new moon in capricorn- riding the currents of the winds of change (1/2/22)

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Lunar Insight

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the first new moon of 2022 is at 10:33am PST when the sun and moon cojoin at 12’20 capricorn, commencing a new lunar cycle and the official kick off to the new year! it is important to note that the new year starts off with a dark moon (dark moon on january 1st) and it also commences in the last week of the previous venus cycle (new venus cycle starts January 8th). so the new year actually starts off with endings, completions and releasing- which is the best way to focus your intentions at the start of the year. if you want to do a calling in the new ceremony or ritual i recommend you do it on january 2nd after the new moon is exact OR january 8th after the sun/venus conjunction- as these are the two times we have new cyclic energy to be worked with.

this is a great new moon to harness the power of new beginnings and intention setting around career, life purpose, calling and positive changes unfolding in your material life. the new moon is trine uranus and the sun/uranus trine is on january 1st- so this is a frequency of CHANGE and not doing things the same way you have always done in work, relationships, finances and more. the new moon trine uranus supports innovation, invention, change, shift and new beginnings!

in truth uranus wants radical and revolutionary change- so i highly recommend embracing this energy and even initiating it yourself so that you can be the agent of change versus the one getting upended by it ;) in work, career and finances we need to find new ways to thrive, do what we love, not burn ourselves out and not operate our businesses and material life experiences out of an old patriarchal paradigm. the winds of change are blowing! and uranus is in the drivers seat this year of 2022 (watch my Yearly Astrology Forecast for the full download). so let’s make friends with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener so we can have him on our side!

the new moon is semisextile saturn as well as trine uranus- activating the saturn/uranus square that was a theme of all of 2021. that transit challenged us to see what was stuck and stagnant in our lives and what needed to change. it was like being between a rock and a hard place. last year was about being confronted with what needs to shift- this year is the year of DOING IT. particularly later in the year when the nodes trigger saturn/uranus (april 21st through july 26th)- a big push for change will be coming. so the key is using the first half of the year before the uranus/north node conjunction end of july to get all your ducks in row so you are READY for it.

some of this is PRACTICAL in regards to finances, resources, work, etc… but much of it is really actually SPIRITUAL- meaning find your center, ground yourself, honor and take care of your body temple that houses your Spirit and devote yourself to caretaking the earth- our blessed planet that houses and cares for US.

this new moon is square chiron in mars-ruled aries- reminding us that the old paradigm of pushing ourselves, operating from overly yang/masculine energy and DOING too much without a balance of BEING is no longer working. in truth it has not been working for a while but now we are seeing the repercussions of it in big ways. with ceres on the north node- we need to nurture and nourish ourselves. we need to be deeply connected to the softer, feminine way of being- receptive, reflective, compassionate, loving. we do this for ourselves, we also do this for others. we can no longer push, dominate, control, power over- we must slow down!

we have the amazing sun/venus conjunction on january 8th- 6 days after the new moon. both the sun and venus sextile neptune which reminds us to soften, bring Spirit all the way down and in, surrender and let the Universe lead. our egos think they know what is best- but only when we can let go and let Goddess will we really know what is best for us as when we are stuck in the 3D perspective we cannot see the whole Bigger Picture. this is an amazing day to be in ceremony and be intentional on what you are calling in when it comes to relationships (venus), career (capricorn), finances (venus/capricorn) and embodiment. (i will have a blog or video up about this)

remember we are still in the last years of pluto in capricorn. 2022 is the last year where pluto is ONLY in capricorn- starting in 2023 we will have him crossing into aquarius and moving back and forth between the two until he is officially in aquarius for good end of 2024. with venus retrograde conjunct pluto three times and the upcoming mercury retrograde (january 14th) also conjunct pluto three times we have big things being excavated around the old paradigm that is dying and the new one that is being brought through.

it is interesting to note that we have two venus/mars conjunctions after venus stations direct- one is in capricorn and the second is at 0’01 aquarius. from now through march we have a lot of insight into this dying of the old, birth of the new journey- so pay attention. on the world stage and personally- it is time for completion. surrender is key!

i leave you with the insightful star sparks degrees for this new moon and it’s ruler saturn. they are poignant meditations to work with as we move into a new year.



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by elias lonsdale


Capricorn 13 A very old wrinkled brown paper sack

When personal karma matches collective patterns, we combine forces against ourselves from within and from without. We spring a trap upon ourselves. It is one we cannot get out of. Yet inside of this steel trap, something is cooking. We can be fed by what it cooks up if we can stay with ourselves in the very midst of abandoning ourselves.

The situation is dense and serious. We are plunged into a condition of being very far removed from what is going on with us and almost passively submitting to it’s worst. There is this conviction of inevitability underneath, and a feeling that this was all set up a long time ago, and that we can only submit and try to make the best of it somehow.

What is happening to us is indeed inescapable. But the way we hold it inside, the way we really see it is decisive. It may take many crises and the wearing away of old disguises before we are willing and able to realize that we can shift our stance considerably. All we have to do is recognize that somebody in us is moving through this dilemma, not stuck in it.

The most subtle shift in perspective has long range reverberations down the line which are massive. We can indeed discover here that this is an old syndrome, something we’ve been through before, just the same way. It is wearing out. If we come to know this, we can cast it off before it wears us out.

What we salvage the most is an awareness of our own essential state of being as just wanting and needing to be of help, and to serve in any way possible. It is true that we have become lost in duty and hard work, in painful outlooks and tragic consciousness. Yet it is also true that we seek a way through for everybody and we can find it if we leave behind those suspicions, and tune in afresh.

SATURN DEGREE (ruler of the lunation)

Aquarius 13 A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty

Death has no sting when we stay with life in an open and free fashion. We empty the grave of its terrifying power if we can find in our lives that which endures in the thick of change and be with this so lightly that it works its magic through us without our getting in the way by outer conscious mental process.

The carrying through on such a way of life is immensely difficult. We are magnetized toward tests and trials of every kind. For we must be sure that we can operate free of karmas and fixed worlds and death-like routines and syndromes. The only way to get there in this world is to check yourself out endlessly and refine the capacity to the utmost.

What is wonderful here is how resistant we are in coming back from each latest trial with an abounding sense of possibilities. We are always getting closer to the state of being free amidst all the apparent limitations that surround us. And if we can do this, we can spread our example far and wide.

What is most tortuous here is the way in which the collective keeps snarling us back into yet another example of buying into limitation and struggle. We are so adept in throwing off what no longer means anything to us. Yet how many times can we take on the world and its way and still be free as a breeze, un-scarred, somehow virginal?

The answer to this question of destiny is limitless times. For here we are unimpressed by the old tapes, even when we fall for them. We’re just playing it out, showing it can be done. When you are hot on the track of living in eternity, what’s one more illusion or setback? You do have all the time in the world truly.

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