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lunar eclipse in gemini- 12/10/11 at 6:36am PST

this saturday december 10th, 2011 we have a lunar eclipse in gemini occurring, marking the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the solar eclipse on thanksgiving (11/24).  we are fully in the eclipse portal- being impulsed to evolve by the Universe in dramatic, exciting fashion!  eclipses often coincide with endings, releasing, purging, death of an old order/situation/relationship/paradigm so that something new can come into being.  the solar eclipse that occurred two weeks ago initiated new beginnings wherever sagittarius is in your natal charts (check previous weekly horoscopes for more info) but this week’s lunar eclipse requires endings/releasing of the past wherever gemini falls in your natal chart first so that new life can begin.

the lunar eclipse is exact at 6:36am PST and falls at 18’10 gemini.  the full moon/lunar eclipse pits the sun/conscious self opposite the moon/unconscious and brings to Light the shadow of that which we have not been looking at.  climaxes and culmination points are common with lunar eclipses- so be aware that certain situations in your life are likely coming to a head.  because we are in an eclipse portal we are in period of time that has the potential for rapid evolution and shifts in consciousness, but it requires that we release the karmic past with equal suddenness and awareness. if we can stay attuned to the fact that our Higher Selves called this evolution in then we can get on board with the change and growth and become masters of our own evolution!

this lunar eclipse is very intense due to the aspects made to it by the other planets.  the moon in gemini quincunxes venus in capricorn, squares mars in virgo, semisquares jupiter, and cojoins the south node.  all the aspects this eclipse makes are tense- which can support us in taking action and growing but it can also be overstimulating and create impulsivity- so we need to be aware.

with this lunation tensely aspect venus and mars- the Divine Lovers- a lot of the drama, intensity, endings and purging going on right now is likely going to relate to interpersonal relationships.  this can include romantic others, but also friends, teachers, business partners, anyone we have a one on one dynamic with.  both venus and mars are in earth signs- highlighting the need to ground, focus and get life into order.  yet the full moon is in the mutable sign of gemini which highlights movement, change and restlessness.  if we over do either energy right now- grounding/responsibility or movement/change we will find ourselves polarized.  there is a need to find balance between the two- but it can seem very hard with the emotional energy so high!

the moon’s tense aspect to jupiter can exacerbate the restless energy and also the tendency to take on too much, do too much, and say too much.  remember, mercury (the ruler of the eclipse) is still retrograde for a few more days (till 12/13) and won’t leave his shadow until new year’s eve.  insights galore are coming in, but we are still integrating this information and working to make sense of it.  if we act too soon we could miss some key pieces of the puzzle, yet if we don’t take action soon enough we may find ourselves way behind the finish line when the metaphorical race ends.  with the tense aspect from jupiter we need to have a healthy awareness of our boundaries and limitations in balance with our need to take action and make change- otherwise we will just stay stuck and repeat the past.

with moon conjunct the south node there is a HUGE pull to the past right now.  it can feel as though we are intoxicated/drugged/unconsciously influenced by our past- feelings, emotions, people, relationships, situations- things that are no longer good for us and need to be released so that we can grow.  the south node is what feels easy because we have mastered it in the past- but it is also the area we act out of unconsciousness which can only lead us to places we have already been.  the north node is where we are growing and evolving- but it is hard and not a quick fix.  it tends to be the energy we most want to resist because it is not comfortable or easy.

right now the north node is approaching it’s exact conjunction with the great attractor- a point of destiny and evolution in the Universe.  if the galactic center is the center of our galaxy, the great attractor is the center of many galaxies and Universes including our own.  it lies at 14’01 sagittarius and with the evolutionary north node lining up with it we have opportunities to grow in Universal and Cosmic consciousness.  wherever sagittarius is in your natal chart you are being impulsed to grow and get beyond your (little) self BIG TIME!

evolution is always a fine balance between growth and decay, moving into the new while leaving something of the old behind.  this eclipse portal demands that we let go of something so that we can open to something more.  and with uranus, the great awakener, rebel and revolutionary, stationing direct just hours before this eclipse- change and radical shifts are the order of the day!

enjoy the ride ;)

~divine harmony

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