Sunday July 25th 2021

the new moon at 23’04 pisces is exact on saturday march 13th, 2021 at 2:21am PST. this is one magical, mystical, dreamy new moon! we have the moon in the last most spiritual and psychic sign of pisces and the new moon is conjunct both venus and neptune- the lower and Higher Hearts. there is an explosion of Higher Love, compassion, altruism and forgiveness available in the coming lunar cycle. it’s amazing for opening your psychic channels, experiencing transcendent states, receiving Big Dreams, opening to greater inspiration, expanding your heart and accessing deep layers of the Unconscious (so if you are in my shadow course this is amazing astrology for it!)

of course everything has a Light and shadow- so we need to be aware of the shadow side of pisces which expresses as delusion, deception, addiction, avoidance of reality, enmeshment, victimization, escapism and using things or people to numb out. especially with the new moon squaring the nodal axis- we have an activation of a deep conversation that began in january 2021 when neptune squared the nodes. we are at a crossroads and are being presented with a pivotal point of choice. will we keep on staying with the same old karmic south node path or will we grow into new directions and dimensions?

with all the pisces planets square the nodal axis- it’s time to take off the rose colored glasses of delusion/illusion/deception/confusion. it is time to come back to beginners mind and be open minded as new Truths reveal themselves. do not hold onto being right or being the one with all the answers. be teachable- and keep your mind/heart open!

the new moon, venus and neptune all sexile pluto- linking the planet of Transformation and depth with the sign of transcendence and bliss. this literally bridges the Underworld (pluto) with the Upperworld (pisces planets and neptune)- linking the lower chakras (1-3) with the heart chakra and up. there are incredible energies for empowerment available right now when we are willing to dive deep and do the work.

this new moon also semisquares the saturn/uranus square- sitting at the midpoint of saturn in aquarius square uranus in taurus. the push/pull between the old and the new, the point of comfort and space of growth and trust is being magnified. our dreams and intuition can give us direction- so pay attention!

we have juno on the karmic south node from february to august- asking us to really deeply look at what we are committed to that might be holding us back from growth and evolution. it could be a person, relationship, career path, belief or attitude- whatever it is see it clearly, with rose colored glasses off. the best motto is to be more committed to the Truth than you are to being right or to holding onto the past.

pluto is conjunct bacchus- the asteroid representing the greek god of ecstasy and wine. bacchus symbolizes “excess, addiction and the attempt to manage feelings, people and situations through substance or avoidance” (martha lang westcott). add in all the pisces energy and the desire o check out, escape, be intoxicated and avoid reality can be super strong. honest self checkins are KEY!

chiron is also conjunct ceres- bringing up old wounds and pain around mother, childhood, the inner child, and the past. this is tender territory and if we do not have practices to turn towards the pain, sit with it and move through it- it can express as fusion with the wounding or escapism. particularly in aries- we can find our anger stuffed and turned inward which can result depression or disease or we can find we react in our anger, being trigger happy, aggressive and abusive. working with the Inner Child is so key (and we do this the Astrology & Your Shadow class starting this week!)

all planets are DIRECT in the new moon chart! for 45 days until pluto stations retrograde we have all planetary energy MOVING FORWARD- so this is a time to take action and put one foot in front of the other as you make things happen in your life.

what is super interesting to note is after this new moon a week later we have spring equinox followed by the sun and venus conjoining (the superior, celestial sun/venus conjunction on 3/25) and then they both head to chiron the Wounded Healer (exact 3/28-29). the sun brings great Light and venus is one of the two Benefics- which means she translates a lot of Light. with both linking with chiron they bring their solar fire and venus light to our wounds and pain. this is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL astrology for any kind of healing, therapy, shadow work and more.

i leave you with the star sparks degree for the new moon- “communing with source is an inward matter. it allows us to drop all appearances so fundamentally that if we allow it, we will truly awaken in the dream and find the real world.” may we all commune with Source in this new moon portal. may it serve our awakening in the dream so that we may find and bring forth the real world!


~divine harmony

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by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 24 A spring festival. The participants are in a state of ecstatic frenzy.

Being plunged into the deepest layers of collective, ancestral and personal remembering and restoring of everything that seemed to be gone. Working on the deep inside. Cast into spaces which are hard to understand at a conscious level.
Offered the wondrous chance to connect with the Earth spirit in a complete way. Being chosen to carry this stream within and to water it and foster it in every way. Even being propelled into cycles and phases of a kind few would expect or dream or seek.
Very strongly being inspired with a sense that structures must give way and universal spirit needs to be the cornerstone of our existence. Almost overwhelmingly pulled, magnetized, called into depths which make the usual round of things obsolete.
In an ultimate sense, being given a trance possession which in most instances is infinite relief and release. But this is an all-pervasive trance. It makes it much easier to penetrate through, without a lot of ego baggage. We can access what we need to and still be quietly attending, inwardly receptive, not going all over the map with it.
Those who do take up such trances may not know apparently what they’re doing. The camouflage can be pretty thick, the protective veils convincing. Yet there are tell tale signs of what is really going on in here.
The deep soul signals in distinctive ways that we are in tune with a tap root, synchronized within a part of earth existence generally forgotten. And that soul sends forth the message, even if faltered or garbled, that the primal oneness is at hand.
Communing with source is an inward matter. It allows us to drop all appearances so fundamentally that if we allow it, we will truly awaken in the dream and find the real world.

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