Tuesday June 15th 2021

daily astrology blog 4/2/18

…hello all and happy monday! i am back from my online hiatus. i was in my last weeks/days of my progressed dark moon- ending a 30 year cycle and about to start a new one. all i wanted to do was be in a cave alone to meditate lol. social media was not my friend these last few weeks- so i just did a full unplug and disconnect.

i am back now- having started my progressed new moon middle of last week!

the astrology for this week is POTENT. we have a MARS/SATURN CONJUNCTION today (just happened about a 1/2 hour ago) and in the coming days MERCURY RETROGRADE will trigger both. this is actually the most intense part of the mercury retrograde cycle. if you have not read the blog i wrote on this you can find that under ‘astrology blog’ in the toolbar (under cosmic insight)

the sweetness incoming is VENUS IN TAURUS. thank Goddess for the Goddess of Love and Beauty in her home sign. she makes excellent aspects in the coming weeks- so the area of your chart that taurus is in will get an extra boost. thank the Goddess!!! be sure to read your WEEKLY HOROSCOPES which will be up around noon today (PDT)

read on below for the astro today and click the link to the weekly astrology forecast to see the full weekly forecast.

if you want to LEARN ASTROLOGY my next FOUNDATIONS OF ASTROLOGY online webinar series commences mid may. we are about 1/2 full and i expect the class to be full in the next couple of weeks. if you want to join or get more info click ‘classes’ in the toolbar.

last but not least- the FULL MOON this past weekend was a doozy. if you did not read the LUNAR INSIGHT i wrote on it you can find that posted on my astrology blog.



monday april 2nd-
at 8:44am mars cojoins saturn at 8’57 capricorn, aligning the will and drive with the planet of mastery, limitation and karma. mars/saturn can be great for discipline, reigning in our desires and focusing our will and drive. this is excellent for being patient, working hard and hanging in there as progress is slow moving yet steady. yet the shadow side of a mars/saturn combination is that mars wants action and saturn reigns him in- so we can find ourselves (or others around us) being very irritable, aggressive, passive aggressive and/or depressed. delays, restrictions and limitations can be seen as fortuitous or as really frustrating and annoying. our relationship to saturn will inform how we experience the astrology right now. in the coming days retrograde mercury squares mars and saturn- making for some of the most intense part of the current mercury retrograde cycle! if you have not seen the blog i wrote on this mercury retrograde cycle be sure to check it out under ‘astrology blog’. it’s a big one! be aware that the communications and information incoming over the next few days can be important and game changing.

to see the rest of this week’s astro click on ‘cosmic insight’ in the toolbar and then ‘weekly astrology forecast in the drop down menu.

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