full moon in pisces- seeing through the veil of illusion

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we have a very powerful full moon in pisces coming on september 13th 2019 at 9:33pm PDT. this moon falls on friday the 13th- a day sacred to the Goddess as friday is vendredi in french named after venus and 13 is the sacred number to the Goddess as we have 13 lunations each year (either new moon or full moon), the moon moves 13 degrees a day, we have a secret 13th sign which is the snake bearer who originally was a female Goddess bearing the serpent but then later the myth changed to the bearer being a man, we have the 13th apostle marya magdalene (jesus’ consort) and the list goes on. friday the 13th is NOT evil- it’s magical, mystical and very powerful. and this year we have it occur on the same day as a very potent full moon!

this full moon marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on august 30th. that new moon was conjunct ALL THE PERSONAL PLANETS (sun through mars plus asteroid Goddess juno)- with a tight stellium of virgo planets all powerfully activated. virgo is the sign of discernment. it sees the details clearly and it has a very powerful critical faculty. not much gets past the eyes of virgo- as it is meant to see precisely not diffusely. the opposite sign of pisces is the sign of diffusion, imagination, idealism and illusion. where virgo sees what IS- pisces sees what can be. where virgo sees the trees- pisces sees the forrest. where virgo sees reality in a 3d sense (what can be seen, touched, tasted, smelled or heard)- pisces sees inter-dimensionally and transpersonally.

these two signs balance each other out- as virgo can be too critical and pisces can be too forgiving. virgo can be too perfectionist and pisces can be too pacifist. virgo sees with clarity but also severity while pisces sees with compassion and mercy. we want to have BOTH on board- yet very often we are really good at one at the expense of the other.

right now in this virgo season and lunar cycle with so many personal planets kicking off the lunation we are in- we are all being called to GET REAL. to pull back the veil of illusion or delusion and see reality as it is on its own terms. first we are being asked to SEE OURSELVES clearly. sometimes it can be easier to look out and point fingers- so and so is not doing their work, such and such leader of some country is out of integrity. right now we are being called to call ourselves out! where are WE not doing the work? where are WE ignored/denying/hiding our shadow? where is the Truth about the actions of our life needing to be owned?

this full moon in dreamy, magical and mystical pisces can get very out of focus- notably with the neptune/black moon lilith conjunction to the full moon. at best neptune adds more mysticism and capacity to channel and be in other dimensions. lilith adds depth, power and high magic. yet these 3 in alignment with each other can also throw veils over our eyes or make it easy for us to throw off a glamour- pretending to be someone or something we are not. it also makes it easy for others to throw glamors (regular people, politicians and more). smoke screens and mirrors are possible right now and the virgo anti-dote to all of this is discernment.

first and foremost get radically self honest with yourself. where are you not seeing clearly? where do you have rose colored glasses on? or your head buried in the sand? where are you lying to yourself, lying to others or allowing others to deceive you? where are you wanting to see the Love and Light- but completely ignoring (or painting over) the shadows?

i love me some pisces (pisces moon rising here!) but we need to have some honest self checkins on the shadow of pisces and our tendencies to fall into them. some of these include but are not limited to: being escapist, deluded, in denial, deceptive or easily deceived, avoidant of reality, stuck in fantasy, ungrounded with a tendency to go up into upper chakras and ignore the lower ones, engaging in the savior/victim complex, playing the martyr, being archetypally inflated and thinking you are God/Goddess, being stuck in your suffering, turning to addictions to substances/sex/people/things to numb out, being a psychic sponge- taking everything on with no filter, procrastinating and surrendering and never asserting and initiating, having unacknowledged deep grief and sorrow with a tendency to project onto the collective and feel the pain of the world but not be intimate with our own pain, having boundary issues, thinking all you have to do is think positive and positive things will happen and not realize that you have to also face and deal with the negative things to truly be healed and whole.

this full moon is not just conjunct neptune and lilith but is also square jupiter in sagittarius, triggering the jupiter/neptune square. these two planets of spirituality in tense aspect all year long have confronted us with where we want to go up and out instead of down and in. where we want the light but don’t want the heat, where we want to be seen as evolved and exalted but don’t want to see where we handicapped in our evolution. the desire to spiritually bypass with this aspect is STRONG and this full moon is amplifying that! (for more info on spiritual bypassing read the book by robert masters).

interestingly this full moon is opposite all the personal planets BUT the moon- still in virgo! we have the sun conjunct mars in virgo, mercury and venus conjunct at the karmic completion degree of 29 virgo and juno is there as well (she was there at the new moon too!). this full moon massively activates this virgo/pisces axis- asking us to find balance between embodiment and spirituality, discernment and hopefulness, seeing what is and seeing what can be. luckily the full moon is sextile pluto- helping us to dig deep and see into the shadow. helping us to do the deep work of self transformation and empowerment! but it will take commitment to said work and willingness to see where we are not seeing clearly- and call ourselves out on it!

2 days after the full moon we have the 3rd and final saturn/south node conjunction. the first of these was in may and the last is a doozy as saturn stations direct on the south node just a few days after the final conjunction (15th-18th). this has been a DEEPLY KARMIC TIME where all the unresolved shit and shadow has been up in our faces- personally and collectively. wherever things have been toxic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal, old paradigm, and an obstacle to our growth and evolution- we have been forced to address it. any issues we have with power, control, dominance, dogma, rigidity, fear around safety and security and the tendency to choose was is familiar over what is healthy, true and right is UP. with the full moon in neptune ruled pisces just days before the saturn/south node conjunction we have the veils of illusion parting to show us the reality of what IS so we can stop spiritual bypassing, face what needs to be faced, learn the lessons, complete the karma and move on.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the full moon degree. my favorite line altered so that is an ‘I statement’ is is this:
“if we can be as powerful as we are born to enter upon, we will bless by our creative powers being ourselves in a much broader sense”. we are the blacksmith and the forged creations. we are the pottery and the pottery on the wheel. at this full moon we are given an opportunity to see past the veil of illusion and get to the Truth. the Truth within and the Truth without. the Truth that will set us free- but first it might piss us off ;) use the lunar Light wisely and choose to see past your own self-delusion and any illusion around you. choose to truly SEE.

“The light of the body is the eye: if
therefore thine eye be single, thy
whole body shall be full of light.”
Matthew 6:22


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 22 A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate

He is forged upon his own anvil. His primary creation is his own newly minted self. Every (motion) he goes through is birthing pangs for imagining who he can be and is called to be, when left to his own devices, when allowed to create as the gods do.
The awesome responsibility to be taken on is to name things, to form them in a Divine Image, starting with himself and fanning out from there. He is greatly empowered to discover how to make a physical embodied version of self that carries all the spirit truth packed inside every inch of substance. And then he is asked to give of this same creator power into all.
What is very hard for him is to take on what he has agreed to and fulfill the contract as steadily and foundationally as he is inwardly meant to. For he is different from others, so different that if he looks around and lets the others impress themselves upon him, he gets greatly distracted. For it is so easy to take up lesser versions and still seem to be prodigally gifted and remarkable.
He must outlast his weakness, his shadow propensity for pleasing others, for being good, for fulfilling whatever is asked indiscriminately. He must outlive his insatiable hunger for good things to happen here, even if we bring them at the expense of ultimate values.
In essence, he must learn what endures and what turns out to be a momentary semblance. And then he is called to apply this wisdom to everything he touches. For his influence can be to carve out timeless, ultimate factors, and let all the others to be almost trivial around the edges.
If he can be as powerful as he is born to enter upon, he will bless by his creative powers being (himself) in a much broader sense. The New Earth needs those who can conceive how it is meant to be. Here we have the true future forger.

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