new moon in pisces- the heart breaks open (3/2/22)

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the new moon at 12’07 pisces is exact on wednesday march 2nd, 2022 at 9:35am PST, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on mysticism, spirituality, altruism, empathy and compassion. the best of pisces is when we are so open hearted we feel others pain and suffering and we make sacrifices of our time, energy and resources to help, heal and save others. with a war happening in eastern europe all of our heart chakras have the potential to ripped open! yet the shadow of pisces is when we bury our heads in the sand and close our hearts- not wanting to feel what others are feeling because we ourselves are on emotional overload and it is easier to disassociate, deny and check out. some of the greatest work we can do is around our own emotional intimacy- as the more capacity we have to fully feel and honor our own pain, fear, anger, rage, depression, overwhelm- the more compassion and capacity we are going to find in ourselves to be able to do this for others. as within, so without.

this new moon is conjunct jupiter and widely conjunct neptune- kicking of the amazing jupiter/neptune conjunction that is incoming on 4/12 (in the next lunar cycle but building all month in march). this is an amazing opportunity for OPENING THE HEART CHAKRAS on the planet- and i always like to make sure i call that in with grace and ease. historically heartbreaking things happening in the world have the capacity to open the hearts of humanity- but it can also serve shut hearts down. it’s important to say open in these times but also have practices to ground, take a pause when you need it, and find support when you need it.

with the new moon linking with the planet of expansion (jupiter), the Higher Heart (neptune) and the Higher Mind (uranus)- we have the opportunity to open to greater inspiration, innovation, dreams and vision. this amazing for peace talks and finding new paths forward- for countries and individuals. truly the Higher Heart and compassion must lead- and with jupiter linking with neptune we have an abundance of this frequency incoming.

the new moon is semisquare the venus/mars/pluto conjunction (exact the next day after the new moon)- so there is a need to see what is toxic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal and old paradigm that is the very thing keeping our hearts and minds closed. venus and mars are in a powerful and intense corridor- between two conjunctions and running the gauntlet of the pluto/eris square. mars paralleled pluto on february 23rd, mars and venus squared eris february 25th-26th and now we head to them both conjoining pluto on march 3rd. with mars parallel pluto and conjunct pluto a super aspect has been in effect between the ego will and planet of power. the shadow of this alignment can be seen in the invasion of the ukraine. the Light of this alignment can be seen in the small nation of ukraine standing up for their country (some articles have said that ukraine is standing up to russia like david did to goliath).

everything is direct in the new moon chart including all the asteroids! we have all planets direct for 58 more days (until pluto stations retrograde). this can be felt as a train picking up speed- but also making it hard to put the breaks on. i mentioned in my weekly forecast when the last planet stationed direct (mercury) that we need to be discerning about what actions we took and what directions we headed into- as it could be hard to pull back or stop the things we set into motion- personally and collectively.

the north node is conjunct algol- the so called ‘demon star’ but really it’s the eye of a medusa, a powerful and revered Goddess who was a force to be reckoned with. the patriarchal version of her story is a re-write but even in the symbolism of this more modern story we can see her power. her ability to turn man to stone by looking him in the eye is the Dark Goddesses ability to see through and shatter the ego facade to get to the Truth. the snakes in her hair symbolize wisdom and primordial Goddess energy. with algol on the north node this medicine is directing our evolution right now. the key words for this star are ‘female passion and intensity’ and i had a vision of women in sacred space raging and screaming and then crying and grieving – allowing the built up emotion on the planet to come through them like a sieve. much like a volcano emotions built up until they explode. but if we release them in healthy ways they move through us like a river- clearing us out and cleansing us.

the north node is also conjunct kassandra- the prophetess who could see into the future but no one one would listen to her. she actually started out as an oracle of the Goddess but at the time of the patriarchal takeover she became an oracle of the god apollo. he found her beautiful and wanted to sleep with her, she said no- and he got mad. so he cursed her- saying she had the gift of prophecy but no one was going to believe her. adding kassandra to the north node with algol- we see an image of women (and beings who honor the feminine principle within) finding their voice and claiming their power to take a stand. with the new moon in pisces with jupiter and neptune this must be done from the space of the Higher Heart to truly be effective and healing.

the new moon is opposite psyche- the greek word for soul. the asteroid psyche can represent trauma, wounding, vulnerability and psychological health. this new moon can both point to the deep wounding and trauma that has happened (or is happening) but can also point towards the path to healing. with ceres the Great Mother conjunct persephone her daughter- the Underworld journeys of separation and crisis are being played out on the world stage! but also what is this unearthing in each of us? what old wounds and pain are arising that need compassion, acceptance and healing? where in our own psyches are our undigested wounds being portrayed on the world stage?

the star sparks degree is off the charts amazing for this new moon. 13 pisces talks about ‘a woman imprisoned in a high tower’. i immediately think of the imprisoned Divine Feminine- relegated to heart chakra up. she can be loving and divine but Goddess forbid she comes all the way down and in to access and embody her full power. the transpersonal and transcendent needs to come down and in. we need to fully incarnate so that ALL OF OUR DIVINITY is here, embodied, anchored, grounded.

this degree speaks of soul (psyche is opposite the new moon) and how one aspect of soul is trapped in the earth and the other is flying free in the heavens- but they are disconnected. this degree speaks of how ‘we need to bring our spirit freedom to the service of our soul bondage’ so that ‘the one in us who ingrates in the body can become transfused with a spirit of mercy and compassion’. this is about Divine Union of above and below, masculine and feminine, spirit and body, heart and mind. i know this sounds archetypal and mythological but it is also deep real, practical and something that we live, we embody, we become and by doing so we anchor this frequency and capacity in the world.

this new moon offers us a chance to find this Union through the self. where does the above and below find Union? in the heart- the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. “The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.” if the heart is the most powerful source of energy in the body- can you imagine it’s capacity when it is fully awakened and the power of the heart is made manifest in the world?

as we move towards the jupiter/neptune conjunction- tune into this space. visualize a great Light in your heart expanding and encompassing your whole body. activating, awakening, healing and transforming. then visualize this heart field expand past your body to encompass your home, your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state, your country. envision this heart field expanding to include the whole planet. feel this great Love and Light join in the network of Love and Light that is the vast matrix of the planet. feel it soften hearts, open minds, heal and restore. like the Divine Mother herself holding us, reminding us that we are all her children, that we are all connected. reminding us of the One True Power of Love- that we all have access to and just simply need to remember and awaken it.

blessed new moon to you…


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by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 13 A woman imprisoned in a high tower

She has been hung up high and dry for the longest time. There simply was no way down. Her awareness could not fathom her plight. How did she get here? Why was she so abandoned to such a stark fate?

It is a long tall old story. It partakes of myth and fairy tale, legend and parable. But at the heart of it lies the feeling that the deepest soul has been held in earth captivity while the highest soul has flown free. And at the edge between these two, we live in the most paradoxical of states.

For we are free to soar, to link-up with the heavens and with the gods. Our spirit is untrammelled. And this itself is a rare condition, somehow intimately connected with the other side of the story.

Our body and soul are bound to the wheel of life and death in a spindly tight and heavy fashion. We can feel how our roots are pinned down, our place in this world somehow under enchantment and not truly our own.

We are asked here to bring our spirit freedom to the service of our soul bondage. We are asked to sacrifice and remove our fabled vast range, so that the one in us who incarnates in the body can become transfused with a spirit of mercy and compassion. And only if we relent will this be possible.

It seems that a high and lofty spirit has refused to be taken hold of by this world. Which means a very lame and lost soul has been flung to the mercy of the forces that be. And these are merciless.

The only way through is to surrender, is to yield. When you have gone this far, any further polarization is completely self-destructive. The soul can be its own mother and father, its own sister and brother. All of these are needed to get down under and free the one left behind.