new moon in gemini- starting anew with a blank slate (5/30/22)

by | May 25, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 9’03 gemini is exact on monday may 30th at 4:30am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on communication, information, learning, curiosity and having an open mind. amazingly the sun and moon are COMPLETELY UNASPECTED in the new moon chart- which means there is pure new beginning energy present right now but we have to harness is consciously.

when a planet or new moon is unaspected its energy is not being altered by other planets- but it also stands outside of what else may be going on in the sky, almost as though it’s disconnected from the rest of the story. so the energy is there in it’s pure form but we have to do the work to reach for it, connect to it, bringing it into manifestation. as this is a new moon in gemini this is especially potent when it comes to our mind, perception, thinking and the way we see the world around us. our capacity to realize new things, come back to beginner’s mind and open our awareness to new information or realizations can be strong- but too much mental/mind energy can also exacerbate anxiety, nerves and cause stress. balance is key!

the sun and moon are conjunct aldebaran- one of the 4 royal fixed stars. they say aldebaran means ‘follower’ and the assumption is that he follows the pleiades across the sky. but in truth all the stars follow each other across the sky- so this name meaning does not make much sense to me. another thing that aldebaran follows is the Silver Gate and anti-Galactic Center point of 26-27 gemini. this is the Gate of the Moon, the Gate of the Mother and the gate into and through which humanity comes into incarnation in our galaxy. the opposite gate is the Golden Gate, Gate of the Galactic Sun and Gate of the Father- which we go back out of when we die. for me aldabaran is following the Mother Gate- which feels more apt. but regardless with the keywords being ‘the follower’ this is a great time to check in on what we are following. are we following anyone or anything blindly? are we following our own internal guidance and intuition? what does it mean to follow and alternatively to lead? good things to contemplate right now.

when looking at major aspects and tight aspects the sun and moon are unaspected- but when we bring in other bodies and minor aspects we see that eris makes a minor aspect to the sun/moon conjunction- so we need to be willing to see and hear the things we don’t want to see or hear. she is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos and her medicine is not sweet or palatable. it’s spicy and sour- but it is the medicine that is needed when we have gone too far in one direction and something shocking needs to come in to re-reroute us.

the ruler of this lunation is mercury who is retrograde in taurus, aligned with Algol the eye of Medusa. the myth of the powerful feminine archetype who was victim shamed by athena and turned into a gorgon because she was raped by poseidon in athena’s temple has been really activated in the last month or so- not just by mercury but but the recent total lunar eclipse in scorpio we just had. with mercury trine pluto three times- deep Truths are coming up and out! it’s great for research, investigation, getting to the bottom of things and seeing the Truth. (if you have not read my blog on mercury retrograde you can find that here- )

mercury is about to station direct on june 3rd and he does so in square aspect to saturn who stations retrograde june 4th. these next few days after the new moon can be super powerful in terms of get real moments, karmic situations coming to a head and a need to be willing to take responsibility for our part in things, let go of what is not ours to be responsible for, and move on. this can coincide with needing to make heavy, definitive decisions and if we have not been responsible or living with integrity it can be a time of karma coming home to roost.

ceres the Great Mother and black moon lilith the Dark Feminine are both out of bounds and journey conjunct each other- bringing Light to issues around safety, security, mothers, children, families and how we deal with our emotions. the actual ceres/mean black moon lilith conjunction was on thursday 5/26- 2 days after the texas elementary school shooting. for me some of the darkest expression of ceres the mother with lilith who reveals shadow is seen in that horrific incident.

with the sun/moon conjunct contra parallel pluto we have an energetic opposition (by declination) bringing attention to the shadow, power dynamics, and all the unsavory things we have swept under the carpet. this sounds intense but it can also be cathartic and healing if we use it to deal with the Source of issues instead of slap a bandaid over them so we don’t have to look at it and think it will heal on its own <3 this is one interesting and powerful lunar cycle- be sure to tune into where it falls in your chart (both solar and ascendant) to see where the pure creative new moon in gemini energy can best be focused. lunar horoscopes may be up a couple days late. i am packing and moving so pending where we are in our road trip i may get them up a couple days late. the weekly horoscopes posted this week are actually for the next 2 weeks and they include info on the new moon cycle so you can tune into those first. if you are not a member you can sign up to access horoscopes, gate calls and more here-

may we use this new moon in gemini to come back to beginner’s mind and find new solutions to old problems that have gone on for far too long.



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