new moon in aries- taking action based on wide angle vision (3/21/23)

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the new moon at 0’50 aries is exact on tuesday march 21st, 2023 at 1:23pm EST- commencing a new lunar cycle focused on taking action, setting things into motion and starting new things. this new moon comes one day after the spring equinox (fall in the southern hemisphere) so we have some back to back ‘new beginning’ energy incoming (i talk more about the impact of the dark moon in the equinox chart in my Solar Gate Call here-

this new moon is a MASSIVE activation of the Aries Point. the Aries Point is the 1st degree of aries but also the other 3 cardinal signs of cancer, libra dn capricorn. the 1st degree of all these signs mark the equinoxes and solstices which are the quarter points in the journey of the sun through the wheel of the year. the Aries Point has political and world wide implications and of course every spring we have the sun at 0 aries but this year we have the new moon there with mars crossing into 0 cancer on march 25th. big turning points personally, collectively and for humanity can be incoming.

there is SO MUCH aries energy in the new moon chart!! we have the sun, moon, mercury, chiron, jupiter, vesta and eris all placed in tropical aries- the sign of the Warrior and Pioneer. the sun is just separating from a conjunction with neptune (exact on march 15th) and it is as though we are moving out of the primordial waters of the Unconscious and moving back into the Light. this new moon can definitely have a rebirth energy feel to it. yet with so much aries fire we want to make sure we are not being impulsive, reactive or restless as the genie we let out of the bottle right now will not be able to be put back. thinking ahead is not aries favorite thing to do – but we must right now. this is why i titled this blog ‘taking action based on wide angle vision’ ;)

the aries energy is amplified by the new moon’s square to aries’ ruler mars who is at 28’12 gemini. just 5 days later mars moves into cancer and he will make the first major trigger to pluto who just moved into aquarius on march 23rd. a mars/pluto quincunx right out of the equinox gateway can make for power struggles and intensity but also brings the capacity for profound transformation and empowerment if we use the energies wisely.

luckily the new moon semisextiles saturn newly in pisces and sextiles pluto at 29’58 capricorn- who is about to move into aquarius 2 days after the new moon. these two planets are in transition in march- moving from an old sign to a new one, symbolizing huge endings and new beginnings unfolding. the new moon activates these transition points in a big way- making the whole month a month of shift and change at the personal and collective levels.

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a fascinating mythic theme shows up in the new moon chart involving ceres, persephone and pluto. we have the new moon opposite retrograde ceres at 0’19 libra, while saturn is conjunct the asteroid proserpina and opposite the asteroid persephone (prosperina is the roman name for persephone). we also have pluto at the karmic completion degree of 29’58 capricorn and pluto sextiles the sun and moon, while trining ceres! if you know your mythology you know that persephone was the daughter of demeter (greek name for ceres) and that pluto/hades abducted her. this myth was part of the elusianian mysteries which were tied to the cycle of life that included both growth and pruning, death and rebirth. pluto’s harmonious link to the new moon and ceres lets me know that a transformation of an old mythos that humanity has been adhering to is on offer.

ceres is the Earth Mother and is intimately tied into the environment, climate change, and the purity and availability of (or lack of) precious natural resources like water, air and food. this new moon can spotlight the environment and the changes that are happening. in light of atmospheric rivers in the west coast, train wrecks and chemicals in ohio and much more- the earth is most certainly talking. we just need to LISTEN and more than that ACT on what we hear/realize.

all planets are direct now until mercury stations retrograde in 30 days- so we have a train that is not just moving but is picking up speed. as this is an aries point lunation- we can set BIG THINGS into motion right now but we better choose wisely as there will be no re-routing this train once it has picked up full speed in the direction it is headed.

this solar gate way (until may 5th) and lunar gateway until april 20th are HUGE. the next new moon is at 29’50 aries- so we have two new moons in aries! one at the 1st degree and one at the last. the 2nd new moon in a sign is called a black moon. that black moon is also a north node solar eclipse square pluto. the next two new moons are potent. orient your sails and focus your energy wisely!

more on this new moon can be found in the Lunar Gate Call posted by march 18th and the Lunar Horoscopes by the new moon on march 21st. you can find them linked below.

i leave you with the Star Sparks and Sabian Symbol degrees for this new moon. they are the same symbols for the equinox since this new moon is at 0’50 aries it is still in the first degree. as such these meditations can be extra potent to tune into. for Star Sparks i love the image of ‘becoming a will being, an effective agent of change’. it’s time to be ‘that somebody around here…do(ing) what is needed”. for the Sabian Symbol we see an image of Venus rising out of the sea- a reminder that the Aries point generates ’new forms and the potentiality of consciousness’. it speaks to our ‘impulse to be’ and how we have to be aware of falling back into the Unconscious we just emerged from. you can read the full text for both below.

blessed new moon and i hope to see you in my Masterclass on Pluto moving into Aquarius on saturday march 18th!








by ellias lonsdale

Aries 1 A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring

He sticks to the task. He stays in the here and now. He does not want to know anything about the past, anything about all the complex connections you can make between one thing and another. He is intent on freeing himself from the mind and becoming a will being, an effective agent of change.

But he will seek the most straightforward and outwardly unremarkable of contexts and ways to do it. He is allergic to complications. He wants to get to work, he wants to see results, he wants to stay naïve to the overall factors that others insist upon.

For he has this notion. He is right on it. His notion is that somebody around here should do what is needed, get down to cases, and shut up. He has heard enough to last forever. All he can believe in now is what works, what advances things, what moves the energy somewhere interesting.

His skills, his focus, his aim are incredible. When you’re this intent upon one thing only, you get it straight. And he loves that sensation of getting it right, of being on.

Yes, he does like others to notice. Yes, he does feel a fervor. He’s got an attitude. There are lots of things he doesn’t like. This is someone who has a very particular point of view and a very particular direction in life.

When you are rough and straight and not very sensitized to the nuances, you can indeed get yourself in lots of trouble. But when you are willing to work hard and are good at second wind and taking it to the next level, you can easily outlive your own folly. Bangs on the head are nothing here.


by dane rudhyar

SCENE ONE: DESIRE (Aries 1° to Aries 15°)



KEYNOTE: Emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness.

This is the first of the 360 phases of a universal and multilevel cyclic process which aims at the actualization of a particular set of potentialities. These potentialities, in the Sabian symbols, refer to the development of man’s individualized consciousness — the consciousness of being an individual person with a place and function (a “destiny”) in the planetary organism of the Earth, and in a particular type of human society and culture.

To be individually conscious means to emerge out of the sea of generic and collective consciousness — which to the emerged mind appears to be unconsciousness. Such an emergence is the primary event. It is the result of some basic action: a leaving behind, an emerging from a womb or matrix, here symbolized by the sea.

Such an action is not to be considered a powerful, positive statement of individual being. In the beginning is the Act; but it is often an imperceptible, insecure act. The small tender germ out of the seed does not loudly proclaim its existence. It has to pierce through the crust of the soil still covered with the remains of the past. It is all potentiality and a minimum of actual presence.

In the symbol, therefore, the emergent entity is a Woman; symbolically speaking, a form of existence still close to the unconscious depths of generic biological nature, filled with the desire to be rather than self-assertion. The woman is seen embraced by a seal because the seal is a mammal which once had experienced a biological, evolutionary but relatively unconscious emergence, yet which retraced its steps and “returned to the womb” of the sea. The seal, therefore, represents a regressive step. It embraces the Woman who has emerged, because every emergent process at first is susceptible to failure. This process is indeed surrounded by the memory, the ghosts of past failures during previous cycles. The impulse upward is held back by regressive fear or insecurity; the issue of the conflict depends on the relative strength of the future-ward and the past-ward forces.

The possibility of success and that of failure is implied throughout the entire process of actualization. Every release of potentiality contains this two-fold possibility. It inevitably opens up two paths: one leads to “perfection” in consciousness, the other to “disintegration” – the return to the undifferentiated state (the state of humus, manure, cosmic dust – i.e. to the symbolic “great Waters of space,” to chaos)

This symbol characterizes the first of five stages which are repeated at three levels. This stage represents the initial statement, or theme, of the five-fold series which refers to the first level: IMPULSE TO BE.