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full moon in taurus- 11/10/11

the full moon in taurus falls on thursday november 10th, 2011 at 12:16pm PST- marking the halfway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in scorpio on october 26th. full moons are fruition points. they bring with them heightened emotional energy, climaxes and crisis points depending upon how energy has been worked with since the current lunar cycle began. with the fixed signs taurus and scorpio highlighted (where the moon and sun are located respectively) we have themes of sensuality, sexuality, intimate relationships, ownership, possessiveness, stubbornness, and material or financial affairs highlighted. this full moon can either bring unresolved things in the areas of intimate relationships or finances to a crisis point, or alternatively they can be brought to a climax and fruition point if things have consciously been worked on and dealt with since the recent new moon began. either way- there is a deep shifting and transformative process going on.

in the full moon chart the only aspects made to the sun and moon involve tense ones from uranus and pluto- who are currently in a square dynamic with each other. uranus is the revolutionary and rebel who demands change and overthrowing the old order at any cost! pluto is the lord of the underworld who demands that we face the shadow, die and rebirth ourselves and our lives in some way, and ultimately supports our transformation and evolution. with these two in tense aspect to the full moon there are extraordinary forces pushing for our evolution and growth- whether or not we want to evolve and grow! this full moon can be very intense- especially if we have been stubbornly holding onto old paradigm thinking/partnerships and playing our part in old karmic circumstances for way too long. with uranus and pluto involved in this lunation change is not just an option is a given. whether or not we move with the change, support the change and hopefully even initiate it- is up to us.

some other notables in the full moon chart include two stationary planets- neptune and chiron. neptune stationed direct in aquarius on wednesday of this week (the 9th) and he will complete his journey in aquarius that began back in 1998 in the next several months. neptune moves into his home sign of pisces next february- so between now and then an entire chapter or even volume in our lives is finding completion. with neptune direct at this full moon spirituality, inspiration, romance and idealism are high right now- but so, too, are the shadow aspects of neptune: delusion, deception, denial, avoidance, martyr behavior and codependency. chiron is also stationary- set to go direct the same day as the full moon. chiron is in pisces- neptune’s sign- and he is highlighting our wounds, pain and suffering from the past that involve having healthy boundaries (or lack thereof), the desire to see all the beauty and none of the shadow, the tendency to put people on pedestals that they are bound to fall off of, being so overly sensitive and incapable of managing it which leads to addictions, and issues with grounding, being present and connected to reality. as chiron stations he brings up all of our issues with the above mentioned themes and he asks us to deal with them and work towards healing- so that we can eventually grow in awareness, consciousness and wisdom.

mercury and venus (the ruler of this full moon) are nearly exact in their conjunction in the sign of sagittarius- and they are close to the north node which is close to the great attractor (if you do not know what that is read my post under the astrology blog on my website). right now communicating our feelings and emotions is supported- and even evolutionary! there is a need to speak our Truth but also leave space for others to do so as well. a desire for something new, exciting, adventurous or foreign can arise. if so- indulge it but make sure you aren’t just trying to run away from something else because you have the grass is greener syndrome ;)

last but not least mars is at the last degree of leo and conjunct a fixed star called regulus. regulus is the royal fixed start that connotes success, leadership and, yes, royalty (either literal or one having the air of it). with mars here we can take action in a way that is courageous, honorable and successful- but we have to beware of being egotistical and overly focused on our own needs or desires. the shadow of leo is quite narcissistic and does not care about anyone else other than himself. mars is about to move into virgo where he will be for 8 months due to his retrograde in january- so take note where virgo is in your chart and know that a lot of energy and focus will be funneled into the areas of life that house symbolizes.

it’s a dynamic full moon on the heels of a transformative new moon! i hope you are working with the energy consciously and taking empowered action in your life and the world around you :)

~divine harmony

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