Astrology & Your Shadow- Dive a little Deeper (Starts 3/20/24)

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Astrology Blog

Astrology & Your Shadow will be offered again live starting Wednesday March 20th, 2024

Come join me as we Dive Deep and use the Astrology chart as a map to see, face and integrate the shadow.

This course includes 6 weeks of teachings, 6 Live Q&A’s, detailed notes, cheat sheets, practices and guided meditations to help you illuminate the shadow and bring it all back into wholeness.

Each year 20-30% of the signs up for the new class are Alumni from a previous year who are ready to dive deeper. This course meets you where you are at and leads you deeper into yourself for healing and wholeness.

Learn more about the course starting on the first day of Spring at the links below.

Astrology & Your Shadow class page with testimonials-

Astrology & Your Shadow 2024 Landing Page with details and common questions asked-

Shadow Work- what it is and why we work with the shadow-