full moon on the Galactic Center- opening to Source

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 25’53 sagittarius is exact on monday june 17th 2019 at 1:31am PDT. this full moon marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in gemini on june 2nd. that new moon was opposite the Great Attractor and this full moon is conjunct the Galactic Center- so we are in a VERY POWERFUL lunar cycle right now that is magnifying Source Points that connect us to Greater Truth, Higher Wisdom and Expanded Consciousness. in short- this is a very intense and powerful lunar cycle.

the full moon at 26 sagittarius (we always round up to the nearest whole degree) is aligned with the center of our milky way galaxy- xibalba of the ancient mayans and seen by many ancient cultures as the Womb of the Great Mother that birthed the galaxy we live in. this point in the sky is known as the Gate of God and the Golden Gate- opposite of which is the Gate of Man and the Silver Gate at 26 gemini. at the time of this full moon the portal is open for access to Higher realms, Higher versions of ourselves, realizations of Higher Truths and embodiment of Higher Understanding- but it is up to each of us to walk through the Golden Gate!

we don’t just have the lunations during this lunar cycle activating these powerful points (GA and GC) we also have jupiter doing so all year long. jupiter is in sagittarius- one of the two signs he rules (the other being pisces) and this year he aligned with the GA in january, will station direct on the GA in mid august and then aligns with the GC in mid november. these are HUGE alignments with jupiter- the ruler of sagittarius- in the sign he rules and activating these Galactic, transpersonal, transcendent points in the cosmos.

if you know your traditional astrology you know there are 12 signs. but there is also a constellation that the sun actually transits through called ophiuchus the serpent bearer- and if you are being literal about the sun’s passage through the ecliptic both of these points of the Great Attractor and the Galactic Center actually fall in this occult and esoteric constellation (some call it the 13th sign). some say this constellation was purposely hidden or removed from the ecliptic- saying that the magic and power it held was not meant for the masses or was being hidden from them intentionally so they would not access the elixir of life.

the number 13 has been maligned and feared but actually is connected to the Goddess and has a very sacred, occult significance. some images show ophiuchus holding the serpent with a grail underneath the serpents head- showing the serpent bearer catching the poison of the snake which he will then turn into a cure. ophiuchus is also known as asklepios- he was a great healer who could raise people from the dead. the transformative, resurrection power of this constellation is immense! some say that pre patriarchy the serpent bearer was actually a she not a he- which makes sense when you track the history of the archetype of the serpent and its connection to ancient Mother Goddess religions. if you are interested in learning more about ophiuchus check out the blog i wrote years ago here- https://divineharmony.com/writings/my-thoughts-on-ophiuchus-the-13th-sign/

so having this full moon magnify the Galactic Center and activate the archetype of the serpent bearer- we see there are some huge mystical and spiritual energies afoot right now! but it will take eyes to see and ears to hear the undercurrent and frequency pulsating out from the Universe. be sure to give yourself time to tune into the subtler dimension.

this lunation and the new moon that began this lunar cycle both tie into the jupiter/neptune square. jupiter is widely conjunction the full moon and neptune square it- with the new moon in early june opposite jupiter and square neptune. both jupiter and neptune are spiritual planets and they like to see the positive side of things. they are in the signs they rule which makes their spiritual energies extra potent but because of the square aspect they can also overdo their positivity addiction and be escapist, in denial, spiritual bypassing, turning to addictions to numb out and generally not really seeing/dealing with the realities of life. we want to be aware of where we are checking out, instead of checking in. we also want to be aware of where we may be confusing fantasy or fear with intuition.

we have the neptune station on the solstice- so we have a very slow neptune all month and particularly at the time of this full moon- making the mystical and spiritual extra potent but also the veils of illusion/delusion easier to be confused by. the neptune fog is thick! and we want to have inner vision to see the Truth no matter what. discernment is the greatest siddhi you can cultivate- beyond making gold appear out of thin air or walking on water. these are parlor tricks compared to being able to see clearly- not just what is on the surface but also what is in the depths and in the shadows. and not just in others but also in the self.

a very significant aspect in the full moon chart is neptune’s trine to the north node in cancer- the mystical gifts of intuition, psychic perception, Higher Heart and Higher Love are opening up in a huge way. this is amazing astrology- and fascinating as we also are in the midst of saturn on the karmic south node (from may to september). saturn is the root chakra, neptune is the crown chakra and also the Higher Heart. saturn is helping us see what in the past needs to be completed and/or released- while neptune and the north node are showing us great visions of the future. getting intimate with our emotions, in touch with our inner child, honoring of the feminine are all key with the north node in cancer (for more info on how this plays out for your sign listen to your horoscopes).

yet we also have jupiter quincunx the north node- and jupiter in sagittarius is like the wild horse running wild, free and not wanting to be bound. sadge and fire signs in general want to move on and be upbeat- but the north node in cancer requires we honor our emotions and be with our vulnerability and neediness. so the key with both jupiter and neptune triggering the nodes is to not escape or spiritually bypass but truly honor the emotional body, the feminine body (water is a feminine element after all) and really be with ALL of our feelings- not just the happy go lucky ones. (great opportunity for shadow work this lunation!).

another super potent alignment is mars in cancer in the midst of triggering the capricorn confluence- opposing saturn and the south node on june 14th. but the big D-day is june 19th- 2 days after the full moon- when mercury aligns with mars and they both oppose pluto. the capricorn confluence comprises of pluto on the south node (exact end of march/early april) and saturn on the south node end of april to september. it’s some of the BIGGEST astrology of 2019 and it’s karmic and intense. all the unresolved stuff is coming to light with these south node conjunctions and this month mars is triggering them. mars- as a faster moving planet- is often an activator of longer term transits. he lights a fire under our butts and forces us to do something. the key here is to make sure we are not being reactive, impulsive, aggressive or violent- but taking action from a place of response and maturity. luckily mars is aligned with the destined fated north node- if we come from a Higher Place the things we set into motion can be very, very good for our growth and evolution!

i highly recommend using this full moon to question things, open our minds and see with Greater Vision. with the sun on the gate of man and the full moon on the Gate of God we can have far reaching vision around the crossroads we are at personally in our evolution from profane to sacred, from human to divine- but also collectively as a humanity and as earth beings. this is a time to pay attention to the portents and to the signs. to stay open to Truth revealing itself in many myriads of manifestations. do watch out for excessive hubris and dogma and instead use this illuminating lunation to shine a light on the Truth and then do the work to embody and fully live that Truth.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for 26 sagittarius- climbing the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun. his insights on the degrees are always potent, mystical and insightful- and this one does not disappoint! this degree asks us to ‘take 100% wakeful presence within (our) immediate and very real predicament’. he speaks to ‘a Higher Power’ that is at work here- pulling our soul heavenward. he says this is a Universal Portal (the Galactic Center)- as we climb the steps towards the Golden Gateway that leads to the Spiritual Sun. the key is in realizing we cannot go up and out if we have not gone fully down and in. ascension without descension is not the goal. enlightenment without embodiment is only 1/2 the task.

when there is so much high frequency occult energy- the mind can get on overload trying to understand it. instead take time to meditate, drop into your body and out of your mind- and let the current take you where you are meant to go. pay attention to the inner realms while you stay committed to showing up in your outer life. after the ecstasy the laundry. and before the ecstasy the dishes ;) you will be amazed at what pops up out of nowhere when you stay open and attuned. stay committed to being a spiritual being having a human experience- and let the Universe open the portal for you.


~divine harmony

Star Sparks
by Ellias Lonsdale

Sagittarius 26 Climbing the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun

The prenatal resolve to take the karmic journey all the way through this time. The intensive commitment to resolve all remaining dilemmas, to quicken every place of constriction, and to get on with the infinite possibility that is calling so urgently and brightly.
An extraordinarily capable and rugged stream. The veteran of just about every conceivable past glory and past defeat returns resiliently to command a whole new vision in an unfolding new world. All it takes is 100% wakeful presence within one’s immediate and very real predicament. This involves coming up against each errant fragment and being asked to be done with them now.
A higher power is at work here. This power pulls the soul heavenward. It draws forth an essential capability. Yet there is so much work to do to complete what has been begun. So there are these cycles within cycles which cannot be rushed through and prove to be arduous, rigorous, consuming all there to take up progressively.
An interior splendor is dawning, is seeking to emerge, is already apparent. This provides a leverage, a momentum, a scope and a passion. Every bit of it is vitally needed for all of us to benefit from this one.
Ultimately, this is a universal portal, open to the future, alive to every bright and wondrous spark that can get us where we’re going. It is a selfless frequency which involves a whole lot of self along the way.
The intent is pure and deep. The awareness is acute and on the mark. The only thing is to stay with it very sharply and know all things are coming true.