new moon in gemini- opening to the new without escaping the past

by | May 31, 2019 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 12’34 gemini is exact on monday june 3rd 2019 at 3:02am PDT. this new moon initiates us into a new lunar cycle that focuses on communication, social connection, information and movement. this new moon is a time to honor curiosity, playfulness and fun! but it can also be a time of scattered energy, superficiality, staying on the surface to avoid the depths and emotional disconnection. being aware of where we are staying on the surface/disconnecting so as to not have to drop down/go in/face what is happening beneath the surface is key.

this new moon is powerfully aspected- most notably linking in with the jupiter/neptune square. BOTH lunations in june (new moon 6/3 and full moon 6/17) are square to neptune- making the coming month a time to be aware of what could be nebulous, confusing or outright deceptive. it’s easy to see what we want to see with tense neptune. it’s also easy to say what others want to hear- so it’s important to be honest and above board with others and do the work of discernment to make sure others are being honest with us as well. the new moon in gemini wants lightness and fun and opposing jupiter we can have a tendency to overdo that in significant ways. the preference for things to be all Love and Light can exacerbate escapism, addiction, spiritual bypassing and avoidance of paying attention to anything that is NOT all Love and Light.

with the square to neptune involving the gemini/sagittarius axis- we really want to be aware of how we are navigating communication, information, perception, thinking and beliefs. it’s easy to be deluded or misled. media manipulation is also possible- so don’t just take everything at face value. what is the Truth? what is a lie? what is fact? what is fantasy? what is behind the curtain? what is going on behind the scenes? these are things to be tuning into in the coming lunar cycle!

the ruler of the lunation is mercury who is also in gemini and he is in the orion constellation conjunct the gate of man (which is opposite the Gate of God at 27 sagittarius). these are very mystical points in the heavens that relate to the Galactic Center (27 sagittarius/Gate of God) and the anti-Galactic Center (27 gemini/gate of man). these gates are the meeting points of the ecliptic and the galactic mid plane and they are the entry points into this world of earthly incarnation (descension) and back out into the realm of the Divine (ascension). the gate of man could be seen as the gate of birth and the gate of God the gate of death but they could equally be seen in reversed in their meaning. are we born into this world and then we die? or do we die to some other place when we incarnate and then we are born back into Spirit when we leave this world? perhaps the answer is both/and :)

with mercury aligned with both gates (conjunct the gate of man/opposite the Gate of God) this is an important lunar cycle to pay attention to information incoming that is of a Higher Nature. information/insights/aha moments about birth and death, ascension and descension, enlightenment and embodiment can be profound. jupiter is heading to the Galactic Center and will be there in november so what is incoming now can be symbolically connected to that time ahead. jupiter also stationed retrograde on the Great Attractor and this new moon is opposite it- and if we think the GC (Galactic Center) is powerful the GA is like the Grandmother to the Mother energy that the GC is. super potent Source points being activated at this new moon! potential to have Big Truths come to Light and cosmic downloads incoming- but we have to be open to seeing the Truth as it is, not the truth as we would wish it to be.

there are A LOT of jupiter aspects in the new moon chart- aspecting 4 of the 5 personal planets, saturn, 2 of the outer planets and the nodes! the only bodies jupiter does not aspect in the new moon chart are mars and pluto (lower will and Higher Will) and chiron the Wounded Healer who is in mars’ sign of aries. this is interesting- as mars is just past squaring chiron and is heading to oppose pluto during this lunar cycle (power struggles can be incoming!). jupiter is larger than life and in sagittarius he is expansive, adventurous, courageous and perpetually seeking! yet the aspects jupiter makes are all tense (with the exception of the aspect to saturn) and overdone jupiter can lead to hubris, excessiveness, self righteousness and an overblown ego. we want to navigate this terrain with consciousness in the coming month- as the full moon in sagittarius on june 17th can bring these themes to climax or crisis depending on the choices we make in the weeks ahead.

we also have a lot of neptune in the chart- making aspects to EVERYTHING but venus. the desire to be positive and blissful is STRONG but it can also lead to escapism, checking out, addiction and denial. grounding is going to be VERY IMPORTANT in the coming lunar cycle. keep in mind we have the capricorn confluence dominating all year long. we can either do the work to ground down and deal with reality OR we can be forced by the Universe in terms of dealing with karma we have avoided facing up until now. obviously one of the choices will bring more grace and ease along the path ;)

the good news is we have a neptune/north node trine incoming this lunar cycle exact on june 16th- a day before the full moon. the potential for spiritual expansion, mystical awakening, intuition and heart opening is PROFOUND! but we do have saturn on the south node- and we have to see what holds us back from opening up, from having faith and trusting. saturn is root and neptune is crown (also Higher Heart chakra). we need both root and crown healthy and operating properly. to be in this world (root/saturn) but not of it (neptune) takes mastery. the journey of ascension is not the end but actually is the halfway point as after that we need to descend and embody all that Light that we have realized. this is key to keep in mind in the coming month with saturn/neptune and the nodes aligning.

there are a few asteroids to take note of in the chart. first of all the north node is conjunct juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage (exact conjunction was 5/30) and they are both aligned with orpheus. his myth is one of sadness, loss and grief. he wrote beautiful music and poetry that charmed both humans and animals. he had lost his beloved to a snake bite. he charmed his way into the underworld and so impressed hades with his music and moved him with his grief that hades let him take his beloved back to the world of the living. there was one condition though- neither he nor his beloved could look back as they were exiting the Underworld. in a moment of excitement as they almost made it out orpheus looked back at his beloved and she disappeared.

having orpheus aligned with juno on the north node- the symbolism speaks to something we are losing/grieving that is part of our destiny and evolution. this makes me think of mary magdalene- who lost her beloved jesus. this was his destiny and his sacrifice to make but she also sacrificed too. this new moon is conjunct the asteroid magdalene- doubling down on the theme of great love and great loss. juno on the north node reminds us that we must be committed to our own destiny and evolution. this is tied up with feeling our feelings, moving through our grief, honoring our emotions and taking care of the inner child within. with saturn on the south node- we want to move AWAY from bottling it all up and repressing it and we want to move towards deeper and more expansive emotional intimacy with all that is. this is the path towards healing and freedom!

magdalena on the new moon also brings in themes of Divine Feminine spirituality. amable says that “Magdalena is related with a commitment to a group or collective cause, toward which is felt a deep affinity”. remember we have juno on the north node as well- which is all about commitment. this lunar cycle has major themes around what we are committed to and what we are no longer committed to and ready to leave behind (represented by saturn on the south node- completion of karmic contracts and closure for the past).

the sabian symbol for 13 gemini is ‘a famous pianist giving a concert performance’. dane rudhyar says this degree is about ‘individual fulfillment in the performing of a social function to which some prestige is attached’. he goes on to say that this degree represents “Having entered upon the path of individualized experience that brings him in touch with broader or higher realms of superpersonal inspiration, the individual person is able to become himself a source of inspiration, an agent for Man and the formative Powers guiding human evolution. His role is to mobilize emotions, to present to others an image of what for most people is beyond their mediocre and lukewarm responses to the challenge of becoming “more-than-man” — to experience more intensely and to see farther. This is the role of the true and ideal “virtuoso” (vir meaning strength, manliness; thus “virtue”) and, in a far-reaching sense, of the Avatar whose example fascinates human beings, leading them to leave behind their past and to venture forth into new realms of experience.”

this makes complete sense with the ruler mercury linking with the Gates of God and Man and also the powerful neptune aspects present in the new moon and coming lunar cycle. neptune is about Higher Inspiration- opening up the lower mind and lower heart so that it can reach for/experience more. the key is going to be discerning intuition from fear or fantasy, inspiration from imitation, transcendence from escapism. and the path towards true inspiration requires we get out of our head (air) and into our emotions (water) and bodies (earth). essentially reclaiming the feminine elements and Divine Feminine energy that is needed for healing on the planet. so in this very gemini/airy lunar cycle- open your mind to your heart, feel your feeling don’t just think about them. surrender your mind into your heart. and the gates of God and man will open!


~divine harmony

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