Friday April 10th 2020

the new moon at 15’07 sagittarius is exact on thursday december 6th 2018 at 11:20pm PST- commencing a new lunar cycle and the last new moon of 2018!!! this is a potent lunation as it is conjunct jupiter who just moved into his home sign of sagittarius last month and it is square mars and neptune in pisces. this new moon is a huge activation of the approaching jupiter/neptune square- an important transit we will be journey with in 2019. what is seeded this month (and likely has been revealing itself in the last month as the recent mercury retrograde stationed retrograde square to neptune and is also triggering this configuration) is giving you HUGE insight into part of what your work/lessons/journey will be about next year. (for each sign this plays out differently so be sure to listen to your weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes- as well as the coming yearly horoscopes that will be posted by 1/1/19! if you are not a member you can sign up here to access all this content and more- )

new moons are times to plant seeds and set intentions. yet this new moon happens during the dark of the sun – the time from samhain to yule (winter solstice) that is the last part of the solar cycle. so part of what you may be seeding is endings, releasing and letting go of that which holds you back from growth and evolution. typically a new moon in sagittarius focuses on travel, teaching, learning, exploring and expanding. this is also the sign of Truth and a new moon in sagittarius is a time to get clear and aligned with the Truth you want to be living! yet the shadow of too much sagittarius that is not tempered with saturn (grounding/mastery) expresses when we are excessive, self-righteous, taking gambles that can cost us, not able to deal with limitations or honor commitments, and when we are self-focused and self-serving.

because this new moon is square mars and neptune there is a confusing energy playing out during the coming lunation. what is Truth and what is a lie? what is fact and what is fantasy? this is a time to question everything- yourself and the illusions you hold dear, others and the words they say (pay attention to actions as they speak louder than words), and the world around you. this is definitely a good time to question what you read/hear on the news and in the media. not all is as it seems and similar to the wizard of oz there can be someone behind the curtain pulling strings right now (make sure it’s not your ego!!!).

with mars aligned with neptune we have the warrior aligned with the planet of surrender and compassion. at best this can manifest as a Spiritual Warrior who takes action to be compassionately in service to others. yet mars is forming tense aspects to the sun/moon/jupiter and could also manifest as being slippery, deceptive, checked out, escapist, spiritual bypassing and dishonest not only to others but to ourselves. the best liar is someone who believes his or her own lies! this is a time to really be willing to question yourself and your perceptions. intuition can very easily be distorted by fear, fantasy or desire. spiritual ego can be very easy to slip into and not even know we are operating from it.

this new moon makes all tense aspects- there is not a single harmonious aspect to the sun/moon conjunction in the new moon chart. the new moon sesquiqudrates uranus and the nodes- triggering the uranus/nodal T square that was exact on 12/2. this was about massive endings- the kind that you cannot undo. with uranus and the nodes at the 29th degree- we have an energy of karmic completion playing out right now. the thing about the 29th degree is that anything unresolved will come up to be addressed- so all the shadows, emotions and other disowned/unprocessed things will come to Light. at times this is not so pretty! the midpoint of the sun/moon and mars/neptune square is the karmic south node at 29 capricorn. there are deep karmic patterns to be seen through right now. things we have always done and we are stuck in an old paradigm can be up BIG TIME right now. our willingness to face where we have been rigid, controlling, stuck, stagnant, resisting change, patriarchal and resisting facing our shadow (personally and collectively) is key right now!!!

the sun and moon is also sequiquadrate venus in scorpio who is conjunct the asteroid kassandra. i talk about this at length in the lunar gate call for the new moon (i posted it for free for everyone to tune into and you can find that here- in short kassandra is a prophetess who can see into the future. combine her with venus in scorpio and we can see that there are some deep, dark shadows to be faced and acknowledged. if we are stuck in Love and Light (shadow of both sagittarius and pisces) we will be in denial of what is going on beneath the surface- emotionally, relationally, environmentally and otherwise. kassandra reminds us to pay attention to what we are noticing right now. if we are doing deep work on ourselves and willing to see the shadows within and without- there can be some prescient messages coming forth right now about the future so PAY ATTENTION!

all 5 personal planets make tense aspects to uranus- so the name of the game this lunar cycle is CHANGE. an instagram post said “EVOLVE OR REPEAT” and that truly is the message right now and in the next couple of years with the pluto/south node, saturn/south node and saturn/pluto transits incoming. so take off those rose colored glasses and get real and intimate with your shadow! what is out of integrity in your life? what is out of integrity in your relationships? what people in your life are out of integrity and your staying in connection with them is compromising your own integrity? this is a time to see clearly. accessing the powerful siddhi of discernment (in my opinion the most potent siddhi or spiritual power to possess) is the best thing you can cultivate right now!

just as there is tons of uranus in the new moon chart- there is also tons of jupiter and neptune aspects. the ideal, the dream, the fantasy- it is calling! but can you realize that dream? or is your head in the sky? or are you seeing potential but ignoring reality? interestingly in the new moon chart there are ZERO saturn aspects. there is a completely unaspected saturn! saturn is the grounding rod. saturn helps us get real and deal with reality. saturn also helps us grow up and do the work of self-mastery. we would all do well to apprentice with saturn right now. as byron katie says- loving what is is the path to liberation. and you cannot love what is if you cannot see/own/accept what is- in yourself, in others and the world around you. interestingly there are also no pluto aspects either. in 2019 and 2020 the astrology is ALL ABOUT saturn and pluto- yet this new moon has them both unaspected and disconnected from the rest of the chart. this is a reminder that what you put into the shadows may seem like it’s not present in your life but it’s actually running you from behind the scenes. unaspected planets have a lot of power- you just don’t realize that they do (kind of like some powerful/wealthy people who pull the strings in our government yet most do not realize).

there are a few asteroids to take note of because of their alignment with the sun and the moon. we have the new moon conjunct bacchus and opposite eros. bacchus is the roman god of ecstasy and wine (greek equivalent is dionysus). he is also the god of excess, addiction, escapism and using substances/sex/spirituality to check out. how appropriate for the jupiter/neptune square! eros is the greek god of passion, sexuality and love of life. bacchus/eros opposite each other can really exacerbate tendencies to want to escape life through sexuality and/or other high intensity experiences. when we are addicted to high intensity experiences we are getting a hit- like a drug high- but that is always followed by a low later that brings us back into the reality of whatever it is we were using the experience to escape from. bacchus and eros with this new moon amps it up quite a bit- reminding us to be aware of where our desires lead us and the choices we make right now. this is a time to get clear on the things/substances/people/situations we use to escape life rather than just default to them one more time. this is a time to change the paradigm!

as you can see this is a potent lunation and it is initiating us into the astrology of 2019! with pluto on the south node in march and saturn on the south node may to september- there is no escaping dealing with reality. we want to use jupiter and neptune to inspire us to Great Heights while attending to/dealing with/working with the shadows. this is not a time to check out- but to check in. it is a time for apocolypsia- the meaning of the word being ‘lifting of the veil of illusion’. it is time to cleanse the window of perception- so that we can see more clearly. from this place we can make masterful decisions and take grounded action as we birth a new world and manifest our dreams into reality.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for 16 sagittarius (we always round up to the next whole degree). who is the man shearing the sheep? who is ‘we’? this is a lovely degree to contemplate the deeper meaning of :)

have a blessed end of 2018!




by ellias lonsdale

Sagittarius 16 A man sheering sheep

We are all around you. We clamor here. There is something we need from you. But we don’t know how to ask. You must sort it out for us. We only know to come here and gather around you and search out your goodness for us.
We most prefer you when you cast off your human guise of being so busy and knowing what you’re doing, in order to join us in the process of divesting ourselves of everything that still is in our way. We can use you best when you are stripped to meet us, plain, straightforward, just here for what comes each time.
We need you to be clear. You are the man. We need you to not be attached, not be anxious, not be tangled up like we are. We must have your best now. For there are too many of us and not enough of you.
We need all the help we can get. You hold a focus and you stay on it. We can only distract you. Yet it is our job, all of us, to give you a hard time, more than you can handle. For we have to be sure that you’re really here with us.
Yes, we are fully aware that you do not carry extraordinary virtues. We’re not accusing you of being a genius. We are imploring you to give us your best effort every time and that is all.
For we, your fate, your companions, we know you so well. You were that shepherd who got us to this point in the first place. And we know you will be here to take it further every time. That’s who you are.
We do make one extra special request. Do not deny what we say. Do not shrug off, throw off, make such light of what it does for all of us when you stay on the beam. So let us take you away from what you want to do and let us restore you to the recognition that you are carrying a very great treasure. And if you give it away to each one of us so easily, that shows us how true this treasure is in life.

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