Sunday September 19th 2021

the full moon at 10’12 pisces is exact on tuesday september 1st at 10:22pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the amazing Grand Fire Trine new moon in leo on august 18th. that new moon was a major ignition point but with the quincunx to saturn first we had to see and deal with what dampens our fire, holds us back and keeps us small. this full moon in pisces is another layer to this as this full moon is conjunct neptune and we are being asked to take the rose colored glasses off and SEE REALITY CLEARLY. at best the full moon in pisces asks us to attune to our dreams, deepen our intuition and surrender and let the Universe lead. but shadow neptune/pisces can also exacerbate tendencies to check out, be in denial, bury our heads in the sand, see what we want to see, turn to addictions to numb out.

this full moon makes a lot of tense aspects to venus, mars, saturn and pluto- so we really want to be aware of what we use to escape. be it drugs, alcohol, relationships, work, being online, even spirituality can be used to escape if we use it to transcend (or deny) what we have not moved fully through. luckily the full moon is sextile uranus and the sun is trine uranus- so the Higher Mind and Great Awakener is here to break us out and break us free! we can use the uranian energy to embrace change, create shift in stagnant and stuck situations and open our minds to see the Greater Picture at play.

the full moon trigged the venus/mars square that is in the midst of triggering the pluto/eris square. big things can be up in relationships, partnerships, marriages and more. home/family situations can also be intense with a need to see what is really going on and set better boundaries OR have a healthy relationship to anger and rage (not implode or explode but healthy expression).

when you add in juno, the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage, we have a Grand Cross with juno opposite mars/lilith/eris square to venus opposite saturn/pluto. this is a critical point where the weak links in relationships and family dynamics are definitely going to be revealed. some situations need new tactics to evolve and heal- others may be showing that it is the end of the road and the only choice is to let go. discerning between the two so that our impulses to run away or codependently stay too long are not the parts of us that are making the decisions is key.

the ruling planet of this lunation is neptune in pisces- in his sign of rulership. he makes aspects to 4 out of the 5 personal planets- 3 of these aspects can be seen as ‘tense’. compassion, altruism, forgiveness, intuition and dreams are supported but we need to be make sure it’s not blind compassion, premature forgiveness, fantasy or fear we think is intuition and dreams that are delusional. discernment is the counterbalance to pisces/neptune energy – so actively doing work to see clearly (within the self and within others, as well as in the world around us) is important.

i leave you with the star sparks degree for 11 pisces- the image of a crumbling wall is apt for a pisces full moon. the oceanic wave taking out to see that which was not strong enough to stay standing is a metaphor for this full moon. this is a full moon to let go and let Goddess. surrender and allow the Universe to lead you…




Pisces 11 A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy

What we are most up against is whatever we have made our own. This tends now to come back upon itself and to re-invent itself in ways both compulsive and illuminating. We have these memory-worlds which carry a lot of energy in them. Can we, will we, discharge that voltage, unplug from their steep caress, and be done with nightmares, the phantoms we insisted upon for so long.
The path is to clear these entangling, thick lies in releasing ourselves from a very old sense of self, perhaps taken as a given. We have hidden behind the disguise of being somehow passive and a product of experience. We have lain low in the underbrush of the familiar, the commonplace, the repetitive, the reassuring. It is that very sense of self we’ve built up and carried as our fortress against the world which is now giving way and must be relinquished at even deeper levels.
There is somebody in here trying to get out. There is a thrashing, insistent force in here that cannot stay cooped up one moment longer. There is a staggering build up of frustration, things unsearched, realms unplumbed, lives not lived. Everybody in here wants to come out now.
That primal cry echoes from every side of our world. Is it our own plea? Is it this earth that is casting us forth? Is it everybody here at once saying the same thing in that same voice?
The structures, the forms, the containers hold this energy of memory. They are as strong as we keep making them. As we become ourselves again, the way it seems to be cracks and cracks again. We are being released now inside the belly of the whole. There is somebody here who never could abide the fixed self world.

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