The Astrology Highlights of 2012

by | Jan 2, 2012 | Yearly Astrological Forecast


2012 is the year that many astrologers are saying the fixed star regulus moves out of leo (where it has been for 2000+ years) and into virgo.  it is very hard to pinpoint the exact date this shift occurs- but the precision doesn’t matter as it is something that can be felt energetically well before it is exact.  the shift of the royal fixed star, some say the most important fixed star, from firey leo to earthy virgo is seen as a shift from ego centric living to service-centered living and from masculine dominance to feminine power.  virgo is the sign of the Goddess- and having the royal fixed start that points to who has rulership move into her sign bodes well for the return of the Divine Feminine we are all waiting for.  the entire year is bathed in this energy- so we can expect profound shifts to happen that relate to earth, the Goddess/Divine Feminine presence and even shifts in royalty/rulership around the planet.

1/23- mars stations retrograde at 23’05 virgo and will stay retrograde until 4/13 when he goes direct at 3’40 virgo.  due to this retrograde mars will be in virgo for 8 months rather than his typical 6 week visits to each sign.  mars’ backwards movement will shift our masculine, assertive, dynamic energy inward.  we are supported in focusing on what needs to be restructured, organized, analyzed, discerned and adjusted within first- before we make these changes without.  wherever virgo is in your natal chart is going to be a huge focus for the first half of 2012.  this is an area of life that you will be asked to go over with a fine tooth comb and get into complete integrity before you can move forward and onward in your evolution and path.

2/3- neptune moves into pisces, where he will stay for the next 14 years!  pisces is the home sign of neptune- so this shift is something like a homecoming for him.  the last time neptune transited pisces was from 1847-1861.  all neptune/pisces themes are highlighted over the coming 14 years:  spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, compassion, unconditional Love, Oneness with all, and selfless service.  the shadow of neptune/pisces can also come up:  illusion, confusion, deception (of the self, by/towards others), addiction, martyr-behavior, savior/victim dynamics, denial and avoidance of reality.  wherever pisces is in your natal chart- your life is going to dramatically change!

2/29- is leap year!  every 4 years february has an extra day- and 2012 is one of those special years.  this date does not correlate with anything astrologically significant, but it is rare and babies born on this day will have a very special and unique birthdate!

5/19- venus stations retrograde at 23’59 gemini and will go direct again on 6/27 at 7’28 gemini.  venus stations retrograde 5 times during every 8 year period.  her stations actually draw out a picture of a 5 pointed star in the sky!  this venus retrograde is very auspicious as it will coincide with venus’ occultation of the sun on 6/5- a very rare occurrence that only happens once every 105-122 years.  these venus transits of the sun usually occur in pairs- although occasionaly they happen on their own.  the 2012 alignment is paired with the venus’ transit of the sun back in 2004.  they both occurred in gemini- and in fact the venus’ transits only occur in the signs gemini or sagittarius.    with the venus/the heart eclipsing the sun/ego- this transit is a profound symbol of the heart eclipsing the ego/mind and Love conquering all!  one of the best places to view this occultation is in hawaii- so if you want to see this rare transit book your tickets now ;)

6/4- the lunar eclipse in sagittarius occurs the day before the venus occultation of the sun.  in addition neptune stations retrograde in his home sign of pisces- impacting the water, emotions and the collective Unconscious in profound ways.  the days and weeks surrounding 6/4-5 are likely to be very significant- personally and collectively.  stay tuned…

6/11- jupiter moves out of taurus and into gemini!  the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity shifts gears- from the earthy/embodied to the mental/social.  the gifts of connection, communication, learning and travel are opened up to us all!  wherever gemini is in your chart- you are gifted with opportunities to grow and expand :)

6/24- the first uranus/pluto square is exact today.  the great awakener and rebel in the sign of the warrior faces off with the lord of the underworld in the sign of structure, tradition and patriarchy.  we are already seeing this energy working its way into our world- but we haven’t seen nothing yet!  june looks to be a pivotal month.  a lot of shifts and changes are set to occur.  things that don’t transform or change end up dying.  now is the time to get on board with the changes happening personally/globally.  be an agent of positive change in the world, not a victim of it.

8/29- the nodes move out of sagittarius and gemini and into scorpio and taurus.  the shift is from the mental side of life to the embodied side of life.  scorpio highlights our need for transformation, intimacy and personal empowerment.  with the south node in taurus- the tendency to hold onto the past, be stubborn and be overly materialistic will get in our way of growth and evolution right now.  wherever scorpio is in your natal chart you are being impulsed to grow and wherever taurus is in your natal chart you are being asked to release the past.

9/17-9/18- on the 17th saturn in libra quincunxes the south node in taurus which is conjunct algol -the dark feminine fixed star that highlights shadow, power/control dynamics and intensity.  pluto, the lord of the underworld, also stations direct- making pluto the most powerful planet in the sky.  the next day, on the 18th, uranus squares pluto for the 2nd time- but this time pluto is stationary direct.  this uranus/pluto square is likely to be more intense due to pluto’s station.  the days and weeks surrounding these two days are very potent- personally and collectively.  watch out for shadow dynamics, intensity and destructive energy. be an agent of change, not a victim of it!

10/5- saturn moves out of libra and into scorpio.  the lord of karma and father of time teaches us valuable lessons about mastery, integrity, commitment and hard work.  in libra we have been given lessons on relationship, the balance of give and take, self and other.  we have also been asked to establish healthy boundaries.  with saturn’s move into scorpio the lessons involve intimacy, shared power (financial and otherwise), and our ability to see our own shadow and ultimately transform.  wherever you have scorpio in your chart- you are being asked to learn some hard lessons, deal with karma and step into your own Self-mastery.

11/6- mercury stations retrograde on the same day the the presidential election occurs.  with the planet that rules communication and technology going backwards on this day- we can expect to have an interesting election day.  for more info on the history of mercury retrograde and presidential elections- google eric francis’ astro-political article that is well researched and well written.

12/21/2012- this is the date that many, including the mayans, say that the galactic equator aligns with the ecliptic at 0 capricorn- the degree that the winter solstice sun enters on 12/21 at 3:12am PST.  this is something that only happens once every 26,00 years.  they say that the mayan calendar ends on this date- which has given rise to all manner of apocalyptic thinking and predictions of the end of the world as we know it.  the meaning of the word apocalypse is ‘the lifting of the veil’.  the end of this year can be a time where the Truth is known to all.  what Truth?  some speculate the Truth of life from other planets, the Truth of what our governments are not telling us, the Truth of our own Divinity.  who knows?  maybe it’s all of the above.  i personally am not making any predictions about 12/21.  all i know/feel in my heart is that it is NOT the end of the world.  maybe the end of the world as we know it- meaning the entire structure upon which we have built our lives (personally and collectively) needs to radically change.  but i do not believe the world is going to explode or that we are all going to die in some horrific cataclysm.  i could be wrong- who knows?  but honestly i feel that a lot of the ascension talk is polarizing and splitting.  it’s keeping us stuck in good versus evil, dark versus Light, us versus them.  i think the most powerful thing that can happen on this date is that we all see the Truth of ourselves and the Truth of the world around us.  this is my wish for humanity- and for myself!  of course i think this is Truth that will unfold over time- but one that will radically transform life as we know it.  let’s check in on 12/22/2012 to see what happens and just stay open to what the Universe has in store, shall we?  =)

these are just the highlights of 2012.  not all of the mercury retrograde stations were included above and neither were all of the eclipses- i just included the ones that were connected to other really important celestial aspects.  for a more in-depth analysis of the astrology of 2012 please read the monthly forecasts and daily astrology blogs as they are posted.

happy 2012!!!

~divine harmony

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