A Sign from Heaven ~ Nacreous Rainbow Clouds, Methane, Ozone Depletion & Climate Change

by | Jan 7, 2024 | Astrology Blog

I am posting about this again as I keep seeing posts about rainbow clouds, mother of pearl clouds, aka nacreous clouds all over social media. People think they are pretty or a sign from the heavens but they are actually a sign of ozone destruction and are caused by increased methane being released into the atmosphere.

Keep in mind Mercury was just Retrograde (12/13-1/1) and during his Retrograde he squares Neptune three times- the 3rd and final one is tomorrow 1/8 at 8:24pm EST. Neptune is big this year as he stations Retrograde at the Karmic Completion degree of the entire Zodiac on 7/2 at 29’55 Pisces (in the last 5 minutes of the Omega Point). As such this is a year to harness the power of discernment and learn to see through illusion- because let me tell you with AI increasing more and more illusion will be flying all around. Whether it be AI art, fake news, or spinning atmospheric clouds in the sky as signs from the heavens- we must learn how to see through lies to get to the Truth.

The rainbow clouds are kind of like tin foil- in that trap heat and reflect it back to earth (that is my metaphor- I have not seen a scientist use those words). They are a sign but more like a warning sign to us about what is out of balance on earth and in our ecosystem. The first time I saw them I was like hmm something is off- and this led down the rabbit hole of researching and reading LEGIT research studies and articles (references below).

The earth speaks to us- we just have to learn how to translate the message. I highly recommend listening to your BODY as your body wisdom- if you have learned to honor and refine it and not disassociate from it- will totally give you ANY information you need about Truth. I KID YOU NOT! If you have not learned to cultivate this working with a somatic therapist and doing things like yoga, tai chi, chi gong and more can help.

There are other factors that contribute to these clouds forming- rocket fuel, volcanic eruptions and other things going into the air that are not typical (or healthy). And yes a very large part of why this is happening with increasing frequency is because of human activity and the toxins we create and release into the air, water and food. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL MY FRIENDS- but the businesses who are to blame are using the climate change and spinning it for their own ends. For example- the answer to global warming is NOT to spray chemicals in the sky to block the sun. UM NO- who the hell came up with that and thought that was a good idea? (This is called ‘cloud seeding’ and it’s legit- you can research it and find scientific articles all about it going back decades as the technology first started being used in 1946!)

In addition these clouds are contributing to the ozone depleting- they are both a cause of and an effect of climate change.

SEE IMAGES ATTACHED. One thing to pay attention to is how your body feels when you see these. Also pay attention to how the rainbow is not organized. Nature’s perfect balance will show organization- it is when we throw nature out of balance that we will see things that look like rainbows but are disorganized (like an oil spill on water)

Here are a few quotes… (please note that Polar Stratospheric Clouds/PSC include nacreous but also some other kinds of clouds)

From Nasa- “Scientists recently discovered that polar stratospheric clouds, long known to play an important role in Antarctic ozone destruction, are occurring with increasing frequency in the Arctic. These high altitude clouds form only at very low temperatures help destroy ozone in two ways: They provide a surface which converts benign forms of chlorine into reactive, ozone-destroying forms, and they remove nitrogen compounds that moderate the destructive impact of chlorine. In recent years, the atmosphere above the Arctic has been colder than usual, and polar stratospheric clouds have lasted into the spring. As a result, ozone levels have been decreasing.”

From a study “Relationship between increasing methane and the presence of ice clouds at the mesopause”-

TRENDS of increasing atmospheric methane, carbon dioxide and other species have now been identified1. It is well-known that water vapour is an important product of methane oxidation in the stratosphere2,3 and here we investigate the possibility that a substantial change has occurred in middle-atmospheric water vapour as a result of the increase in methane over the past century and a half. We show from modelling of mesopheric ice-particle formation that noctilucent cloud brightness should be a sensitive indicator of the water content at the high-latitude summertime mesopause (at a height of 85 km). Blake and Rowland4 have recently suggested that the occurrence of polar stratospheric clouds may be increasing because of increasing methane. We look at the record of noctilucent cloud occurrence for which the historical record is more complete. We find that noctilucent clouds are absent from the historical record before 1885, which is consistent with our hypothesis.

“There is, however, a darker side to nacreous clouds. They play a key role in ozone destruction and are occurring more frequently in the Arctic. Nacreous clouds contribute to ozone depletion in two ways. Firstly, they provide a surface that transforms harmless forms of chlorine into reactive forms that can destroy ozone. Secondly, they eliminate nitrogen compounds that mitigate the destructive effects of chlorine according to NASA.”
~Space.com article ‘Spectacular ‘rainbow clouds’ light up northern skies in a rare skywatching treat’

“Rare but made more common by climate change, nacreous or noctilucent clouds form from ice crystals and methane at high altitudes. According to NOAA, it is likely that these weather phenomena did not exist before 1885.’ From an article about the Rarest types of weather on earth- many of which appear to be occurring with greater frequency as shifts in the earth’s climate continue to accelerate.

“American paleoclimatologist Lisa Sloan theorized that PSC (polar stratospheric clouds of which nacreous is one type) could have played a role in the extreme warming of the poles during past periods, when the climate was warmer. They studied the Eocene era – a time on earth with extreme polar warming. Researchers found that high levels of methane during that time led to an increase in the formation of nacreous clouds. They also found that local surface heating due to stratospheric clouds was up by 7 degrees celsius during the coldest winter months.” ~ from Polar Journal

One last one- In the article “The cloud with a dangerous secret” they state “More nacreous clouds appear during colder winters, which lead to a greater subsequent depletion of ozone. The general increase in observations of these clouds is considered by some scientists as linked to man’s contribution to global warming.”



P.S. For those interested one of the BEST WAYS to cultivate discernment is to do Shadow Work. As the Hermetic Maxim states “As within, so without”. So when we start with the Source (within) and do the deep work of seeing ourselves more clearly- both Light and Shadow- we can start seeing without more clearly.

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