solar eclipse 12/25/19- blessed and conscious endings lead to new beginnings

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Lunar Insight

at 9:13pm PST on wednesday december 25th 2019 we have the new moon/solar eclipse at 4’06 capricorn- the last of the capricorn eclipses conjunct the capricorn south node. we have had 3 of these year and we will have one more capricorn south node eclipse on 7/4/20 (the USA birthday!) but the south node will be in sagittarius by then- so this is the last south node eclipse that doubles down on the focus wherever capricorn falls in your chart (check weekly horoscopes for more information). this one just happens to fall on christmas, in the middle of hanukkah and kwanza, and is the day the sun’s light becomes perceivably longer during the day- a powerful spiritual day that is symbolic of the return/rebirth of the Light.

what is different about this eclipse is that jupiter is involved. the Greater Benefic and Great Light just moved into capricorn on 12/2 and he aligns with the solstice sun, the christmas eclipse and the karmic south node (exact 1/6/20). with jupiter on the south node and magnified by this eclipse we have incredibly auspicious endings, blessed deaths and opportunities for benevolent completions unfolding right now. in the midst of all this we just got news that ram dass- a great spiritual teacher and Light- passed during this auspicious time for endings. what a way to surf the cosmic waves back out to Source!!!

in addition this eclipse is being termed ‘the ring of fire’ or the ‘ring of Light’ as it will last exceptionally long (3 hours 40 minutes) and if you watch it without eclipse glasses they say you could go blind (so be sure to have eclipse glasses!)

this eclipse is trine uranus and square chiron- triggering the jupiter/uranus trine and jupiter/chiron square that happened in the weeks building to this eclipse (12/15 and 12/8 respectively). the Wounded Healer is showing us what is blocking us from completion and endings. uranus the revolutionary is showing us the new paths opening up IF we would only close the door to the past, let go of what is karmic and move on!

the sun and moon are opposite aesculapia- an asteroid named after the Great Healer who could raise people from the dead. he represents profound capacity for healing, resurrection and wholeness. again with this theme of blessed endings (solar eclipse conjunct south node and jupiter)- we see a beautiful reminder that when we allow death to happen rebirth can follow suit.

we have pluto conjunct orpheus so it is important we honor our endings, losses, grief and pain. this is not a time to spiritually bypass but to really go down and in and honor the goodbyes, honor the endings. when we fast forward past this portal of grief and loss- we actually miss the ripening and deepening that comes with the dark night of the Soul. we also bring with us into the future the undigested, unprocessed emotions and shadows of the past. this is a time for conscious endings and conscious new beginnings. to be present with all that is!

this eclipse takes us into the eclipse portal that spans some of the most potent astrology of 2020!!! the lunar eclipse in cancer on 1/10 is followed by the saturn/pluto conjunction on 1/12, the saturn/eris square 1/16 and the pluto/eris square on 1/26. january is an incredibly potent month and i co-hosted a webinar all about the political, social, environmental, collective and personal implications of the astrology incoming. to purchase this webinar and have on demand access to get the FULL IN-DEPTH DOWNLOAD of what is incoming click here-

once we get to 1/10/20 and the day of the lunar eclipse- we have uranus and eris station direct (making for a very powerful and intense day of chaos, change, revelations and illuminations) we then move into a period where all the planets are direct until mercury goes retrograde 37 days later in mid february. get ready for movement and change!

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i leave you with the star sparks degree for 5 capricorn by ellias lonsdale. how apt is this degree?!? i wrote all the above before even reading it. he speaks to what still lives after previous deaths we move through. this degree reminds us how to be in the death portal and still remain conscious. doing this allows us to work directly from this threshold of life meets death and bridge worlds. let us all be the talk dark cypress street in the cemetery. guardians of death- the dwellers at the threshold. from this place we can help to midwife personal and collective deaths and endings that make way for hugely significant change.

blessed endings- and cheers to new beginnings incoming soon!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 5 Tall dark cypress trees in a cemetery

We bring over from previous deaths an unshakable power of perseverance and deep will. We just keep on keeping on. Our deaths here made us strong and clear. We have learned how to be mortal, how to be limited, without succumbing to the illusion of identifying within our conditions.
This knowledge, this wisdom, this truth is profound. It is a key to existence. We know that we can take on and become any form or structure without letting it coerce or intimidate us into believing it’s fictions, it’s control mechanisms, it’s power maneuvers.
So we can get into and out of things which for others would seem formidable, if not impenetrable. We know our way around. Such a quality is exemplary for taking up special tasks, cycles, ways of life and melting into them almost completely while retaining a sober inside of autonomous vantage point and state of being.
The pedigree is of the highest. No assignment is too extreme to be carried through successfully if it is appropriate and is approached with our characteristic detached self witnessing. And we even can push this quality so far into crisis and wild demand and still be just as cool and contained and able to stay with what is essential, even as the outward mobilization can be steady and strong and right there on the spot.
To bear such a treasure from the death realms is also a sign of something cosmically possible if the destiny ambition leads that way. We can here incarnate the archetype of vision-in-action at such a level of mastery that we may break through into working directly from this threshold and becoming a bridge between and among worlds. If this lofty task should be taken on in any form, the sign of it outwardly will be such an affinity with edges, extreme states, far flung worlds, that there is nothing alien anywhere. The synthesis factor inside grants extraordinary deep comprehension.