New Moon in Sagittarius ~ The Truth can set us free (12/12/23)

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Lunar Insight

The New Moon at 20’40 Sagittarius is exact on Tuesday December 12th, 2023 at 6:32pm EST – commencing a new Lunar Cycle that is focused on expansion, travel, teaching, learning and the pursuit of Truth. This New Moon is conjunct Mars, sesquiquadrate Jupiter (the ruler of the lunation), quincunx Uranus and square Neptune. With so many tense aspects to this New Moon we can find our beliefs and vision of truth challenged and hopefully expanded!

The New Moon’s square to Neptune triggers the upcoming Mercury/Mars Neptune square (December 27th-28th) with the Sun/Neptune square exact on December 16th. This entire Lunar Cycle is full of Neptune squares which demands we take off rose colored glasses, find some humility- step back from hubris and self righteousness- and find true open mindedness in the sense that we can passionately believe what we believe while still being able to honor and respect the beliefs and truths of others. It also means being willing to be wrong about things and allow new truths to reveal themselves.

Luckily the ruler of this lunation is Jupiter and he will be trine Mercury 3 times in Mercury’s Retrograde journey that starts the day after the New Moon. The capacity to OPEN OUR MINDS and learn new things is most certainly there! It’s up to us to choose it!

The Lunar Gate Call for this New Moon is up and is posted as FREE ACCESS for all.

You can tune in here-

The Lunar Horoscopes will be up by December 13th.



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