new moon in aquarius- 2/9/2013

by | Feb 6, 2013 | Lunar Insight

the new moon in aquarius is exact on saturday, february 9th at 11:20pm PST- commencing a new lunar cycle. this lunation is important in chinese astrology as it is the start of their new year! in china the new moon is on sunday- so the chinese new year of the water snake commences on february 10th.

a new moon is a time of seeding something, initiating and starting a new cycle. in visionary, eccentric and rebellious aquarius we are supported in starting on a brand new path- perhaps something that digresses from the traditional, conventional or from what is typically expected of us. the only planetary aspect the new moon makes is a semisquare to uranus in aries. since uranus rules this lunation we have an extra amplified uranian moon- which can be really freeing and liberating OR really ungrounding and upsetting. either way, uranus/aquarius energy comes in to make changes and wake us up! so wherever we have been asleep or content but avoiding change- we’d expect the unexpected!

the new moon is also square the nodal axis. with the evolutionary north node in deep, transformative scorpio and the karmic south node in attached, stubborn taurus we are being given an opportunity to break from the past in unprecedented ways. if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. take a look at your life- particularly the areas of life this new moon Lights up (check your weekly horoscopes) and see if there are any situations in which you are stuck or stagnant. these are the areas to focus the new moon energies on.

to add to the transformative and unsettling energy of the new moon, both the sun and moon are opposite the asteroid siva who symbolizes the hindu God of destruction and transformation. siva represents breakdown/breakthrough process that lead us to new insights and into new aspects of our lives. he is like the snake always shedding his skin- never wanting to stay stuck in an old habit/pattern/life/relationship/situation simply because it feels comfortable and safe. with siva in leo this death and rebirth process is playing out on the level of the ego. wherever our ego attachments are, we’d do well to consciously address them and see if we can let go of needing to be in control, needing to be right or needing to be seen and acknowledged as special (all leo themes). with the new moon in aquarius our focus is on connection, community and unifying the entire body of humanity- it is not about my personal needs, my role as a leader or my time to shine. it’s about WE right now, not ME.

the ancient ruler of the new moon is saturn and he is currently in scorpio and set to go retrograde in 8 1/2 days. with saturn slowing down to station themes around structure, order, discipline and mastery are a focus. how do we balance grounding (saturn) with change (aquarius/uranus)? how do we honor the past while embracing the future? if we are overly stuck in the 3d reality, focusing on money, security, safety and stability- we will miss our opportunities for freedom, liberation and evolution. in order to evolve we have to leave our comfort zone. that is what the new moon in aquarius with saturn stationary is telling us.

the other major configuration in the new moon chart is the conjunction of neptune, mars, mercury and chiron in pisces all square to jupiter in gemini. all this pisces energy can be very idealistic, romantic, spiritual and super sensitive. with the squares to jupiter in heady gemini we can tend to overidealism and a lot of excess mental energy. seeing the possibilities is one thing, manifesting them is another. jupiter and pisces helps us believe, but aquarius/uranus helps us change and saturn helps us manifest and integrate those changes. it’s all a Divine Dance of the Cosmic Forces- and we are the dancers working it out here on earth.

the new moon does not make a lot of aspects, which focuses it’s energy in more intent ways. take time to honor this new moon cycle by setting intentions on what you plan to seed or initiate in your life at this time. with aquarius highlighted it is also a great new moon to plant the seeds of your greatest hopes and wishes. knowing what they are is one thing, doing what you need to do to realize them is another.

lunar blessings…

~divine harmony

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