new moon in taurus- waking up in the body

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 3’24 taurus is exact wednesday april 22nd 2020 at 7:26pm PDT. this new moon is focused on what it means to be embodied and fully present in this experience we are having on the planet right now. i just recorded my Lunar Gate Call for the new moon and coming lunar cycle and boy do we have a powerful lunation unfolding. gate calls are membership content. if you want to become a member to access gate calls, horoscopes and more click here- (please note to access gate calls you need to subscribe for Galactic Benefactor membership).

this new moon is conjunct uranus- illuminating the 7 year transit of the Rebel and Revolutionary through the sign of the body, money, material reality and Mother Earth herself. i wrote a blog on uranus in taurus and how this is a transit that is about a “Revolution of Embodiment” (article found here- uranus in taurus is about WAKING UP IN THE BODY and ON THE EARTH. this is not a sign that wants to enlighten and ascend into the 5th dimension and leave all the bad people behind. this is the sign that at best brings all that light down into embodiment. this sign finds heaven on earth- through the body, the senses and the natural world all around us.

yet the shadow side of uranus in taurus can express as disconnect from the body and the natural world. the image of lady gaga as a machine with only a head is the shadow of artificial intelligence- the belief that our value lies in our mind/brain and not in our body or emotions. did you know that in astrology earth is body and water is emotion and these are the two feminine elements? when you want to get rid of the body and only preserve the mind and consciousness you are trying to kill the feminine. when you don’t want to feel your emotions and instead want to shut down, cut off, rise up and analyze your emotions but not feel them- you are disconnecting from the feminine.

in it’s highest uranus in taurus is about reclaiming the feminine but first we must see how we have been divorced from Her, disconnected from Her, taught to fear her or see her as lesser than. it is interesting to note that we have been taught to disconnected from our bodies and emotions and/or we have been manipulated via them. all the things that we are sold via manipulated media that speaks to our cravings or fears is all about manipulating the body and emotions. our plugging into the matrix- always wired on iPhones, computers, tv and more have us disconnected from nature and totally missing what is happening around us as the poisoning of our water, food, air and minds and spirits occurs. this is a time to WAKE UP and see what is really going on!

this new moon is square to saturn in aquarius- in the sign of uranus. we are in the midst of some get real moments- personally and collectively. we are in a collective reset right now- with many people stayin home we have less pollution and in places like india and nepal mountain ranges are seen clearly that have not been visible for decades. we are told we cannot cut back on emissions but guess what we can! we are challenged to think globally and act locally. we are also challenged to remember that we are intimately connected to the Matrix of our Mother (Earth). her water is our blood, her air is our breathe, her earth is our body. when we dump poison in her we poison ourselves. we also poison the innocent among us- animals and children who cannot stop us from destroying the planet they live on and in the case of children they inherit from us.

this new moon is sextile the north node in cancer- the sign of the Divine Mother. ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess is sextile the new moon and trine the north node. WE MUST HONOR THE MOTHER. we must also BRING BACK THE MOTHER and the FEMININE into all our ways of understanding- spiritually, scientifically, psychologically and more. the balance of yin and yang, feminine and masculine, within and without is the only way to have health of mind, body, spirit, soul and planet. we are way off balance and heading into a direction in which we will not be able to reverse soon. the alarm is beings sounded!

the ruling planet of this lunation is venus who is her front end shadow and ready to go retrograde on may 12th. the Goddess is heading into the Underworld and with her triple square to neptune we are asked to take off the rose colored glasses and see through illusion/delusion/deception. we cannot just see light and Love we must also see shadow and fear/manipulation. we must see the world as it is not as we wish it to be. only from this point of power in the present moment are we empowered to create what is possible.

it is especially prescient to question the media and not just political figures and big companies but also artists, actors, other media figures. who do they report to? who pays their pay check? what is going on behind the scenes? pull back the curtain to see clearly. pay attention to your gut response to something or someone. if you have an adverse reaction in your gut PAY ATTENTION. even if everyone else around you thinks it’s art or amazing or powerful or positive- pay attention to your inner knowing.

mercury in the chart is heading to trigger pluto square eris and the sun and mercury head to align with uranus in the first days/weeks after the new moon. pay attention to information and revelation. stay open to change. don’t keep your mind closed to what you know or think you know. open your mind to what you don’t know. allow yourself to be wrong so you have the openness of spirit to see other perspectives and Greater Truths.

pandora and the dark moon (waldemath) on the north node. sometimes it takes chaos and shadow to bring our destined path to Light. sometimes we need the greatest breakdowns before we can move through the greatest breakthrough. your EMOTION and INTUITION is your guide. don’t drown yourself in alcohol or numb yourself by technology so much so that you cannot feel or hear them.

pluto is slowing down to station retrograde- and when he does so mercury will be in exact square to him (april 25th). shadow comes to Light, dive deep to see what is beneath the surface. remember to be empowered has nothing to do with power over/power under. it has to do with your capacity to be empowered, be discerning, see clearly and take action based on the Truth that you see.

i love the sabian symbol for the new moon degree (star sparks is below as well). ‘the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’. dane rudhyar says this degree is about the ‘riches that come form linking the celestial and the earthly nature’. you are spiritual being having a human experience! you do the work of enlightenment so you can embody it! we ascend so that we can descend and bring heaven to earth. enlighten your body and embody your Light. remember your divinity and live it <3

i leave you with the star sparks degree below….

blessed new moon to you!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Taurus 4 A man talking in his sleep

He is a dreamer. His wisdom, his truth, the love in his heart are given to dreams. Inside the dreams, he lives another life. The patterns of that other life are very hard to surface with into common ordinary territory. Something wants to come through. But there is so much holding it back.
He is under a restriction. He is held in suspension. An enchantment, a curse, a previous agreement, a karmic matter stands over him. Until he has gone inside and come to himself again, there is nothing he can do on the outside; not really.
While he waits, he can allow himself, if he wills, to receive and absorb all those aspects of life which he previously missed. He can become receptive and open, even while being closed and elsewhere.
There are so many ways he can play it. Will he tap the power of the internal or will he curse his fate? Can he come to a peace and an acceptance? Will he move beyond where he was stuck by cultivating simple virtues and working upon simple things in all the basic necessary ways?
Out ahead of him, in the future, there looms a magic, a miracle, a great recovery and movement beyond all such postponements and dilemmas. In order for him to get to that place, he will be tested to see whether he has come to realize where he went wrong. The deciding voice lies within him.
There is a sweet poignancy, a wistful charm here. Somebody who once was very different from this and half remembers, half forgets. It was a long way down. And yet in this place can come a subtle dream come true. Belief in the hidden soul powers is essential. There are many places to turn when the twilight comes and something stirs from long ago.