Sunday March 7th 2021

***until mid june the weekly forecast will be truncated and will only focus on the major aspects. next week i will resume writing the regular in-depth weekly astrology forecast. enjoy!***

6/11- jupiter moves into gemini, where he will stay for the next year! with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity shifting into the sign of communication, thinking and the mind we are supported in growing/evolving/expanding in our minds, thinking, communication skills and intelligence. this is a great time for positive things happening and opportunities regarding writing, teaching, speaking, learning and traveling. wherever gemini is in your natal chart is the area that the greater benefic is bringing you blessings. for more info check the weekly horoscopes.

mercury triggers the uranus/pluto square today- making for some interesting conversation, communication and insights coming in! first mercury squares uranus bringing radical insights, aha moments and perhaps even surprising insights and radical change. we need to stay open to whatever wants to reveal itself to us- it may not be what we wanted but it is for our evolution. the energy can be electric and ungrounded- so finding ways to stay grounded in the midst of chaos is key. then mercury opposes retrograde pluto- bringing up the shadow and perhaps even some power/control dynamics to be dealt with. the most positive use of this energy is to allow uranus and pluto to help us make changes in our mind and thinking so that we can evolve and transform our lives!

chiron stations retrograde, taking the wounded healer on an inward shamanistic journey. with chiron stationary he is the most powerful planet(oid) in the sky which can make for a very healing day and/or a very wounding one. chiron brings up all our old pain, wounds and fear of rejection so that we can heal and release what binds us to the past. whatever is up for us today is where the healing needs to happen- so pay attention.

6/12- mercury trines retrograde chiron, bringing opportunities for conscious communication and emotional healing. paying attention to intuition, psychic impressions and dreamtime information is recommended.

chiron stations retrograde, shifting the wounded healer’s energies inward. when a planet is retrograde it’s journey is more shamanistic and introspective. chiron is already symbolic of the shaman- so this shift of direction makes our inward journeys even more powerful and profound. with chiron stationing he is the most potent planet(oid) in the sky. themes of healing AND wounding are dominant today. pay attention to what old wounds, pain and feelings of rejection may be arising within you right now- they are the finger pointing to where the healing journey is taking you.

6/13- the sun trines retrograde saturn, bringing grounding, support and long-term focus to the conscious self and ego. with both bodies in air signs we are supported in communicating and connecting with others with integrity and maturity.

6/14-15- there are no major aspects

6/16- retrograde venus squares recently turned retrograde chiron, bringing up old wounds and pain in relationship, self-worth, finances and the feminine (within and without). whatever is up for us today in any of the above aspects of life is a huge focus of the chiron retrograde journey that lasts until november. pay attention to what is up today/this week and instead of avoiding/denying the pain dive deeper into it to get to the Source. it is only by going to the Source/the root that something can truly and completely heal.

6/17- there are no major aspects

enjoy your week!


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