Sunday September 19th 2021

the new moon at 26’35 leo is exact on tuesday august 18th 2020 at 7:42pm PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on passion, creativity, leadership, romance, self expression and fun! this is an AMAZING NEW MOON (we need one right about now don’t we?). this potent new moon is in a Grand Fire Trine with mars, eris and lilith in aries, the karmic south node in sagittarius on the Galactic Center, and the sun moon and mercury all in leo.

Grand Fire Trines are exceptional for igniting our inner flames and starting new things. they come with an extra dose of creativity, confidence, passion and purpose! this is an exceptional new moon to ‘set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames’. in alchemy fire is the element of transformation- so we can use this fire trine to burn away the dross, release what no longer serves and take our journeys to the next level.

it is interesting to note that in the fire trine we have mars in aries who is about to go retrograde on September 9th- so there is an energy of dealing with the past incoming. another point in this fire trine is the karmic south node which is all about the past and where we stay stuck and need to clear karma to move forward. right use of fire energy is incredibly important- so we want to use this new moon as a means to harness this fire and not allow it to take over, burn everything down and become destructive.

when you add in the north node in gemini the Grand Fire Trine turns into a kite- with the sun, moon and mercury sextile the north node and mars, eris and lilith sextile the north node. there’s a strong sense of destiny and fate playing out at this new moon (be sure to look to see where both the new moon and the north node fall in your chart- listen to the Lunar Horoscopes for more info. you can sign up to be a member here- if we can deal with and complete the past- we have a blazing new future opening up for us!!!

the sun and moon are heading to regulus- the fixed star in the heart of the lion that recently precessed from leo to virgo heralding a huge shift in leadership for the next 2000 years (for more info on this read my article here-

ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree on 27 leo reminds us that we need to have our heart blazingly open- as our heart is the threshold region and keeper of the mysteries. with this new moon energizing the heart of the lion we would all do well to contemplate ‘what is the Truth of my heart?’ what is our heart’s desire and Soul’s passion? what exalted path is calling us and what of the past that holds us back needs to be dealt with once and for all?

the sabian symbol for this degree is brilliant as well “the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky”. the Light is dawning- the sun is rising. feel the sun rising in your own body and being. feel the quality of light activate, energize and clear away that which obscures the full brilliance of your Spirit and the full embodiment of that Light!

we are the threshold of a new cycle- we are the threshold of our hearts. what are we ready, willing and able to offer as a sacrifice – to make sacred- on the altar of Love?

dane rudhyar says this degree is the degree of ILLUMINATION. what are you bringing to Light in your life, in your consciousness, in your Soul and Spiri? what Light needs to be shed on the planet so that all are seeing the Truth with eyes wide open?

this powerful Grand Fire Trine New Moon is a call to the warriors, the activists, the leaders and pioneers. act and lead from the heart and you will no be led astray. act and lead from the heart and you will lead us all into a new day that is arising.



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by ellias lonsdale

Leo 27 A beaded curtain

When we are alive in a physical body in time and space, there is surrounding us a permeable membrane of living Spirit. As we gaze into the world that is revealed through the membrane, across the threshold, we find ourselves at one with creation. We feel surging through us the power of eternal life. And we stay on that edge forever.
To be in touch and in tune with the subtle interior domains while remaining present and embodied in outer Earth is to live a dual existence. For we learn that we cannot serve optimally the physical material world unless we can become like unto it in most circumstances. Yet we even more potently come to realize that we must stay aligned with the Living Spirit to be ourselves at all.
The dance of destiny here is to bear with invisible grace and subtle charm the invisible worlds, the ultimate places, and to treat this lightly, yet stay with them, even as we seem to become absorbed in outward manifestation. And there is one trick to it, one special knack which is hard to master, elusive enigmatic, baffling.
We need our heart to be blazingly open even if this seems too tortuous an ordeal. For our heart is the threshold region, the keeper of the mysteries. We can pretend to be cool and aloof. Yet inside this heart, we need to exchange life and death, each and every polarity, with every other. We must have the breath, the rhythm, the pulse of multi-worlds coming together all through us. This is what makes a huge difference. And to get there is a deep journey, one where surrender is just the beginning and there is no place to rest.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.

While the rainbow marks the end of the crisis, early dawn indicates the real beginning of the new period of activity. In the Biblical symbolism Noah plants his “vineyard” — he begins to teach the “secret doctrine” which he inherited from those Ben Elohim (Sons of God) who had not been sucked down into whirlpools of materiality. After the “peak experience” in which we touch our “divine” potentialities comes the struggle with everyday problems. But at first the state of deep inner exultation remains within us. We are aglow with its promise.

The crisis and the blessings it has brought to us are relatively unusual events; every day has its dawn, which we should meet with a pure heart and a clear mind. Alpha (dawn) and omega (the concluding peak experience) are opposites, yet the same. The Keyword here is ILLUMINATION.

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