Sunday September 19th 2021
eclipse season is upon us!  twice a year we have a series of eclipses- either a pair or sometimes 3 in a row- that occur when the passage of the moon aligns with the nodes of destiny and karma.  eclipses always happen at the time of a new moon or full moon- but because the sun or moon is being eclipsed the power of the lunation is dramatically enhanced.  they say that the energy of an eclipse has a lifespan of 6 months, so it can be in effect until the next eclipse portal occurs 6 months later.

on thursday november 24th we have the eclipse portal opening with a solar eclipse in sagittarius occurring at 10:10pm PST.  this day is also widely celebrated in the united states as thanksgiving.  with the holiday season opening up with an eclipse it should be an interesting end of the year, no? ;)

similar to new moons, solar eclipses are initiatory energies.  they help us make dramatic new starts and forge new paths in our lives.  you can look in your natal chart to see where sagittarius falls to see where dramatic new events/paths/journeys are set to begin (you can also check the weekly horoscopes posted by the eve of sunday the 20th for more in-depth info by sign).  of course with new beginnings there are often endings the precede them- so solar eclipses can also create endings that need to occur before the new can be birthed.  eclipses are like wormholes- they are intense periods of time that provide us with portals that can quickly take us from point A to point B in our lives.  because humans are creatures of habit and familiarity- eclipses can bring necessary shake ups into our lives that force our hand and make us change, especially when we have been resisting making that change for some time.  the end result of an eclipse portal is powerful, positive change- but sometimes it can take months before we see the final results and actually appreciate the experiences that got us there ;)

this solar eclipse is quite potent because it is powerfully aspected by many other planets.  the sun/moon conjunction at 2’37 sagittarius is square to mars in virgo, quincunx retrograde jupiter in taurus (the planet that rules this lunation), trine retrograde uranus in aries, square neptune at the tail end of aquarius, and square chiron in pisces.  this is a lot of action being channeled into the solar eclipse/new moon energies which are already heightened and very potent!

with the eclipse square to mars we have the potential for our new beginnings and necessary endings to arouse conflict, anger and aggression within ourselves and from others.  we know the actions we need to take to create change in our lives but it can seem as though we come up against adversaries within and without with each step we take.  there is a need to tune into the Bigger Picture and find ways to take action without being overly aggressive, impulsive and/or violent- but in balance with not fearing conflict and backing down.

mars rules the sign that uranus is in right now and uranus is trine this lunation- so there is an opening for radically new energy to enter into the picture.  there is a need to awaken and make revolutionary changes in the structures/relationships/patterns in our lives that have grown stale, old and toxic.  uranus will help us do this as he shows us the path towards evolution.  we need to tap into Enlightened action, righteous anger and Higher Will- rather than the lower expressions of these that come from ego.  mars’ tense aspect to this lunation can trigger the ego- but if we stay aligned with Source we can tap into the Divine Masculine and assert our will, define our boundaries, say no and express anger with consciousness.  yes it is possible!

jupiter is the ruler of this lunation because jupiter rules sagittarius- where this solar eclipse is occurring.  with jupiter quincunx the sun/moon conjunction we have a lot of excessive, dynamic and unrestrained energy coming up during this eclipse portal.  positively jupiter can help us grow, take risks and move beyond our preconceived ideas of what is possible.  negatively jupiter can incite in us a tendency to self-inflation, extravagance, overindulgence and lack of healthy boundaries and limitations.  there is a need to ground right now and make sure the new beginnings and endings we create have integrity and are in alignment with our Higher Selves.

the sun/moon conjunction is also square to neptune and chiron, who are traveling closely together right now at the end of aquarius/beginning of pisces respectively.  both of these bodies stationed direct a couple weeks ago- bringing the energy of mysticism and illusion (neptune), wounding and healing (chiron) into prominence.  with both neptune and chiron square to this lunation there is potential for confusion, illusions and deception to play out in our new beginnings as well as our completions and closures.  there is something we are not seeing clearly as neptune’s fog is shrouding reality from us in some way.  with chiron square to this lunation old wounds from childhood and past lives can crop up- feelings of unworthiness and fear of rejection can arise.  with neptune involved and chiron in neptune’s sign any issues with healthy boundaries, healthy self-concept, grounding and seeing reality as it is not just as it can be can most certainly will crop up.

both neptune and chiron are opposite mars in the eclipse chart- pointing to the delusion, confusion and wounding that can crop up in the masculine (within and without) and in our ability to take action, express our will, assert ourselves, and initiate things.  our desire to make positive change in our lives is supported by the lunation in firey, dynamic sagittarius and trine to revolutionary uranus in mars’ sign.  yet the mars/neptune/chiron opposition can create confusion around what to do and when to do it- and perhaps even outright avoidance and denial of doing what the Universe and our Higher Selves are asking of us.  evolution is never easy- so if we are waiting for it to be easy we will be waiting until we are blue in the face.  right now we need to find a balance of action with inaction, assertiveness with passivity- and whichever is out of whack is the focus that we need to make to get back on track.

another notable point in the solar eclipse chart is the north node in sagittarius coming close to its exact conjunct with the great attractor.  i have mentioned this before in previous writings so check out those for more detailed info on this galactic placement.  in short, this is a powerful point in the heavens that is akin to the galactic center but it is the galatic center of many galaxies- not just our own.  it’s a powerful evolutionary point of profound growth and power that can have dramatic results when natally placed or activated by transit.  with the north node representing our destiny and path of evolution conjunct the great attractor there is tremendous potential for evolutionary leaps of consciousness that are HUGE!  wherever sagittarius is your natal chart you are being pushed to evolve BIG TIME.  the south node is exactly opposite the north node and right now it is in gemini.  the ruler of gemini, mercury, will station retrograde the day before this eclipse- making the karmic pull towards the past, old relationships/situations and paradigms very strong.  yet mercury is in the sign of the north node- so during the upcoming retrograde cycle we will be rethinking, reviewing and revising our goals, our path of growth, our evolutionary journey and the means we take to getting there.  since mercury is stationary at the time of this eclipse he is the most powerful planet in the sky (the slowest moving planet is always the most potent) so pay close attention to your thoughts/communications/ideas/movement right now and be sure they are in alignment with the Bigger picture and the end result your Higher Self desires.

the eclipse portal is opening and our potential for growth, expansion of awareness and consciousness is profound!  stay tuned for the lunar insight on the next eclipse- the lunar eclipse in gemini on december 10th- to see how our path and journey is unfolding.

enjoy the ride ;)

~divine harmony

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