Friday April 10th 2020

full moon in taurus- change is in the air!

the full moon at 1’13 taurus is exact on wednesday october 24th 2018 at 9:45am PDT. this marks the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in libra square pluto on october 8th. that new moon and this full moon are both ruled by venus (venus rules libra and taurus) and with venus retrograde right now we are all in a deep period of reevaluation in relationships, finances, our values, self worth, self Love and more.

with the taurus/scorpio axis there is also a big focus right now on resources- both income and outflow, money earned and money owed and shared. taurus is the sign of form and holding on- while scorpio is the sign of trans-form-ation and letting go. this is definitely a week to determine what is the baby and what is the bathwater. holding onto to things, people, ideas out of safety and security can be the very thing that keeps us from the growth and evolution we week. yet letting go to soon due to fears around stability, security or commitment can also happen. each of us needs to tune into our personal growth edge- do you let go too soon or do you hang on too long? an honest self check in is necessary.

uranus just moved into taurus in may and will dip back into aries in november until march of 2019- and then he will officially be back in this venus ruled sign. uranus is about change- while taurus is about stability and security. uranus in taurus will bring a revolution in our values, our finances, our relationships and more. uranus demands growth, evolution and freedom. anything we hold onto out of safety and security but which actually stunts our growth is on the chopping board. with this full moon conjunct uranus and opposite venus retrograde- we are asked to really take stock of what is important in our lives. what are your basic values? and is your life/relationships/career path in alignment with said values? if not what needs to change?

the full moon is square the nodes almost EXACT- so there is a near perfect grand cross between the sun, the moon and the north and south nodes of destiny and karma. a grand cross feels like many areas of life pulling us in different directions. a grand cross in fixed signs brings a need to see where we are rigid and holding onto something from the past that is hurting or harming us (be it belief, attitude, person, place or thing). the north node is in leo for only a little while longer (the nodes change signs next month)- asking us to come into our hearts, our radiance, our passions and authentic self! the shadow of the south node in aquarius is where we detach from the heart, only come from the head and do so at the expense of our humanity (personally and collectively). the moon with uranus and the south node in uranus-ruled aquarius is pitted agains the north node in leo with the ruling planet the sun in scorpio. the past is easy to default to- but growth requires moving into uncharted territory. if not now, when?

the ruler of this lunation is venus who is retrograde and luckily sextile saturn. uranus is about change and upheaval- but in the midst of all this change saturn is showing us very clearly what IS stable, enduring and able to go the distance. maybe certain people are leaving your life or situations are ending- but look to see who and what IS showing up. these are the people or things to give thanks for. saturn reminds us that when we focus on the long term reward rather than the short term benefit- we can truly build a legacy that lasts.

i leave you with the star sparks meditation for 2 taurus. it’s interesting as it speaks to a kind of moment in time stillness which can borderline stagnancy. it speaks to the healing that happens when we can just BE- but also the avoidance of growth and evolution when just being is a means to avoid doing and moving forward. this is the scorpio/taurus axis at it’s depth. when to hold on? when to let go? when to just be? when to do? when to be ahead? when to fall behind? are wilting flowers in a vase dead energy that we need to throw out (that is what feng shui says) or is there beauty in the death and grace in the decay? can we ‘be at rest and embrace the stillness with equanimity’? with uranus on the taurus full moon i would change those words and ask ‘can we be at rest and embrace the chaos with equanimity’? uranus brings change- it is up to us to find our center amidst the wheel of fortune that goes round and round!


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Taurus 2 Wilting flowers that form a graceful pattern in a vase

Being carried away into a state of being which is quite deadly, yet attractive and fascinating. It is deadly, in that it moves away from life, from all that is fresh and new and seeks twilight places through which to enact passively levels of existence which depend upon being able to dream and forget. Yet it is attractive and fascinating because even as the anti-life tendency persists, there are overflows into every kind of insight, discovery, reflection and feelings of connection with places others might never go unless invited there by one who is dreaming into these ceaselessly.
The wistful aspect of this frequency is that we cannot create or form a sustaining or enduring path forward. There is no basis for this kind of attainment. Instead, we are limited to over and over again running through our fingers the ways it was and could have been.
The most redemptive side of this frequency is what it offers in it’s reverie as off the cuff treasures and sparkling jeweled facets of worlds gone by. In a certain way, life becomes saturated with a fond feeling, a favorable cast of letting it all be. This is especially healing and restorative in high stress situations where it is soothing and wonderful to be relieved of the pressure of being somebody in particular in a time urgent world.
The sad and sorrowful truth is that this is a way station chosen strictly for the purposes of being allowed to be spared any fire of needing to get it together, in order to heal on the inside slowly and in ways which are outside the loop of destiny or any forward movement. This can be just the right place to be, but even then it is laced with regrets and a deep down feeling of so much being lost and fading away.
Nonetheless, if we do choose to take up this pattern, we have our reasons. It may be true that we don’t always need to be happening in some powerful sense. Just to be at rest and to embrace the stillness with equanimity is a rare virtue.

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