New Moon in Virgo ~ To be a fully embodied human is Divine (9/14/23)

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The New Moon at 21’59 Virgo is exact on Thursday September 14th, 2023 at 9:40pm EDT- commencing a new Lunar Cycle that focuses on health, well being, work, and daily life.  With the ruler of this New Moon being Mercury who is about to station direct the next day (September 15th) and the New Moon at the exact degree almost to the minute of Mercury’s Retrograde Station back on August 23rd (at 21’51 Virgo)- we can see that this Lunar Cycle is VERY tied into Mercury’s Underworld journey.  

The Station Degree is the beginning of the Descent and with the New Moon exactly conjunct this degree there can be something that began back in August 23rd that is now ready to be acted on and/or set into motion.  This is compounded by Mercury stationing Direct the next day!  Themes related to health, well being, work, daily life, work/life balance and more are in focus.  Pay attention to the house this falls in in your chart (Solar Chart and Ascendant Chart)- because this part of your life is getting doubled down on.  

This New Moon is in a tight trine to Uranus the Rebel and Revolutionary- bringing sudden shifts and change, aha moments, insights and revolution into the mix.  With both bodies in Earth signs this new and inspiring energy can unfold in work and health as well as finances and abundance.  New work or career ideas acted on right now can be quite lucrative!  Anything new you set into motion around health and physical reality has support right now.  

The New Moon also quincunxes Chiron the Wounded Healer and is widely opposite Neptune the planet of Idealism and Illusion (with the exact Sun/Chiron and Sun/Neptune transits happening on September 11th and 19th respectively).   This Lunar Cycle can bring breakthroughs and positive changes (thanks to Uranus)- but they may come by way of taking off the rose colored glasses, acknowledging wounds and pain, and doing the work to heal and come into right relationship with body and mind.    Discernment is key with Virgo- if we are not wanting to see things clearly or we are seeing through old wounds and pain that distort what we are perceiving- we can be confronted with that in this Lunar Cycle.  

In the New Moon Chart there are 7 bodies Retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron & Eris), one body Retrograde and coming to Standstill (Mercury) and three bodies in slow motion (Sun, Moon, Venus).  It is interesting to note that of the major planets only Mars is moving fast and in direct motion!  Mars is the Will and Drive and if we can harness this power we can make it work for us- as Mars has the capacity to move mountains!  The shadow of Mars being the only one not reigned or held back is that if we act impulsively from ego we can get ourselves into BIG trouble.  Be aware and navigate with care.  

The New Moon is conjunct the fixed star Denebola- which is a star with the key words ” to go against society”.  It is the star in the tail of the Lion (Leo) and on the Dendera Zodiac ceiling this tail is being held by a woman ;)  Do you have your ego/tail being held in check by your feminine/heart?  Being rebellious needs to come from Spirit and Soul- not from ego and not from aggression.  To go against society takes courage but also awareness and integrity.  Are we rebelling just to be contrary and stand out?  Or is it coming from a pure place of awareness of a trajectory that is leading to a place we can see clearly and we cannot stand for?  

Interestingly in the New Moon chart we have Vesta the Priestess conjunct Astraea the Goddess of Purity at 29 Gemini with both trine Ceres conjunct Demeter at 29 Libra!  We also have Pallas at 29 Virgo opposite Pandora at 29 Pisces.  So much Karmic Completion degree activation with the Goddesses can speak to something coming full circle, coming to completion, and/or coming to crisis (the latter happens when resolution has not happened so all that is unresolved comes up in explosive ways). 

Gemini, Libra and Virgo are signs that like logic, peace and practicality but along comes Pandora at the the Omega Degree of the entire Zodiac opening her box of emotions and feelings (she is in Pisces after all) that the Air/Mercury signs have been avoiding!  If you find a lot of Unconscious material, emotions and feelings are up right now- just know that it is part for the course.  One of the lessons with this New Moon in Virgo is to digest and integrate those emotions- not deny them or escape them (New Moon opposite Neptune) or convert them into aggression (New Moon quincunx Chiron in Aries).  We want to feel them, integrate them and set them free (New Moon trine Uranus).  

With Mars as the only fast moving planet conjunct the asteroid Persephone – we have the myth of Demeter & Persephone (or Ceres and Proserpine) activated.  I will be talking a lot about the modern and more ancient myths of the Great Mother and her daughter in my new course starting next week on September 20th- The Alchemy of the Asteroid Goddesses.  Theirs is a myth of loss, death, return and rebirth- but the patriarchal take on this story is actually a more modern rendering.  This New Moon can bring up themes around mothering, childhood, family and perhaps bring up stuff that needs addressing, healing and releasing.  

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I leave you with the most amazing Star Sparks degree for this New Moon (and Mercury Retrograde Station degree).  It’s quite profound!  I highlighted the lines and phrases that stand out most for me- but it is a rich meditation to work with as we head into this Lunar Gateway.  My take away from this degree is that we are here to anchor Spirit and become embodied and that the whole point of being in this 3D world is to be human and experience it all.  So immerse yourself in the full lived experience of being human.  Have integrity and make sure you are acting from a Higher Place- but also be here now, full blooded and engaged with the world.  Not floating up and out- but coming all the way down and in.  We are the vessels!  



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by Ellias Lonsdale

Virgo 22   A woman writing with the tip of her fingernail

Exhaustive channeling of the process involved in translating spirit into form. Lucid observance of what it takes to be a true vessel. Playing it out only for the sake of revealing to others how this is done. A precise schooling in making what is otherwise obscure and elusive, something that can be said, shown, and processed consciously, even in the outer mind.

By doing it this way, we become conversant with the immediate point of contact between and among worlds. We don’t dance away from that edge to get anywhere else, or do anything removed from this. We are like a fine stylus, engraved in the world to hold that position, and become transparent to what absolute dedication can facilitate in the subtlest spheres.

An agreement ahead of time to bear witness, to stay with the permutations of mind and not to deviate from the proving that we can do this path which Divine Spirit has suggested to us all. We can be the pure Sophia stream of Divine Wisdom demonstrating with supernal clarity that all is of Spirit.  This one here is standing in the Spirit, even as they give themselves over to whatever is asked in all directions.

There is one considerable difficulty in the bargain. We know too much, too soon. We are too sharply aware in a conscious way of things we have no business knowing. And therefore, we must go slowly and gently and double back around, and be sure of integrity and wholeness, of coherence and consistency in the way we are operating.

This is all about having been prepared beforehand to chalk up to experience every single moment of life. The story is being told from the future. This one in the now is instrumental at keeping track, yet hanging loose. For there is always more to come, and it will overturn even this fine point.