regulus into virgo: the meek shall inherit the earth

by | Jul 25, 2012 | Astrology Blog

this auspicious year of 2012 is a time of many powerful and profound astrological events- one of which is the movement of regulus, the royal fixed star associated with royalty (it was often found in the charts of kings), fame, honor and wealth shifting out of firey leo and into earthy virgo.

regulus is one of the four royal fixed stars- the other three include fomalhaut, antares and aldebaran. these four royal fixed stars are known as the Archangel stars and they are the watchers over the four directions. (for more info on what direction, archangel and degree each of these stars relate to check the end of this blog.) fixed stars don’t move very fast (hence the name FIXED). they do not move at the same speed or in the same way that planets do. but due to precession they do move very, very slowly (about 1 degree every 72 years) and can even change signs. when a fixed star changes sign it is rare and significant from an astrological point of view.

the movement of regulus from leo to virgo is symbolic on many levels. leo is the sign of the ego. it is a yang, masculine sign that is focused on being the leader/hero/person in the limelight. with regulus in leo there can be a lot pride and egotism around leadership- a sense of birthright because of blood ties and a sense of feeling special or better than others. with regulus shifting into virgo the focus is less on individuality, specialness and pride and more on humility, service and connection to nature. virgo is a feminine, earth sign and is most closely assoeciate with the super ego or voice of a highly developed conscience. the shift from solar/ego/masculine dominated consciousness to earthy/super ego/feminine consciousness can be seen. many astrologers are talking about this auspicious event heralding the return of the Divine Feminine. our world is out of balance and both the ego and the dark side of the masculine/patriarchal energy has run rampant and done very destructive things to our spirituality, community and connection to our Beloved earth. ultimately we need the Sacred Couple to come into Union- Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in balance- it’s not about one or the other ‘dominating’. regulus moving into virgo is a significator of this shift of bringing the Divine Feminine back into balance- but remember fixed stars move very slowly so we have a while to wake up to this, integrate it and fully live it in our lives/see it expressed in the world around us.

a king or queen’s true role is to be of service to his or her people and regulus in virgo is very much aware of this. with regulus in its new home sign it’s not about show, pride, wealth or fame (which the shadow of leo can get very caught up in)- it’s about serving the people, taking care of the land and making sacrifices for the betterment of All. a virgo king or queen would have humility, be committed to service and would have a sense of being a steward of the earth, not a dominator over it and the people on it.

virgo is one of my favorite signs! the best aspects of virgo are really heartening qualities to me. yet there is a shadow side to virgo, just as there is with leo and every other sign, so being aware of that is important as this energy comes more into prominence. for one, virgo’s keen eye, impeccability and discernment can become neurotic and extreme in the form of harsh criticism and judgment towards the self and others. virgo also has a healing journey to embark on around self-worth. with a constant heightened sense of self-awareness and of where one can be better/do better there is a high level of integrity, but there can also be a tendency to put the self down, be self-deprecating and have difficulty owning one’s gifts, brilliance and beauty. ultimately it is all about a balance- too much owning of said gifts can become narcissism of the highest order! yet not owning one’s gifts can come out of fear of being seen. leo has lessons to teach virgo and virgo has lessons to teach leo- the journey is to find a place to dance in between them (as is everything in life and on the spiritual path).

to see where regulus is placed in your chart look for where 0 virgo is. if you have something at this exact point or in exact aspect to it then regulus is more potent in your chart. the coming years will bring radical change, revolution, destruction and rebirth. with regulus in virgo our success is only as sure as our integrity, service and stewardship of earth is. as an earth sign, virgo can help us master and manifest our greatest gifts of service- to ourselves, to humanity and to the world! all we have to do is fully commit to the journey and show up…

~divine harmony

“yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors.
but today we only kneel to Truth, follow only Beauty, and obey only Love.”
~kahlil gibran


aldebaran- 9 gemini
watcher of the east
archangel michael

regulus- 0 virgo
watcher of the north
archangel raphael

antares- 9 sagittarius
watcher of the west
archangel uriel

fomalhaut- 3 pisces
watcher of the south
archangel gabriel