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new moon in pisces- 2/21/2012

the new moon in pisces on tuesday 2/21 starts a new lunar cycle, but it also completes the astrological year.  the next new moon in aries (3/22) will kick off the new astrological year- so in a sense this new moon is the dark new moon, the last one of the current yearly cycle.  as such it is mixed with beginnings (what new moons are about) and endings (what completion of a cycle is about).  with the last zodiac sign highlighted we have the reservoir of everything symbolized.  the zodiac signs symbolize stages of development- aries is the newborn baby just starting his embodied journey and pisces is the old man/woman who has been around the circle and has experienced it All.  with a new moon in pisces we are supported in starting a new journey in regards to our connection with this All, with the Unconscious and with the Divine.

this is a very auspicious new moon as it is conjunct it’s ruler neptune, who happens to me in his home sign.  neptune will be in pisces for the next 14 years- so we can view this new moon as his official inauguration of his journey through the mystical, magical, at times illusory and confusing waters of pisces.  wherever you have early degrees of pisces in your natal chart- you are about to commence a brand new chapter, perhaps even a new volume, in your life!  (read the weekly horoscopes posted by sunday night/monday midday the latest for more info).

in addition to being conjunct neptune, this lunation is conjunct pallas athena the asteroid goddess of wisdom and creative intelligence, chiron the wounded healer, and fomalaut the royal fixed star of alchemy and magic.  clearly this lunation is really amped up with a lot of positive energy!  the potential for new beginnings, initiations and new cycles involves spirituality, creativity, wisdom, healing and alchemy.

on top of all the conjunctions to the new moon- there are plenty of aspects to it by the other planets.  positively this lunation sextiles jupiter, trines saturn and semisextiles uranus.  with the two teacher planets- jupiter and saturn- harmoniously involved we have the potential for growth, expansion and optimism (jupiter) and grounding, long-term focus and self-mastery (saturn).  with uranus’ aspect there is an energy of change, awakening and radical shift that is possible at this time.

the only tense aspects to this lunation involve a semisquare to venus who is conjunct eris the goddess of discord, a square to juno the asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage, and a wide square to the evolutionary and karmic north and south nodes.  the tense aspects to venus and juno can point to issues that are likely to crop up in relationships right now.  stuff around jealousy, duty, commitment,  and loyalty can arise- and the shadow of all the pisces/neptune can be a tendency to idealize others and not want to see the shadow.  this can lead to denial and avoidance of reality, which will only serve to exacerbate issues in relationship.  as we start our new journeys this month we have to keep in mind that an accurate read on the past and the present is key in creating the future we want.  if we just try to deny or avoid it- then we will continue creating what we have always created, as energy follows intention.  additionally, chiron is just 28 minutes from an exact square with juno- so all manner of old wounds, pain, fears of rejection and worthiness are likely to be up right now in partnerships of all kinds.  any one-on-one connection- be it romantic, business or some other kind of contractual arrangement- is a focus right now.

and last but not least this lunation’s wide square to the nodes point to a turning point on our path- a point where we can consciously choose to grow, evolve and move forward, or we can choose to stay stuck in the situations/paradigms/dramas of the past and only dig ourselves deeper.  it is up to us!  but there can definitely be a crossroads kind of energy playing out right now.  are we ready to cross that road?  are we ready to leave the past behind?  personally?  collectively?  only time will tell…

this is definitely a very powerful new moon.  there is a lot of intense astrology happening over the next several weeks, but having this potent new moon bodes well for new beginnings, if we choose to embark on them.  this lunation is particularly significant for pisces suns and risings- and wherever you have pisces in your chart is where you have a whole new part of the journey opening up for you.  check the horoscopes for what this means for your sign.

happy new moon!

~divine harmony

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