrees that are getting activated by uranus and chiron then you are in the line of transformational fire! for everyone though, this astrology provides us with the impetus and potential to bring to Light that which we could not see or face in the past. cathartic healing is possible right now- be sure to embrace it and work with the energies present right now! for some perspective the last uranus/chiron aspect was on 8/9/16 and the next will be on 7/29/17. because both of these bodies are slow moving planets and they are in each other’s orbit and keeping time with each other. this transit lasts 12 years- but the degrees and signs they activate during each exact aspect change. in 2009 uranus was at 20’22 pisces and chiron was at 20’22 aquarius. in 2021 uranus will be at 10’50 taurus and chiron will be at 10’50 aries. so both bodies transit over 50 degrees respectively over this 12 year cycle- helping to awaken and heal parts of our individual and collective experience that is ready for shift.

sunday december 11th-
the sun triggers the uranus/chiron semisextiee that was exact yesterday. the sun in sagittarius trines retrograde uranus in aries at 10:56pm and squares chiron in pisces at 11:58pm, bringing to consciousness the areas of life that are needing to shake up and wake up in order for healing to happen. the sun is also triggering the saturn/uranus trine- the first of which is exact on 12/24 and lasts through 2017. this very powerful transit is one of bridging the past with the future. saturn trine uranus is a transit of organized revolution and masterful change. with the sun linking up with all of these potent planets this week (sun conjunct saturn was yesterday)- big time opporutnities for seeing our stuff, owning it and moving through it so that we can let go of the aspects of the past that are no longer healthy or valid and move into the future are incoming. new cycles seeded right now will take us far into the future- think and act wisely!

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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