new moon in scorpio- committing to death and transformation

by | Nov 4, 2018 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 15’11 scorpio is exact on wednesday november 7th 2018 at 8:02am PST- seeding a new lunar cycle that is focused on the depths, transformation, shadow work and rebirth. this is lunar samhain (the new moon in scorpio is the lunar gate for samhain) AND it is the precise solar gate of samhain (the exact midpoint between fall equinox and winter solstice is when the sun cross 15 scorpio). we have a rare event of solar and lunar gates aligning- a hierosgamos, a sacred marriage in the depths, in the dark and in the abyss. this is a VERY POWERFUL SAMHAIN PORTAL. the massive endings, releasing, letting go and completion of old karmic patterns that you commit to, initiate and follow through on in the coming months until winter solstice is nothing short of profound. we have a linking of alpha (new moon) with omega (samhain)- we are at the moment when the ouroboros eats his own tail symbolizing eternal return. something massive is ending, something quite significant is about to begin- and right now we are in that fallow period where the degree to which we can let go, surrender and truly sit with loss, grief and endings (rather than fill them up with the next person/place/thing/substance so as to avoid the feelings that arise) informs the heights to which the phoenix can rise once this deep, internal period is over.

this new moon is quite focused in it’s energy- making only two aspects: a trine to neptune (the planet of transcendence) and a sextile to pluto (the planet of the depths). with heights and depths, ascension and descension, Spirit and Soul linked- the new beginnings we seed right now are incredibly potent. but remember these new beginnings are being seeded in the part of the solar cycle that is about endings. we have the promise of new life amidst the inevitability of death. we are reminded that how we end things informs the next cycle of new beginnings. the coming lunar cycle and last part of the solar cycle we are all challenged to really step up and end things consciously. to honor loss, endings, death and the dark. to not run from it or avoid it or bypass it but to really rise up to meet it and in doing so massive transform ourselves.

the ruling planet of this new moon is of course pluto- and his link to the new moon as well as alignment with vesta the Priestess asteroid Goddess is potent. pluto/vesta aligns the planet of Transformation with the Goddess of focus and commitment. pluto sees into the shadows and vesta helps us to commit to being in the flame of transformation and keeping the flame alive! we can make a profound commitment to our personal and planetary transformation right now. our willingness to see what old karmic patterns, paradigms, dogmas and structures in our lives are not serving and its time to let them go is key.

the sun/moon conjunction is aligned with the fixed star zuben elgenubi- which speaks to positive social reform. with the new moon a day after the elections this bodes well for the news that will come in! we do need positive social reform. it’s a fixed star in the constellation of the scales- which is all about justice and balance. this new moon in the constellation of the scales asks us to redress any imbalances in our lives- between right and wrong, light and shadow, within and without.

jupiter is at 29 scorpio during this new moon- about to move into sagittarius and one of the two signs he rules the very next day! how auspicious to have the planet of positivity and expansion in the last degree of scorpio during this new moon. any last expansion or growth that needs to come in through the shadow, through transformation, through death that creates space for rebirth can come in right now. of course with the karmic 29th degree triggered (and lots of 29th degree triggers incoming in november and early december) anything that is NOT completed or dealt with will necessarily come up and out. this can be healing but also triggering- as old wounds need to be triggered before we are aware they need to be healed.

the sabian symbol for this degree is ‘a girl’s face breaking into a smile’- which lynda hill says is about faith in life and humanity. again another amazing omen for the elections! where do we need to access faith in ourselves, in life and in humanity? where do we need to acknowledge the shadow but also the Light? if we over focus on either we are polarized and stuck. if we can make space for both- healing and wholeness can happen.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 16 scorpio. ‘charon ferries the dead across the river styx’- an apt image for the lunar and solar gates of samhain taking us across the threshold of death, dissolution, dismantling, the void and the abyss. this degree invites us deeper into ourselves where we can ‘know the mysteries as the real pulse of earth life’

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sending Love for a very deep dive into the dark!


by ellias lonsdale

Scorpio 16 Charon ferries the dead across the river Styx

Being granted a task, a special assignment. Living for purpose and fruition to this highly specific endeavor. Faced with an especially extreme trial. Yet as well escorted, accompanied, watched over exceedingly closely and supported in fulfilling what has been begun.
The requirement is that the soul stay within itself and keep it’s own counsel, saying very little and showing only what fits the objective situation. This allows complete concentration upon living inside the threshold, closer to death than life, and not making this an issue with those who cling to life and seek a world un-shadowed by death.
The trial is that the personal soul gains nothing, goes nowhere, has no rewards to show for it’s arduous efforts. And usually the personal soul will rebel, will run riot, will protest and call attention to the unfairness, the heaviness, the grim necessity way of life as not to be endured.
Yet along this projectile of intent, to be joyful doing as the self pleases is a sham, not even appealing. Everything has been agreed to, the consequences are a given.
The impersonal soul is entirely committed to living with other worlds in spirit guidance with very little outer identification with the basic human stuff. The task at hand is crucial in a larger sense. It involves bringing worlds together inside. Pivotal inner places tasks can be taken up here. Perhaps the outer conscious self will hardly know what is happening. But it is obvious to those who see. There is this enigmatic gaze of one who’s focus lies elsewhere and who knows the mysteries as the real pulse of earth life.