New Moon in Gemini ~ Finding the Light amidst Loss & Grief

by | Jun 1, 2024 | Lunar Insight

The New Moon at 16’17 Gemini is exact on Thursday June 6th, 2024 at 8:38am EDT- commencing a new Lunar Cycle focused on information, communication, the mind, social connection and how we speak, share and listen. The New Moon is tightly conjunct Venus at 16’48 Gemini- kicking off the 2nd half of the Sun/Venus cycle that was initiated 2 days previous on June 4th when the Sun and Venus aligned. This New Moon has us focused on how we bring into Union our Minds and our Hearts and can illuminate what is blocking that so we can move forward, open up and heal.

Gemini is seen as the male twins today but anciently they were the Divine Lovers- one female and one male- in Union with each other (Ancient Egypt and Hindu saw them in this way). This is Tropical Gemini but technically we are still in Living Sky Taurus- so it’s not the actual constellation activated but the original archetypal imprint of Divine Union is still embedded there in this part of the Tropical sky.

What does it mean to be in Union with Mind and Heart? What does it mean for the ego to surrender to the Higher Self and be in Union with the Self rather than being in opposition to the Self? With Sedna, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Venus all in Gemini- this part of your chart is getting majorly activated (listen to Lunar Horoscopes for more info). So a lot of energy is being generated in Gemini and can be really amazing for helping bring us back to Beginner’s Mind- that place where we are open and receptive to learning new things and even open to being wrong so we can learn more about what is truly right ;)

The Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction all square Saturn in Pisces- which can bring reality checks around what is blocking us from opening our minds and hearts and what we need to do about it. At its best Saturn provides focus for mastery, integrity and maturity. In its shadow we can find ourselves using our mind to avoid our feelings- particularly not wanting to feel grief, loss or sadness. Being willing to face and feel all our emotions- not just THINK about them but FEEL them- is going to be key in this Lunar Cycle.

The Sun, Moon and Venus are also all trine the South Node and sextile the North Node- harmoniously mediating between the Nodes of Destiny and Karma. Insight into the past and where we may be stuck, as well as the future and where it is calling us forward can come in! We may get this insight via our minds or via conversations with others or information we receive in some way. Staying open to receive is key!

The Sun, Moon and Venus are also all sesquiquadrate Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius- with the Sun and Venus parallel each other and also parallel Pluto. When Planets make aspects by degree and declination it is called a Super Aspect. It amps up the energy of the connection for good or for not so good. As this is a tense aspect to Pluto the God of the Underworld- we want to make sure our minds are not preferring to stay on the surface and be light and avoidant. Pluto demands we DIVE DEEP and get to the bottom of things- which is not the natural impetus for Gemini. Willing to see and be present with the shadow is important in the coming Lunar Cycle.

The Sun, Moon and Venus are all conjunct the fixed Star Rigel- from the constellation Orion. Orion is modernly seen as the Hunter who slays the bull and chases the Pleiades but anciently he was a SHE- Al Uzza the Great One, the Mighty One and the Central One. She was a female hunter- much like the Goddess Artemis. Rigel is her left foot- the left being the feminine side. This is a Mega Star that is 120,000 times the luminosity of our Sun! So this Super Luminous star conjunct our two Lights (Sun and Moon) and Benefic Venus is super powerful and auspicious! (If you enjoy teachings like this check out my course that deeply looks at the pre-patriarchal myths. Stargate Mystery School is available on demand here-

Solar Fire keywords for this star are ‘to bring knowledge to others’ and in line with the theme of Gemini- that knowledge can open hearts, open minds and perhaps challenge established ideas of what is right, True or real ;) BEING OPEN MINDED IS KEY!

With Chiron conjunct Hygeia- the two Healing archetypes are aligned and they are both opposite Bacchus. Bacchus is the Roman God and equivalent to Greek Dionysus. He was the God of ecstasy and wine- but he also speaks to excess, addiction and attempts to manage feelings through substitution and avoidance (as per Martha Lang Westcott). With both healers opposite Bacchus this can be a time of confronting our patterns of addiction and emotional avoidance. Gemini the sign tends to use thinking in addictive to way in order to feel and not be in the body- but this can also be about addiction to substances, shopping, tech, or anything else we use as a means to escape.

This can be connected to the Super Aspects of Pluto to the Sun and Venus. This can also be connected to Saturn semisquare Pluto (which the New Moon triggers by aspecting both). Diving deep to get underneath the surface and see what is going on in the Unconscious is the only way to deal with addictive patterns as they are surface ways of dealing with things going on beneath the surface. This demands mastery, accountability, responsibility and showing up to do the work! This can be a great way to focus your energies in the coming Lunar Month.

I leave you with the Sabian Symbol and Star Sparks degrees for the New Moon. The Sabian Symbol speaks to transferring knowledge and mental metamorphosis. The Star Sparks degree speaks to a magic coin with only one side. In light of this being the Gemini cycle of the twins- having only one side could be a symbol of them in Union OR could be a symbol of one side of the yin/yang being lopped off! You can read the full text for both below.

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Have a blessed New Moon!



by Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The transformation of physical vitality into the power to build concepts and intellectual formulations through which knowledge can be transferred.

While in the preceding symbol we see the explosive release of impulses generated by a new realization of what is right and wrong – the “woman” way controlled by feelings – now we have a picture of a process of quiet and steady metamorphosis of biological energy into mind-power, which can be seen symbolically as the “man” way. The symbolism may seem old-fashioned today, but the two contrasting approaches to communication of new experiences remain evident, however one wishes to symbolize them.

This second stage of the sixteenth sequence, as is nearly always the case, presents a contrast with the first stage. What we see pictured is the transformation of emotions into mind, of instincts into thoughts – a process of MENTAL METAMORPHOSIS.


by Ellias Lonsdale

Gemini 17
A magic coin that has only one side.

Being suspended within an atmosphere, a feeling tone of something happening that cannot be really as perceived and yet here it is. All ordinary mental projections stop at this point. Something arises which is uncanny. The path becomes to pursue this uncanny sensation where it leads.

The experience that follows is very hard to track with in words. A certain essence is alive and moving and leading us through. Yet what we stumble upon is shadow, is everything that essence is not about. We continue our one-pointed pursuit of the essence path. At the same time, the undersoul depths erupt with counter messages, with a kind of sabotage and extreme complication, which could be drawn in for any purpose.

There is something about that uncanny atmosphere of something beyond calling us. It keeps motivating us to stay with a level of experience which would seem to be crazy-making and absurd. We hold out before our inner eye the willingness to be shown that which is extraordinary and staggering. Yet we keep sensing all around us everything except what we seek, long for and are diving toward.

This shadow play is confoundingly mysterious and multiple. As naïvely straight on as our impulse carries us into, somehow somewhere it becomes anything but that pristine image. Everything fragments, atomizes. We stumble upon a nightmare. If we can hold ourselves steady on the inside of this barrage of chaotic impressions and sensations, we will then break through to the other side. The fruits of our labors will be a calm, sober, clear and undimmable state of consciousness. We have seen everything and somehow we have held to our innocence and our longing for that which is beyond comprehension.

We do become the miracle embodier. We do allow the mystery to bring us all the way through. And in order to get there, everything in us which is false must go, no matter what.