new moon in libra conjunct SGC- seeing beyond the veil of illusion (9/25/22)

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the new moon at 2’48 libra is exact on sunday september 25th at 2:54pm PDT/5:54pm EDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on relationships, balance, beauty, partnership and the compromises we make in life. this new moon is conjunct mercury retrograde and venus in virgo- with the exact mercury/venus conjunction happening 9/26- bringing communications around relationships, contracts and agreements into focus. with the mind and the heart aligned with the new moon we are supported in finding a new space of Union between head and heart as well as shifts or openings in our thinking and feeling that can help support us in evolving and growing in relationships in our lives.

the new moon is tightly opposite jupiter with the exact sun/jupiter opposition happening the next day (9/26). typically jupiter is benevolent and expansive but an opposition between signs that are opposed in their energies (we vs me, relationship vs independence) can exacerbate conflict and different positions in relationships that may feel unresolvable. where is the middle ground we can meet on, the place ‘beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing’? jupiter is beneficial in the sense that if he brings it to light it is for your highest growth and evolution. sometimes jupiter transits come in to cuts ties to things or people that are not healthy for us so that we have space for the new to come in. discerning what is for our highest growth and evolution is key!

this new moon is also opposite neptune- so the two planets that govern spirituality (jupiter and neptune) but also over idealism are an important part of the new moon. we want to be extra aware of where we may be wearing rose colored glasses, sweeping things under the carpet and avoiding seeing/facing the shadow. with the new moon at one of the two midpoints of the separating saturn/uranus square (with jupiter at the other midpoint) – the clash between old and new, past and future, status quo and change is magnified. shadow tendencies of libra to keep things looking nice on the surface but not dealing with what has been swept under the carpet can backfire right now. cultivating discernment is a great counter balance to the libra energy ;)

the ruler of this new moon is venus in virgo – who is conjunct the new moon and mercury and just past her square to mars (exact 9/16) and her opposition to neptune (9/24). she is energizing the mars/neptune squares- we will have 3 of them due to mars’ upcoming retrograde journey (he stations 10/30). with so much neptune energy flying around and all the personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars) in tense aspect to neptune- we want to be super aware of where the veil is being pulled over our eyes. this could be something we are doing to ourselves, coming from others, or perhaps the media or those in power. not all is as it seems- and there can be a lot going on beneath the surface, but our distraction by that which appears pretty can keep us from seeing it.

neptune is amazing mystically and spiritually. intuition and dreams can be off the charts! but there is always a sacred balancing act with neptune- learning to discern intuition from fear or fantasy. the shadow of neptune is pronounced at this new moon- so honest self check ins about what unconscious wounding, patterns, projections and/or illusions may be covering our perception like a veil is key.

at this new moon we are right smack in the middle of jupiter triggering the midpoint of the saturn/uranus square- with the two coming the closest they will in 2022 (their exact squares were 2021). this energizes the conflict between the energies of stasis and change, security and evolution, defaulting to the way we have always done things vs taking a risk and trying something new. jupiter expand but also exacerbates the stressors- which can be felt on the earth by extreme weather patterns (as i write this alaska may get 50 foot waves hitting it’s coast!!).

in the new moon chart the sun, moon and mars are slow, mercury, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto, chiron and eris are retrograde- and the only fast planet is venus, the ruler of this new moon. she is blazing a path as she makes her way to the Super Galactic Center (SGC) which the new moon is almost exact conjunct. the Galactic Center (GC) is the center of our milky way galaxy, where as the SGC is the center of 33+ galaxies. the GC is like the Mother of our Universe, the SGC is the Grand Mother. philip sedgwick has some great material on the black holes and galactic points and i am linking to his main article on the SGC below.

the SGC is in libra and is about soulmates and relationships but first and foremost we must find that sacred Union within. phillip says this is about union of the self with the soul. i agree and would also say it’s about the small self with the Higher/Total Self, the body and Spirit, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in sacred libran balance within. in the 21st century the SGC has moved into the 2nd degree of libra and from the moment it hit 2’01 you round up for the sabian symbol which is 3 libra. but the 70 something years previous it was at 2 libra- which is one of the most occult and mystical degrees in the sabian symbols.

2 libra is the Light of the 6th race transmuted to the 7th. it talks about the races of humanity and our evolution and it also speaks of moving from the 6th ray to the 7th ray- from indigo to violet- from devotion to ceremonial magic. it’s about the profound evolution of humanity and our journey of separation from Source and the eventual inevitable return to Source. if you were born in the 20th century (unless pre 1920’s) you probably have your SGC at 2 libra- so tuning into this occult degree can be potent particularly as this new moon, mercury retrograde, and transit of venus activates the SGC!

there are a few asteroids to take note of- first off ceres the Great Mother asteroid is aligned with kassandra the prophetess who could see into the future. her story is one that highlights what happened when the male God religion took power from the Goddess religions. kassandra was a prophetess of the Goddess but when her temple was taken over by apollo she became his oracle. he found her attractive and wanted to have sex with her- she said no, so he got mad. he cursed her and said she had the gift of prophecy but no one would believe her. her story is one of always seeing the Truth but no one listening to her- a cruel thing to do to someone who is not interested in having sex with you! kassandra adds a deeper level of prophecy and intuition to this already super neptunian lunation. pay attention to your dreams, intuitive insights, body wisdom and more.

the other asteroid of note is nemesis conjunct neptune. nemesis is our undoing, our achilles heel, the source of the problem. it also speaks to where we scapegoat, point the finger at others and do not take responsibility. the point of undoing is wearing rose colored glasses so we are not seeing the Truth. the first Truth we are not seeing is the Truth of ourselves and our actions in life- personally and also collectively as a humanity. again, with so much neptune all over the chart the asteroid nemesis is reminding us to not check out, not bury our heads in the sand, not wear rose colored or black out glasses so we cannot see the Truth right in front of us!

i leave you with the star sparks and sabian symbol meditations for the 3rd degree of libra (full text below). the sabian symbol is ‘the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed’ while the star sparks degree symbol is ‘an inaccurate, imaginative map of the world’. they are both potent and insightful so read on below :)

blessed new moon to you!


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SGC by philip sedgwick-

by elias lonsdale

Libra 3 An inaccurate, imaginative map of the world

Being shown what others cannot see in order to catch a glimpse of something unknown and exotic and out-of-reach, yet relevant, essential, and perhaps pivotal in the greater picture. Given clues, mysterious and fascinating indications of that which has eluded us for so long and now calls us toward a different future if we can tune into that frequency, the one furthest removed from mainstream consciousness.

Especially powerfully gifted with a distinctive mode of perception which subtly shifts all factors to a different key. Asked to stay with and pursue the traces of this way of being which someday will be ordinary. Yet it tends to seem way out there, unlikely in the far extreme, fantasized or perhaps just silly.

So this may keep to itself for quite some time and secretly pursue what is officially denied just about everywhere. What is being glimpsed on that far horizon is a unitive awareness lodged at the center of a whole earth that is at one with a bright cosmos. This is idealistic, visionary, not something we tend to believe is really there. In this frequency, we discover that the furthest periphery is right here at the center, that what is least comprehensible by old paradigms is right down the middle of where we are going and what we are about.

A timeless reverie engaged in with both dispassion and fervent enthusiasm. The dispassion arises because this is so impersonal, so beyond any version linked with history or individual factors. It is just this. The fervent catharsis come because one feels so close at hand something so much more harmonious and satisfying than what is collectively apparent. The edge between great dispassion and utter involvement generates a way of seeing and feeling and knowing which is out of this world. And it can come into this world in its destiny timing, which is either way down the road or this living moment.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values.

This symbol hardly needs to be interpreted, except for pointing out that these first three symbols beginning the second hemicycle of the cyclic process should be seen as a basic trinity. It can be related to the process of true Initiation: (1) The experience of the undying Form of perfection; (2) The release of the energy incorporated in the Form in order to reach “That-which-is-beyond-form-and-name”; (3) The re-embodiment of energy in a new creative Act.

The third stage of this thirty-seventh sequence leads us to a vision of the fulfilled purpose of the first half of the cycle. What emerged hesitantly from the ocean of infinite potentiality (Aries 1°) now faces a totally new world in a truly individualized form of existence. He or she is ready to act significantly in the sphere of culture and social togetherness, the sphere in which an individual, aware of his archetypal essence and planetary function, can play his true role (dharma). In a basic sense it is always a new role, for no cycle repeats itself as far as its contents are concerned. The person who plays this role is always potentially an INNOVATOR.

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