full moon in sagittarius- see through illusion & the Truth shall set you free (6/14/22)

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 23’25 sagittarius is exact on tuesday june 14th at 7:52am EDT (i am posting for east coast time now- please adjust for your time zone accordingly). this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the unaspected new moon in gemini on may 30th! that new moon was pure in its focus but also disconnected from everything else going on in the sky (as the new moon literally made NO major aspects to any other planets). as such there is super pure gemini energy to access but it must be intentionally harnessed!

with a gemini new moon and sagittarius full moon we have the axis of information and Truth activated all month long. what is Truth? are we really seeing the Truth or are we all just seeing through our own lens of perception, belief, wounds and projection? how can we learn to see the Truth more clearly- both within and without? is it even possible to see the Truth without if we cannot see it within? these are great questions to contemplate right now.

with the full moon in a T square with neptune the Truth is easily manipulated, confused, nebulous or otherwise hard to comprehend. we all need to take our rose colored glasses off so we can see the Truth as it is- not as we want it to be or project it to be. we also need to be willing to be self honest and honest with others- as well as perceptive and discerning- so that we are not allowing the wool to be pulled over our eyes!

this full moon triggers the saturn/neptune semisextile- a minor but important transit between the last of the visible planets (saturn) and one of the transpersonal/invisible planets (neptune). they are both strongly placed in signs they rule- linking the planet of mastery and reality (saturn) with the planet of dreams and ideals (neptune). if we can hold both in balanced ways this is great for taking dreams and bringing them into manifestation, as well as seeing through illusion to get to the Truth. yet this full moon squares neptune- so this full moon is magnifying what is deceptive, dishonest or otherwise not above board. with the sun/neptune square on thursday – pay attention to tuesday through thursday for this kind of nebulous energy to be present. with virgo as the missing point of the mutable Grand Cross- DISCERNMENT is the anti-dote and balancing energy for this lunation!

the full moon is also trine eris showing we have the capacity to take a stand for Truth in fierce and powerful ways. but in order to do so we have to make sure our own passionate stances are not coming from a place of avoiding facing our own wounds and pain (mars is conjunct chiron). a great book to read on this subject is ‘love and rage’ by lama rod owens. he talks about how his own activism was initially fueled by his unprocessed wounds and trauma and until he got in touch with those in deeper ways- so that grief and love not just anger and rage- were informing his activism- he was not as effective in his activism work. amazing book!

other major aspects in the full moon chart to note include the triple conjunction of venus, pallas athena and the mean north node in taurus- exact on wednesday! this is a harbinger of the uranus/north node conjunction exact at the end of july (blog about it linked below). the winds of change are blowing and the change coming in is inevitable NOT optional! can you feel it!?! right now is a time to tune into where the changes are being asked of us so we can get on board with them. shadow taurus holds onto things out of safety and security and will resist change until FORCED. i don’t recommend that ;)

jupiter is also semisquare the entire triple taurus conjunction and on the same day (wednesday) mars cojoins chiron. we want to balance our fire, desire, will and ego (aries) with our patience, embodiment and deeply held values (taurus). too much reactivity or impulsivity could set things into motion that will not serve! but too much complacency and keeping the status quo also will not work ;)

mercury is at 0 gemini- now direct but still in back end shadow. not all the information is in just yet. we need to wait until the end of the week after mercury exits back end shadow on the 18th to see the full picture. as such it’s best to hold off on making definitive decisions or signing on the dotted line until we can get super clear on what needs to be said or done in order to move forward.

the full moon is conjunct ras alhague- a fixed star that is about the desire to heal wounds. add in mars with chiron the Wounded Healer and we can see that big wounds can be up- and if we have the capacity to be with them, face them, work with them- deeper healing is possible. yet we could also use the full moon T square with neptune to avoid our wounds, turn to addictions to numb out or project our pain and trauma onto others. it’s up to each of us to make a Higher choice!

the asteroid minerva is opposite pluto – which is the roman version of greek athena. so we have both minerva and pallas athena strong in the full moon chart. she is the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and her gifts help us see the Bigger Picture and find a Higher Perspective. her shadow expresses as coming from the head divorced from the body or heart- valuing intelligence more than intuition, emotional awareness or somatic wisdom. do not negate your body, intuition or emotions right now- it will be be a disservice to yourself! if your mind says one thing but your intuition, emotions and body say something else- listen to the latter three FIRST!

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this lunation- ‘a statue of isis covered by a transparent veil’. what an evocative degree! for me this speaks to one of the deepest layers of meaning around the fast approaching uranus/north node conjunction. yes there can be big shifts and changes in the financial world, earth changes, our values and more. but the deepest current of this conjunction relates to the Divine Feminine coming down and in- coming fully back and into embodiment through each of us.

this star spark degree speaks to being the vessel for Her to come through. and this full moon speaks to the healing we need to do to make ourselves clearer channels for this to happen. PAY ATTENTION!

as the title says- isis is covered by a veil. we don’t need to rip the veil off – we simply need to see through it.

‘it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.’ ~the little prince

look with the heart and the eyes of perception will be cleansed!



Uranus/North Node blog-

by ellias lonsdale

Sagittarius 24 A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil

We revere an essence of the Divine Mother which we can restore to life as we unite within its sacred precincts. This is facilitated greatly by our enthusiasm for, our vision of, our alignment with that Divine Mother essence within us. Only as we uncover Her in our midst do we realize why we are here and how we can tap the mystery and the magic of this earthly existence in great abundance and generosity.

We are poised here on the edge between the contemplative and the active worlds. First we are drawn within, to become able to honor what the culture has forgotten and what we ourselves have virtually done away with. A journey, a process, a steep arduous passage is usually involved. We have lost and forgotten so much and we have turned ourselves into ones almost numb to the very treasures we bear within. Just to become at home inside with the Mother in all her cells and tributaries is a very big chunk of what we take on here.

If we ever do merge within the Mother’s light and breath, we will perhaps feel called out with even a greater fervor and passion to the quest. For this is the kind of sacred mystery that wants to become common, open, free, spilled out everywhere. Only as we can be spontaneous and natural in letting the Mother through us will we feel the full circle change of what it means to be at the source right on the strut, in the thick of the marketplace.

This is all about becoming flowing and flexible and fluent in the Mysteries in the midst of life. Yet this requires immersion and deep contemplative responsiveness to the lost chord. Then it demands vibrant expressiveness of its soul essence in every dealing on every hand.

She wants to be the sacred ingredient which turns each situation from mundane to inwardly alive. She needs vessels for this, who have an instinct, a feeling, a wise remembrance. If we take her with us, she will take us all the way through.

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