2024 Yearly Astrology Forecast

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Yearly Astrological Forecast

I did not get a 2024 Yearly Forecast Video up this year <3

You can tune into my 2024 Yearly Horoscopes here- https://divineharmony.com/yearly-horoscopes/

Dates for all major events for 2024 are listed below.  I go over them deeply each month in the Monthly Forecasts, in the 8 Solar Gate Calls & 13 Lunar Gate Calls and in the Weekly Forecasts each week.

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1/1 Mercury DIRECT and Venus square Saturn- Start of New Year in very limited, restricted kind of energy

1/11- Eris stations Direct 24’09 Aries

1/20- Pluto moves back into Aquarius (7:56pm EST)

1/27- Uranus stations Direct 19’05 Taurus


2/3- Uranus in Taurus quincunx the South Node in Libra

2/19- Chiron conjunct True North Node in Aries


3/5- Chiron conjunct the North Node at 17’27 Aries

3/25- Lunar Eclipse 5’07 Libra 3:00:17am EDT

3/26- Jupiter in Taurus quincunx the South Node in Libra


4/8- TOTAL Solar Eclipse at 19’24 Aries 2:20:49pm EDT

4/16- Saturn in Pisces quincunx the South Node in Libra

4/20- Jupiter conjunct Uranus 21’49 Taurus


5/2- Pluto stations Retrograde at 2’06 Aquarius

5/23- Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces

5/25- Jupiter moves into Gemini – Sign of Detriment


6/2- Jupiter in Gemini trine Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius

6/29- Saturn stations Retrograde at 19’25 Pisces


7/2- Neptune stations Retrograde at 29’55 Pisces

7/12- Jupiter in Gemini sextiles the North Node in Aries and trines the South Node in Libra

7/21- Eris stations Retrograde at 25’29 Aries

7/26- Chiron stations Retrograde at 23’32 Aries


8/19- Jupiter in Gemini square Retrograde Saturn in Pisces


9/1- Uranus stations Retrograde at 27’15 Taurus

Retrograde Pluto backtracks into Capricorn

9/17- Partial Lunar Eclipse at 25’40 Pisces at 10:34:25pm EDT


10/2- Annular Solar Eclipse at 10’03 Libra at 2:49:14pm EDT

10/9- Jupiter stations Retrograde 21’20 Gemini

10/11- Pluto stations Direct at 29’38 Capricorn

10/12- Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini sextile Retrograde Chiron in Aries


11/2- Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini sextile Retrograde Chiron in Aries

11/15- Saturn stations Direct at 12’41 Pisces

11/19- Pluto moves into Aquarius FOR GOOD- 3:39:39pm EST


12/6- Mars stations Retrograde 6’10 Leo

12/7- Neptune stations direct at 27’07 Pisces

12/24- Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces

12/29- Chiron stations Direct at 19’00 Aries




1/1/24- Mercury DIRECT at 22’10 Sagittarius- NEW YEARS DAY

4/1/24- Mercury RETRO at 27’13 Aries
4/25/24- Mercury DIRECT at 15’58 Aries = DIRECT WITH CHIRON/NN
SIGNATURES- Eris, Chiron, NN

8/5/24- Mercury RETRO at 4’06 Virgo
8/28/24- Mercury DIRECT at 21’24 Leo

11/25/24- Mercury RETRO at 22’40 Sagittarius
12/15/24- Mercury DIRECT at 6’23 Sagittarius




12/6/24- Mars RETRO at 6’10 Leo
2/23/25- Mars DIRECT at 17’00 Cancer



SABBATS- The 8 Holy Gateways of the Sun 


Solar Imbolc 2/4/24 at 3:27am EST

Spring Equinox/Ostara 3/19/24 at 11:06pm EDT

Solar Beltane 5/4/24 at 8:10pm EDT

Summer Solstice/Litha 6/20/24 at 4:51pm EDT

Solar Lughnasadh 8/6/24 at 8:09pm EDT

Fall Equinox/Mabon 9/22/24 at 8:44am EDT

Solar Samhain 11/6/24 at 5:20pm EST

Winter Solstice/Yule 12/21/24 at 4:21am EST