Tuesday June 15th 2021

the new moon/partial solar eclipse at 20’41 cancer is exact on thursday july 12th 2018 at 7:48pm PDT- initiating us into a very powerful triple eclipse portal that will carry us through to august! solar eclipses are new moons that are highly amplified. this particularly new moon eclipse is conjunct the north node- who is in leo and heading to cancer in november. this is the first eclipse in the cancer/capricorn series that will unfold through july 2020. so this eclipse can bring some big energy for growth, expansion and new beginnings into the area of our charts where it falls (listen to the lunar horoscopes for more info).

a new moon in cancer focuses on home, family, safety, security, our mothers, our children and our connection to the past. this new moon asks us to strip away the old patriarchal paradigms of power, control, fear of having enough- and open up to our deeper hearts, compassion, nurturance and care for others as well as ourselves. pluto opposes this new moon- and pluto is quincunx the next lunation as well as the last one- so much shadow can be coming to Light right now. pluto is part of the capricorn confluence- saturn in his own sign of capricorn, pluto in capricorn, pluto aligning with his own south node in late october, mars retrograde in aquarius and capricorn (both saturn ruled signs) and the karmic south node moving into capricorn in november. the capricorn part of our charts and the capricorn part of the sky are getting worked over!!!

archetypally capricorn is the patriarch while cancer is the matriarch. father/mother issues and parent/child issues can be up at the time of this lunation. stuff from your past- childhood or even past lives- can be coming up and out to be dealt with and addressed. pluto is the roto rooter of the zodiac- he comes into clear the stuck stagnant crap. this is a GREAT lunation and lunar cycle for working with emotions consciously. we cannot move past our anger/grief/rage/sadness if we don’t fully face it, feel it and move through it. we cannot transcend what we have not fully moved through- both in terms of emotions, in terms of our childhood and even past lifetime karmic patterns we have set into motion. this is a lunation and eclipse portal to be willing to get to the root of things- to the bottom of the barrel so to speak.

luckily this new moon eclipse is trine neptune- the Higher Heart and planet of spirituality and surrender. where pluto likes to force- neptune likes to surrender. where pluto sees the shadow, neptune sees the Light. can we find a balance between the two? can we see reality and still stay aligned with our vision of possibility? or do we default to one or the other? with the new moon in cancer and neptune in pisces- we can really tap into our intuition, psychic knowing and capacity for Unconditional Love right now!

i just recorded a 1 hour lunar gate call for this partial solar eclipse. i also recorded and posted lunar horoscopes for the coming lunar cycle. if you are interested in receiving these you can do so by signing up for a Galactic Benefactor membership here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/

i leave you with ellias lansdale’s star sparks meditation for the degree of this new moon. a beautiful meditation reminding us of what is possible when we work on ourselves to the point of being the chalice without leaks (meaning we have worked on our leaks). this new moon and coming eclipse portal (and mars retrograde to boot!) are a great time to go deeper in this inner work!


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Cancer 21 High upon a mountain an eagle’s nest

Being shown by spirit forces everything we need to see. Being guided from beyond to awaken into the total design. And being powerfully moved by what we are shown to take up a position, a stance which is high, clear, lofty, noble. A super expanded frequency throughout.
Called to great things. Quickened to a cosmic sensibility. Shown whatever will make the path ahead crystal clear. All of it has to be right. This path is too vital, too crucial collectively to be worked at any level less than an entirely consecrated and dedicated way of being.
So firmly in the grip of spirit that nothing else is granted special importance. Only the total view counts. Each detail is sensed as one truly speaks of what needs to be taken care of. But it is the whole panoramic surround which occupies all attention, gains respect, feels real.
When such a sphere is tapped for greater purposes, it is so perfectly equipped that there is no denying the capacity and it’s outworking. Preparations have been ample. All is in place. Nothing is left to chance.
The very best of this influence is that spirit beings, gods, those who are more than human can come through here and find those who can be the cup, the container, the chalice without leaks. And so spirit can be restored, truth can be upheld, proportion can be sensed in it’s classical and timeless resonance.
There is simply no other side to this degree. It is purely a vessel for the intentions and the impulses of the worlds of spirit. And when we are surrendered into this, it feels not only appropriate and rightful, but perfect.
Gazing into the world from a seeing place, we touch the aspect which transcends ordinary awareness. And we remember who we are and why we are here. This gift can be offered far and wide. It is bright, serene, heavenly and wondrously pristine.

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