lunar eclipse in sagittarius- 6/4/2012

by | May 28, 2012 | Lunar Insight

the current lunar cycle we are in is POTENT. we are in the eclipse portal/wormhole which coincides with dramatic change, rapid evolution and sudden shifts! the current lunar cycle began with the solar eclipse in gemini on 5/20 and the midpoint of the lunar cycle occurs on 6/4 when the lunar eclipse in sagittarius occurs. this eclipse is significant for several reasons- it is conjunct the great attractor, it happens on the same day as the neptune station, and the next day the rare and auspicious venus transit of the sun occurs. clearly the 48 hour period surrounding june 4th and 5th are POWERFUL- and since knowledge is power, being aware of what energies are building can be very helpful for us as we navigate the opening of june 2012- a month that is going to be the most powerful of 2012 yet and perhaps even of the 21st century!

the lunar eclipse in sagittarius will be exact at 4:12am PDT. solar eclipses tend to initiate, activate and commence new things, while lunar eclipses serve as times of ending, releasing, death (that precedes rebirth) and surrender of the past. with the lunar eclipse in sagittarius some aspect of what we need to let go of involves our attitudes, beliefs and anything that stands in the way of a deeper connection to our Higher Selves. this lunar eclipse is at the potent degree 14’14 sagittarius. numerologically the number 14 has connections to archangels heirarchy, spiritual teaching/teachers and reverence. it is also said to be a maturity number and have very karmic energies attached to it. this is very interesting considering this eclipse is also conjunct the great attractor- a powerful point in the heavens that is the convergence of tens of thousands of milky ways. it is essentially the grand central sun of our galaxy and many, many others, and it is a point towards which all these milky ways are speeding towards at 14 million miles per hour. spiritually the significance of this point in the heavens is profound. it has connections to Higher consciousness, evolution, Ultimate Truth and enlightenment. to have a such a profound point activated by the lunar eclipse is really, really significant!

in addition to the powerful numerology and galactic connections this eclipse has there are aspects made by the moon that give deeper insight into what this lunation has in store for us. the moon is opposite retrograde venus, who is set to transit the sun in less than 38 hours (exact on 6/5). venus only transits the face of the sun once every 120 or so years and she does so in pairs. the last time she did this was back in june of 2004. since then we have been in particular window of time- an 8 year venus cycle that has profound implications on the Divine Feminine manifestation in the world and of course in our personal lives. the symbolism of the Divine Feminine eclipsing or crossing the face of the solar/masculine/ego consciousness (sun) activates and brings Light to/resurrects the Goddess in her dark and light forms in powerful ways. this venus transit is highly anticipated and is very important to the mayan people. in fact a huge part of the 2012 mayan prophecy is directly related to this venus transit! having the retrograde venus opposite this lunation brings the Goddess and her energies into focus. with an opposition occurring the energies implied speak to polarity, disconnect and a need for integration. we need to find the bridge between seemingly opposite energies- masculine and feminine, outer and inner, ego and Unconscious.

another dynamic aspect to this lunation is a square to mars in virgo. there is actually a T-square formed between the sun, moon, venus and mars- highlighting the tension and conflict between the masculine and feminine and a need to find a Sacred balance between the two. this can be a very romantic, creative and passionate time- it can also be conflictual, problematic and intense. with the two aspects of the masculine and feminine at odds with each other we can see this playing out in relationships- personally and publicly. opportunities to shadow dance abound! with mars making so many squares to all the personal planets (mars squares sun, moon, mercury and venus) the energy generated is POTENT. but it can also be argumentative, violent, aggressive, selfish and impulsive- so be aware.

the other notable influence during the time of this eclipse is neptune set to station retrograde 10 hours later (exact at 2:05pm). neptune is the planet of mysticism, spirituality, and connection to the Unconscious. he is also the planet of delusion, deception, addiction and confusion. with his station retrograde in his home sign of pisces the veil between the worlds is thin- or perhaps non-existent! a lot of information/awareness can come through- so paying attention to dreams, intuition, psychic perception and synchronicities is key. neptune governs the Unconscious and the waters of the world- so eruptions of both are possible (symbolically and literally). we have to be aware that the potential for spiritual openings as well as mass deception and delusion are BOTH possible. this is a time to question reality AND question our fantasies. the collective desire to be kept sedated/unware of Truth can be really potent right now, but so is the collective ability to break through the veils and see to the Truth!

with the lunar eclipse in truth-seeking sagittarius a big part of what is coming to Light is a need to question what Ultimate Truth is. we need to question our beliefs, thoughts and attitudes and really look at where we are attached to being right in a way that is separative with others rather than integrative. life is about balance- balance between distinction and connection, between masculine and feminine, between individuality and Oneness. this eclipse can highlight where we are in that balance and what needs to be realigned or rectified.

the days surrounding this eclipse are very powerful and should be treated as such. doing something that honors the cycles of life and connects us into nature and the Beyond is recommended (i will be in the south of france immersing myself in the land of the Goddess there!). if you have planets or placements in your chart around 14 degrees of mutable signs (gemini, virgo, sadge or pisces) you are getting activated! the same goes for 3 degrees of mutable signs (where neptune stations retrograde) and 16 degrees of mutable signs (where venus transits the sun). for more in-depth info check the weekly horoscopes posted for the week of 6/4 (they will be up by sunday night) to see how this is affecting your sign. don’t forget to read for sun AND rising sign!

see you on the other side of the eclipse portal…

~divine harmony

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