new moon in pisces- renewal in the primordial waters of creation <3.

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the new moon at 4’28 pisces is exact on sunday february 23rd, 2020 at 7:32am PST. this new moon in the last sign of the zodiac is a deep dive into the watery abyss of the Unconscious. pisces is amazing for dreams, intuition, imagination, mysticism, spirituality, creativity and compassion! the shadow of pisces to be aware of is our desire to escape, be in denial, avoid facing reality, turn to addictions to numb out and spiritually bypass ;)

we don’t just have a new moon in pisces- we also have mercury retrograde in pisces (he will dip into the last degrees of aquarius at the very end but most of his Underworld journey is in pisces) and we also have neptune in rulership int the sign of pisces (from 2011 to 2025). the piscean waters are connecting to the primordial waters of creation. many ancient mystical cultures have stories about the primordial abyss out of which everything is created. in egypt these are the waters of nun. there was one diety there before anything was ever created- that was neith (net in egyptian). she was there in the waters of nun and with her spit she created the sun/Light (ra) and the chaos/darkness (apep). neith created the first yin and yang out of the waters of nun (which i believe were the waters of her own womb).

pisces IS the waters of the womb. you can see the shift from pisces to aries as the birth of the baby which also corresponds to sunrise in the 24 hour cycle. pisces is the time of dusk just before dawn- and aries is the dawn and rebirth of the sun itself! we are now in those deep watery realms just before the spring/rebirth.

we can consider the sun in pisces as the time of the dark of the sun. there are two times for this depending on how you conceptualize the solar year. one of these times is as samhain season (solar samhain is 11/6-7 varying each year and lasts until winter solstice)- when the sun is in it’s descent moving towards the still point of the solstice where he will stand still and be born again (symbolizing the reincarnation cycle where we die, pause and are reborn).

the other time of the dark sun is when the sun is in pisces as this is the last of the zodiacal signs. the whole month of the sun in pisces is the dark of the sun and as i write this we are in the dark of the moon (until the new moon 2/23 at 7:32am PST)- and to add to this deep dark time we have mercury retrograde in pisces- the winged messenger in his Underworld phase in one of the deepest signs connected to the Unconscious he could possibly be in!

this is a very powerful time to be DIVING DEEP. it’s EXCELLENT for shadow work, inner work, dream work, therapy, reflection, active imagination via guided meditations and shadow work practices that make use of the imagination and more. yet it is equally important to make sure we have one foot in both worlds as the tendency of pisces is to pay attention to the spiritual and not the material, to cosmic Truth and not relative personal truth, to collective experience and not personal experience.

pisces prefers the idealization of the future to dealing with the past- and when transcendence (a pisces keyword!) of the past takes presedence over intimacy with our past- we can find ourselves in the confusing and illusory waters of spiritual bypassing. this happens when we focus on Love and Light and ignore the shadow. and guess what? ignoring it DOES NOT make it go away! it just makes it go underground where it can erupt when we least expect it and it actually controls us from behind the scenes.

this is an amazing lunar cycle to do deep inner work and really be willing to take the rose colored glasses off and see the self, others and the world around us clearly. where do we not want to see and own our shadow? where are we projecting onto others our disowned shadow or our disowned light? where are we contributing to the split in the world by staying divorced inside between our own Light and Shadow? these are deep things to contemplate this lunar cycle and using this potent astrology to get in touch with emotions, see through illusions and get more grounded and embodied is totally supported!

interestingly in the new moon chart we have an amazing alignment of mars on the south node with uranus- with the precise uranus/nodal aspect coming in early march. mars on the south node follows the last year of VERY INTENSE south node conjunctions of pluto and saturn (from march to september 2019) and jupiter (january 2020). mars is not as slow moving as those planets but he is know to be an activator and his alignment with the south node is very important as he is clearing showing us what is still karmic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal, old paradigm that we need to face, deal release or transform in some way. the amazing addition of uranus is wonderful as the Higher Mind is bringing insights, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and ease of capacity to embrace change :)

this new moon is conjunct one of the 4 royal fixed stars- fomalhaut. except in western astrology fomalhuat is no longer in aquarius but in pisces and as of 2012 when regulus moved into virgo we now have all 4 royal guardians of the directions in MUTABLE signs not fixed. we need a new mythology to reflect this shift and i feel we are creating it together now :). i see this shift from fixed to mutable as a changing of the guard <3

another notable in the new moon chart is jupiter sextile neptune!!! the two planets that rule pisces- classical ruler and contemporary ruler- are in harmonious aspect. interestingly last year’s new moon in pisces we had saturn sextile neptune and this year we have jupiter sextile neptune. the two guru/teacher planets in the sign of mastery, grounding and responsibility in alignment with neptune to me show big time lessons of how to walk your talk, live the teachings you profess, embody your Light and BE THE IDEALISTIC CHANGE you want to see in the world. neptune is so amazing in terms of idealism and possibility but the shadow is that stays in the ethers as dreams, vision and ideals but not brought into physicality and embodied. saturn in capricorn and now jupiter in capricorn are all about rooting, grounding, foundations and bringing things into manifestation. this is AMAZING. and again having this occur during the dark moon/dark sun, sun in pisces, mercury retrograde in pisces time is extra yummy in my opinion (so says the uber neptunian with pisces moon rising and neptune conjunct midheaven!)

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for the new moon. ’thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream’ is an image that speaks to me. dive deep and you will find the gold! it’s there and visible but you have to descend to get them. ellias speaks to how ‘these particular realms are still for the collective forbidden…(so) we will tend to hide what we are doing, even from ourselves’. this new moon and lunar cycle is an excellent time to see what you are hiding from yourself- both Shadow and Light! and guess what! the Shadow faced and reclaimed is a reclamation of your power. and the Light faced and reclaimed is reclamation of your Divinity. at first this work seems hard and yes it takes courage and radical self honesty and deep self love and compassion. but this work is worth it’s weight in gold. all you have to do is dive deep to find it <3

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 5 Thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream

Gifted with subtle faculties which work through the subconscious mind. This presence can be felt deep down underneath and can be sensed as opening a door into worlds otherwise held away. However, these particular realms are still for the collective forbidden, strange, off limits. Therefore, we will tend to hide what we are doing, even from ourselves, and to keep it within the realm of speculation-perhaps something is happening there, perhaps not.
Within this incubator of the perfect alibi, the one who never knows for sure, the greatest mysteries and revelations can stream through unencumbered by any ego-mind claiming these for itself. Everything is kept pure, pristine, untouched by the corruption’s of what we make of things when we are captured by our own net.
The masterful smuggling in of psychic gifts, sacred tasks, and boundless cosmic realities given just enough elusive properties to keep the ball rolling, make the spark the only thing we care about. Being specially devoted to making sure that the timeless and out-there spheres are given their true place in the mix without confronting and arousing authorities and border guards.
Suspended within a stream of consummate revelation. Allowed to wander there freely. Tapping what could seem to be outlawed or suspect places. The goddess revered through many names and guises.
Top secret mission. The only thing known on the surface is that somebody under there is still alive and is even more outrageously navigating the places we all need to remember, now that the time for these things is returning. Keeping the thread going, no matter what.
A very elemental, primal, early stages of life sense for what is in this life to stay because we love the mystery so well.

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